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  1. Hi All, I've started recreating some iconic wheels from Tamiya and would like to offer a few for sale. These are 3dprinted in Resin Photopolymer, which are strong for RC use not just for display. I've designed them as per tamiya designs with the ribbing, shelling and internal profiles. If anyone has some suggestions as to what you think I should design next let me know. Price wise they'll £25 a set of 4 including UK postage.
  2. Hi All, Hoping to find some missing parts from my bodyset. Tamiya Rover Mini H 10005553 & J 10115187 parts or just the front bumper and J 10115187 parts which are the mirrors and securing parts. Thanks in advance.
  3. sorry, price now added.
  4. RARE 50636 Calsonic Nissan Primera JTCC 58151 5-Spoke Wheels FF01 3D Fit Tamiya - £18.50 inc UK postage. Tamiya recreated 50636, taken from my Calsonic Nissan Primera JTCC 58151 5-Spoke Super strong 3d printed 5 spoke wheels. Dished and design as per tamiya design. Perfect offset and ribbed rear for strength. 12mm hex Will need painting Priced for 4 wheels
  5. TAMIYA 53330 RC BOY'S 4WD BLOCK PATTERN TIRE & WHEEL SET Wild Ceptor 57606 - £39 inc postage.
  6. CROSS Vintage Rare New TT-39 Aluminum Front C Hubs TA03 - £39 inc postage Vintage Rare New TM-35 Aluminum Front Turn Buckles M Chassis Fit Cross - £39 inc postage CROSS Vintage Rare New TM-13 Aluminum Front C-Hub M Chassis - £29 inc postage.
  7. Price has been dropped on ebay and not updated on here. Price will be £325
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