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  1. Might of interest, mate of mine here in Aus is selling his immaculate 414 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/89215-tamiya-414/#
  2. Friend of mine selling his immaculate 414 https://ebay.us/1Dhyur
  3. These are an old model for HW now - so very good chance they are actually an unbranded version of the real thing.
  4. Nice work. Soft spot for frogs. Here the resto i did I did a little while back. 90% original parts as well
  5. I beg to differ on the comments about no value. I cleaned up a frog a little while back and fixed the few broken parts it had and sold it for around $300AU of memory serves me correct. Also, items such as the original Brat Rubber, Hump Battery and spare sticker sheet etc all netted some more good coin on top. Present it well, and sell somewhere like eBay - as opposed here where the vultures want you to pay them to take the items away pretty much - and you will get a tidy sum.
  6. Banzai would have been the best way. But they have stopped selling Tamiya. The euro and US tamiya distribution channels kicked up a fuss and they can't sell outside Japan anymore.
  7. Shorty is definitely the way to go.
  8. Cplus


    Good timing for this tonne top of the thread list. I have one of a mates 7 year old son. Gearbox and suspension problems, so I'm fixing it. - Getting oil filled shocks - 3rd/5th shock mod - Bearings all round - and a sports tuned. Fun cars. Always been great for kids.
  9. Probably another Tamiya HQ hissy fit. Same thing occurred about 12months ago Banzai used to be a flat 40% off Tamiya RRP, and some JDM only stores and some distributors complained as they were taking so many international customers. So they agreed to reduce to 25% - perhaps that is now too much as wel.
  10. To assist with your decision! This is the resto I did about a year ago or so. Re-re body with some vintage decals in place (original was black)
  11. Grr. Still can't change quantities at the checkout!
  12. Almost be better listing what is required from a Stock Kit instead. Shocks, gearboxes, top deck - not much else
  13. So close to 18months down and nearly there. The M38 Willy went to a new owner this week. Was going to be kept, but an offer came from the woodwork and it was fair and reasonable so off it went. Basically everything else is gone except the jewel in the crown - the Hilux. The hotshot and frog were restored per the threads on here and are sitting pretty on shelves. The bruiser was slightly dusted, stripped for packing and sent away also. Parts from this lot are now all either with enthusiasts, or have helped people get their vintage cars running again, added to already impressive displays or made them complete. Happy days. Oh, and as for the values - well, some of you made some good guesses
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