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  1. Ha ha WolfDog that is crazy and definitely better then the usual youtube videos... I will be purchasing the Blitzer in a weeks time and upgrading it with a HPI firestorm 15t brushed motor, esc also from HPI. That's not going to break any records but heading in the right direction. A 9.6v hump bat. will help it along and as for tyres i'll have a look into those prolines. I will eventually go LIPO and brushless but for now and with a kid on the way I'd better keep it cheap. Great advice Mad Ax and Konte, you have answered a problem that I wasn't even aware of till now ie Body roll and toe in. Yeah There are better race cars available but as with my LunchBox the fun is solving those problems and creating something wacky. Andy...
  2. Hello Hello Hello, Hi, Ok I have just decided to build a second Tamiya model car and following on from my Lunch box (which has had a lot of mods), I have decided that I want SPEED... Krazy speed... So the plan is go nuts! I reckon up the voltage, start with a camel hump NIMH (yeah 11.1v LIPO would be sweet but expensive) probberly 8.4v or 9.6v mixed with a quicker brushed motor 14t Losi motor if it can handle the volts. An Etronix probe ESC could handle 8.4v and shouldn't mind a Losi motor. Another plus is both are cheaper then standard Tamiya 27t stuff. Well maybe not. Shocks, I may just see what I can get out of the Tamiya CVA's but will have to be firmer for roads, also I have some lunch box springs going spare. great if you want very hard suspension on CVA's. Obviously need a 2.4 Ghz radio but that's a must on any car in my opinion and a Mr T driver. Tyres.... Ok I'll get back to you on tyres. This could take awhile as I do have a real car to keep on the road and a GF to keep happy, shall be an on going thread, if any one has any ideas, advice or just wants to see how things are going please post away. Ando
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