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  1. I was wondering this too I’m near Chepstow so not that far from Newport, I don’t get much time to run my cars because they are mostly built for display and only two get driven but it would be good to arrange something also I recently found out the local rc club in caldicot still meets every Friday for in door races if that’s something you was looking for
  2. I usually use the clear areas between the stickers that come with the kit, I cut them into strips and stick them over the body hole in the same direction as the body clip slides through then slice a cross inside the body hole and push the ends in you can’t really see them as they are clear and they can be removed/changed easily. I don’t know how well they would last on runner with lots of use but for shelfers it’s free and to hand and works a treat
  3. I have the same predicament and asked the forum for advice. I came to the decision that ts15 is the way to go but I still haven’t had the guts to paint it yet
  4. Thanks everybody for your suggestions , I can’t paint it black as I have a 58008 lambo cs about to go through the same process too. I think it’ll have to be ts15 blue as I know I’ll regret it if I go against box art Does anybody know of a type of glue for bonding in the windows with out making the glass look dull as I think the windows only bond in with not much overlap
  5. Yeah my gut tells me to paint it box art too thanks for your input
  6. Hello guys and gals I would appreciate your opinion, I’m just about to paint my new body set for my 58005 Lamborghini countach restoration and can’t decide whether is should choose ts15 blue or ts8 Italian red all my cars get painted box art and I’m usually set on this but all the info I can find says ts15 blue is the correct colour and it’s not the nicest colour for sporty car, that’s why I guess I see so many red examples anyhoo I’d like to know what you experts think I should go with thanks in advance
  7. I use the lid from the Tamiya spray paints so I’ve got a colour coded stand for each model but they are too short for the 3 speed models, I also use some old/spare tyres on they’re side
  8. Hi Gazzalene the auxiliary lights in the rear are the reverse lights and yes the side light leds get brighter when you hit the brakes
  9. Hi I have a Scania r620 with the mfc03 and as it was my first truck I fell into this trap, basically if you follow the instructions it tells you to use the 5mm led that would be used for the reverse lights somewhere in the front lights. I only realised this after the truck was built and I was really annoyed when the reverse lights didn’t work! (I should have known but it was my first truck and the mfc was new to me) so I used a set of included 3mm leds from the mfc set in the reverse lights, even tho they are loose in the lamp holders they stay put when the rear lamps are assembled
  10. I noticed that an electronic version on the build manual is on tamiyablog, the box art colour is ts40 metallic black
  11. Can’t wait for this, anybody know the box art colour for this yet? Also I’ve noticed if you are going to use the mfc the included led cables are too short so you have to buy the extra leds with longer cables or extend the wires yourself. This could end up as expensive as my Arocs tipper build
  12. I think a lot of people my have used aircraft or marine radios as that was common at the time as RC cars were in their infancy yeah its 72mhz but works great, I put the C cells and AA cells in sometimes and run it around the living room!
  13. Not sure if this period correct but this what my resto 934 came with. I’ve looked for a date on the tx but can’t see one
  14. I’ve built 3 trucks now with the mfc03 and the first one took me about 15 goes at calibrating the mfc unit, you shouldn’t need to reverse the servos at all.the easiest way to get it working is to calibrate it out of the truck before the build,I found the Stella models tutorials on YouTube very helpful with this. But if the truck is built you could disconnect the rod off the steering servo as I found the resistance of the steering too heavy to complete the setup if the truck is on the floor/work surface etc im just about to start my arocs tipper build and I’ll set the mfc up before it goes in the truck even tho it’s a bit of a pain to rig it all up first as already mentioned make sure your servos are entered properly too
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