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  1. Great body!!! I have an original Clio waiting on the bench here for my FF01. Are you sure this Peugeot doesn’t fit an FF01?
  2. Thanks! I didn't have a lot of time to read through the posts, and or test the car. It was a great opportunity yesterday. The setup of the car: Turnigy Nano Ultimate 4600 Shorty Worn Tamiya A-types all around0 17.5T sensored brushless motor Although the setup is the same from the previous video, the car handles a lot better especially under braking. The combination tyres/surface worked a lot better then in the first video (for the obvious reason a parking lot is dirty, worn out asphalt, ...). I'm not a setup expert, but the combo tyres/surface should be right to start with. I ran the normal TA06 in Tamiya Cup for 3 years (I think), and finding the right setup for it was always hard. What really helped for me was replacing the suspension arms with the ones from TRF418 (#54569). There is way too much choise for the bottom shock position in the original ones. If you consider replacing these don't forget the use the appropriate stabilizers (you have some installed, right?). But still, I think the TA06 has narrower correct setup window, than the TA07 has, which I run now.
  3. Hey Guys, was attending a race today on a very nice grippy track in Eindhoven, Holland. During midday break I took my RWD TA06 out for a test. It ran awesome! Now I need to find a real RWD body... first thing coming in my mind is Protoform Ford GT.
  4. I ran used Tamiya A type slicks with green inserts, which we use in Belgian Tamiya cup.
  5. Here's a video of my second test past Sunday.: I need to find a better parking lot, this one has few grip and is pretty dirty. I tested the evening on a small road next to my house, there the grip was really awesome! Biggest challenge really is braking, I need to set lowest braking in ESC otherwise car breaks out for sure. Now I'm curious about carpet behavior!
  6. Just bought a set of electrons: newest SR315 receiver from Spektrum and low profile servo from Savox. Still quite some work for this evening, but I hope I can test as well tomorrow morning. Will have Tamiya A type with me and extra racing radials to swap for the front if required.
  7. Looking very nice! Very on the nose: corner exit, or coming into the corner or both? Did you remove auto-braking?
  8. Finally found the time to start building. Removed front diff, belts and universal shafts and converted to IFS because it’s so cool! I saved all the parts of my original set. Next filling shocks, add electronics, setup chassis and hopefully a first test this Sunday!
  9. Yep, the key is tires, as always. Balance front rear regarding tires as well. I used to run Mini-Z, we had a stock class and there was a raceday with very few grip. Even with bad grip, my car went pretty good, it even slid on the rear exiting corners. Pretty fun to drive! The key was the front tires, I think :-) Also wondering about the diff. This car is a PITA to change the rear diff. But I think it has an important influence on the rear end as well, so maybe a swap to a balldiff which you can setup while it is mounted is an interesting move too. But first I need to get started, hopefully this weekend. Remove all the AWD parts and keep RWD only. Then put the front dampers flat on the chassis, because it looks cool and puts the weight in the rear. I also want to put in a 17.5T with sensor to have good controllability. Was also wondering if it would be easy and usefull to move the servo more to the rear. Just use a longer lever, and so get more weight in the back. Also have a boy from last season, a Nissan GT-R GT500 from Tamiya. And I have some shorty's ready as well. Only thing missing is a proper servo (for now).
  10. This is an interesting topic: https://www.rctech.net/forum/electric-road/979508-rwd-4-wheel-independent-susp-onroad-cards-why-not-why-how-5.html There is an interesting front brake setup from a pancar on page 4. Also post #148 and further is about TA06. Need to get started with this!
  11. The yokomo YD2TC might be a good source of inspiration for the setup of your car.
  12. I have a TA06 which I used in Belgian Tamiya Up to 2018 season. Now it is sitting on the shelf doing nothing. First I thought converting it to FF03, but that doesn’t look straightforward at all. So today I thought about the RWD possibility and came accros this topic so I’m 100% following and courious about your experience! Not sure if I want it to be a classic RWD rallycar, or a fast prototype/gt kind of car. What about weight balance, what would be best for RWD?
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