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  1. Hi, I found these in an old box of stuff. The D parts are brand new. However, the biggest parts have been removed. The wing is USED, but is good shape. $40 plus shipping. I'll ship in the states for $5 using priority mail flat rate. Anywhere else, I'll have to work with you. Thanks, Ryan
  2. Thanks for the pics. Don't worry, mine is most definitively a runner! I'll put a pick below. It has BOMBPROOF InstaMorph chassis brace on the front. I'm certainly interested in the bottom two pictures. While I don't use the stock bumpers (and I already have two) the other parts break often enough. I have two nerver used chassis already. So, it probably isn't worth the shipping. Maybe if you wanted to take off those two shock towers and throw them in, that would be cool. Let me know what you are interested in on my side and I'll ship it out. I'll email you my address and we can take it off line.
  3. Sounds good. I have some radios too if you want them. A couple of stock 540 motors, mechanical speed controls... BTW, I saw some other posts of the work you've done and it is very impressive. I was concerned to see the AA batteries in that Falcon... until I saw that they are fake. Very impressive!
  4. Excellent! Do you need any other spare parts? I have a bunch. Hopefully we can do an even trade.
  5. Yes, I've been keeping an eye on the ebay. I was hoping there is someone out there with 3 or 4 F4s and I can trade him some of my F3s or something like that.
  6. I PM'd steviedee, but it says: Last Active Jun 05 2009 03:41 AM under his profile.
  7. I need 2 parts to repair my falcon. I have MANY other Falcon parts I can trade. Some parts have never been used. Most parts have been pulled from assembled Falcons. I have a whole bag of nothing but broken parts... I'm hoping there is another crazy Falcon hoarder like me and we can trade some extras. Here's what I need. C3 and F4: Here's what I have: Thanks, Ryan
  8. I'm in for the Falcon. $75 plus shipping to Long Beach, CA. I'll PM you my paypal email address and you can send me an invoice. Thanks!
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