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  1. Hi Sturge I’ve had this problem too, I ended up making a plasticard wall behind the seats to mount the mfc unit and did away with the body stay altogether so now if I want to get inside the cab I just undo the 2 lower front bumper screws and then the front cab screws and lift it off which is a bit of a pain but I found i never go in there unless I want to fit extra lights/beacons etc. I’ve got quite a few big rigs and they are all done the same way now, The hardest one was the Volvo heavy recovery truck which has plenty of room in the cab but is quite fiddly to get the cab on and off because of the rear body
  2. That looks awesome with those paddle tyres on
  3. I wonder if the optional wing is included this time like the first rere
  4. Thanks for the replies I’ve been looking for the correct battery holder on eBay for ages but I haven’t found one so I’ll use this one thanks again
  5. Hi everyone I hope someone on here can help I’ve got an old type futaba radio, the ones with the male pins but I haven’t got a battery box so I have got a battery box with a modern 2 pin plug, my question is are the red and black wires on the old radio switch red for + and black for - and white for the signal if somebody can give me this info I can solder the correct plug in place and get my hilux 3speed churning up my lawn thanks Brian
  6. Mike that sounds amazing I’m sure I could swap out the larger leaf (I fx 1:1 cars for a living so quite handy lol) if you could let me know how much you want for 1 and how much for the postage that would be great brian
  7. Hi Mike thanks for the quick response I hadn’t realised there were 2 types, I’ve compared the pictures to my springs and it has the longer leafs like the ones at the bottom of the picture you posted thanks Brian
  8. Hi everyone I’m trying to source a Toyota hilux/ blazing blazer leaf spring as one of mine has snapped I also need the metal servo saver that attaches to the speed controller for the Toyota hilux 3 speed. Hopefully somebody on here has these spares they can part with thank you for looking
  9. I thought I recognised it I’ve got a madcap and saint dragon on the shelf but they were built from full kits so I couldn’t check for you, but on the plus side it reminded me of my childhood madcap!!
  10. I think I’ve seen this bag in the saint dragon body set. I think you are close with the bracket as it’s an adapter to fit the saint dragon body to various buggies, I bought the saint dragon body set for my madcap in the early 90’s and used that bracket as a front strut brace across the front shock top screws i haven’t checked the manual though so I might be wrong
  11. Hi, just a thought are the plastic spruces the same as the ones included in the mfc03 kit. If they are I have about 5 of them surplus from my euro truck builds if they are any good to you
  12. I know people have had this problem with Lego in the past, they just disassemble the model then tie the parts in an old pillow case and then put it in the washing machine on a cool wash. This should work for rc car plastics too but I’ve never tried it myself
  13. Nice job buddy before you know it you will have a full fleet of trucks!!
  14. I always use full ball bearings in my trucks but I don’t change the metal bushings BD5 in the gearbox but I know some people have with out issue i also use ball bearings in the steering too
  15. Hi yes it should fit all the tractor truck chassis I’ve fitted a few of these to some of my trucks but I don’t have the actros 1851 as far as I know the chassis rails have the same mounting holes but in different places to suit 4 or 6 wheel bases/lengths
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