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  1. I had been and got one tonight along with the Toyota Hilux High Lift
  2. That one is not included in the clearance sale, what is included is in link in my first post.
  3. Same happened to me since stock levels were not live and only updated when orders were picked and packed so unfortunately somebody else got there first. Even on previous purchase made on Tuesday stock levels were not adjusted until my order was picked and packed today but it does now appear stock levels are live as just bought yet another 2 today and stock levels on both were reduced accordingly straight away.
  4. Items reduced even further, just after i purchased another 2 which is typical
  5. Cheapest new prices around at the moment, further reductions 22/02/2024 https://www.themodelcentre.com/clearance-sale/rc-cars and a couple of Carson controllers now no longer listed under clearance but heavily discounted C500055 REFLEX PRO3 LCD 3 CH 2.4GHZ WHEEL RADIO RRP £79.99 now £41.99 https://www.themodelcentre.com/tac500055 C500102 REFLEX WHEEL START 2.4G RADIO with Servo RRP £43.50 now £23.99 https://www.themodelcentre.com/tac500102
  6. Just ordered a few things the other day fully expecting a problem on a £2 body shell but it did indeed arrive along with everything else i ordered within 72 hours. The bargain is still advertised, proper Tamiya shell with decals, light buckets, screws etc but no box which it is meant to come in.
  7. x3 old stock new cars for a bargain price of less than £70 delivered
  8. Never knew that but true, see ebay, will be a bit of a shock to some if ebay do go ahead and charge FVF on items. I guess it depends on reason for ending auction. Listings being ended early to avoid ebay fees happens all too regularly. It is something that has to be expected. At the end of the day the OP stated he was thinking about the £96 mark and item is obviously more valuable. If they'd stuck a bid of £96 on it in dying seconds they wouldn't have won it. If bid was made earlier it was likely to go above OP's max bid anyway and the German bidder would likely have paid less than he offered for it.
  9. The bandwidth you refer to is the amount of traffic your photos attract so although you have only used 3% of the total space allowed you get quite a few views of what you have uploaded. You can limit the bandwidth being used by making most or all photos private and not public so photos can only be viewed via the links you provide.
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