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  1. Hi Guys, For sale is the Fox's. An Original and a re-re. Have a box for the original but its about 70% not perfect. No box for the re-re as it was a parts build. Have two Turnigy 2s 5300m 50-100c nano's with lipobag, one never used the other has had 3 runs only and a genuine Imax B6AC. Have two Flysky GT3c controllers with boxes. The re-re is a bit custom. Alloy wheels, rear lower control arms. Both Fox's have alloy yeah shocks. One controller never used, the re-re has never run. No motors or ESC's. A tackle box with spares, screws parts etc. Theres also an original stick type controller and receiver and a old style charger. Cant add photos because I get this error You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments Happy to send photos to interested people. $400, Brisbane Australia can post also.
  2. Yeah i know the motor ratio should have proved easier on the motor. Im a Hydraulic Engineer and electrical really isnt my field of expertise. Im not overly sure how the motor would or wouldnt use current / absorb power outside its recommended gear ratio. The gear ratio window was first advise by Walter RC and its also outlined in the instructions. The motor screws were rougly 3.1mm then the motor plate of about 0.9mm so shouldnt have been an issue. I did check last night and all looks ok. No indications of contact. It seems likely that the motor could have been faulty but either way I'm thinking after a bit of reading that a 4 pole motor may be a better option for a variety of off road surfaces.
  3. Hi Backlash I did buy from WRC and to Daves credit he did tell me to be VEEERY wary of the final ratio. As above i was knowingly outside the window so ill take the hit regardless. On the positive side the second motor was jammed into the nearly 29 yr old fox with original gearbox and it lifts the front wheels on demand, on the run anywhere from 1/4 throttle DOWN HILL! Impressed? only wish I could have had this much fun as a kid. My 8 yr old girl is happy, she got to throw it about, belt a number of gutters and really just whip it. Still alive and ready for a track session. it had a good, hard (20 min) run and the smoke stayed inside. yay! Any suggestions on a new motor/esc combo for the nova still welcome guys.
  4. Thanks for the advice TC crew. Fitted the second motor and all seems ok so far. Needless to say I'm a little disappointed in the run time of the first motor. So its time to grab another motor and quite frankly ill ditch the SR reventon S just in case it played a part in its death. WilllyChang, you can have it if you want if you have a spare motor or two to check its performance / operation. Let me know! I'm looking at these motors. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__49215__Turnigy_TrackStar_13_5T_Sensored_Brushless_Motor_3040KV_AUS_Warehouse_.html http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__47651__Turnigy_TrackStar_17_5T_Sensored_Brushless_Motor_2270KV_AUS_Warehouse_.html Mayby I'll back it down a little and run the 17.5 for a little less stress on the driveline. Any advice on a decent ESC with a little service factor up its sleeve for either of these highly welcome. Thanks all.
  5. Thanks guys, So the 3x20mm motor screw protrude about 3.1mm through the motor side housing, then minus the thin motor heat shield / spacer of about 1mm. The gearbox has metal spacer tubes that sleeve the motor screws, I assume this is to stop compression and the motor screws doing just as described above and protruding any further than 3-4 mm. I will run the second motor, place 3mm washers under the motor screw heads to have absolute confidence there isnt any problem in that department. Either way I now have to buy a second motor or complete combo. Any suggestions on something more robust, bulletproof would be ideal any thoughts on this. .... Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof 1/10 Brushless Power System 4000KV/80A ESC Specs: Continuous Current: 80A Burst Current: 95A Resistance: 0.0009ohm Battery: 2-3 cells Lipo (5-8 cells NI-xx) BEC output: 6V/1A Motor type: Sensorless brushless motors Running mode: Forward only or forward with reverse (user programmable mode) Dimension: 43 x 38 x 20mm Weight: 88g Motor Specs: Model: 3650 Sensorless Kv: 4000 No. of Poles: 2 Cont Current: 45A Peak Current: 55A Max Power (15sec): 370W Winding: 16T Resistance: 0.0125ohm Weight: 180g Diameter: 36mm Length: 53mm Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm
  6. Guys what have I done wrong? Ok, got the genuine Fox rebuilt with as much premium, alloy quality parts as I could find. Fitted a SP 3500KV and Reventon S speed controller and it literally torched itself in less than a minute after a short run-in. Ran it initially for about 2 minutes at reduced throttle for a quick check. No heat issues with ESC or motor. loaded it into the car drove 5 mins to the track and honestly 35-40 seconds later, smoke and melted death. I know it has a narrow gear window. 5.?? to 6.?? and I was about 7.4, is that enough to overload to melt point. Have I got ($50.00 AUD on sale) what I paid for??? I purchased 2 of these combos, as I have an original and a nova. Are they just completely unsuited to a buggy and if so..... .... ... .. what is the best motor esc combo for these animals??? do I stay brushless or go back to a brushed setup??? really need some solid advice guys, I just want a quick and reliable setup. specs, Fox + Nova, both identical. alloy wheels, hot trick up and low rear arms and heaps of other retro hop ups. Nano Lipo 2S 5300mah 50-100c's, Flysky GT3C series controllers ... Whats the answer? P.S this is my 9yr old daughters, she waited months and.... dead.....shes not happy.
  7. Thanks so much ddaenen1, 4 points, but 4 points that have helped no end. What period is recommended for a storage charge?
  8. Hi TC Guru's I need a little advice. Was given a Flysky GT3B without paperwork. Can someone advise what VCC on the receiver is used for and if I can run my motor cooling fan from Ch3 or where I'm best to wire / splice connect it? I've purchased a few Turnigy 5300mah nanotech lipos and an Imax B6ac. This is my first time using Lipo's. There's so much advice on various forums I've achieved paralysis by analysis. I welcome any tips but also have the following questions as the battery came without paperwork or a manual and the imax manual seems a bit vague. 1. What state does the battery come in? Charged, discharged and or what is a storage charge? That seems obvious, storage that is but do I need to apply a storage charge between weekend use? or what period would require a storage charge? 2. Do I have to check balance before charge / discharge? 3. What is an appropriate voltage cut-off for this type of battery? again ive read from 2.8 to 3.4v? Guys I'm sure for seasoned users of Lipo this all seems rudimentary but given the cost of lipos and how relatively easy its seems (after more reading) to destroy them I want to ensure I'm doing the right thing. Any suggestions on correct settings for this lipo and any hints, tips, tricks for using the Imax B6ac would be great also. Fox + Nova Fox, both running Turnigy 5300 nano's, speed passion 3500K brushless and reventon S with motor cooling.
  9. Who would have thought, more Fox parts. Wheels for my daughters original and new shell for the Nova.
  10. sings...............why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends..............
  11. Hi TC, Looking for some advice on a independent front shock set up on the Nova I'm building. Its getting modded more each day, Hot trick arms, steering linkage, custom machined alloys and now I'd like to address another weakness. Any ideas T guru's?
  12. Thanks for the sticker idea, Going to put the FOX with tail sticker on the wing i think.
  13. some great suggestions here. I'm torn between a layered scheme like clear blue with gold final or clear red with smoke or black final but love the camo idea also. Two Shell's!!!!!!!
  14. not my bag baby but what an awesome example of T history nonetheless..
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