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  1. Hey buddy - I’m still looking, do you still have parts?
  2. Thanks for the replies all. roll overs are possible and are a worry however, once built there is actually a windscreen assembly and interior to go inside. These components actually strengthen the whole unit up quite a lot.
  3. Technically not Tamiya, but same techniques as one and from a far most people think a Mardi Big Bear is a Tamiya anyway! Anyone got good tips to repair bodies like this? I presume a combination of heat, plastic from a sprue and some putty / primer to cover sins? interested to hear some techniques and go looking at threads where repair has taken place
  4. It did. JIS head. By looks of the images, no sadly. They are std looking black.
  5. Awesome. Thanks. Message sent.
  6. Hey there, really nice rebuild. I have similar on my desk right now. A 94 with some updated pavidis spec parts. i need some replacement parts though, where did you get all the NOS stuff from? Even eBay seems slim pickings.
  7. The 50mm they say are the right part don’t fit as well as the older style 55mm IMHO
  8. In the teaser you can see the sponsors. Search the sponsors and you find this. At first the thinking would be “TC = Touring Car” - but this is simply the next lineage of TA and TB - so a new chassis family. The B in TB doesn’t stand for belt either remember.
  9. Might of interest, mate of mine here in Aus is selling his immaculate 414 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/89215-tamiya-414/#
  10. Friend of mine selling his immaculate 414 https://ebay.us/1Dhyur
  11. These are an old model for HW now - so very good chance they are actually an unbranded version of the real thing.
  12. Nice work. Soft spot for frogs. Here the resto i did I did a little while back. 90% original parts as well
  13. I beg to differ on the comments about no value. I cleaned up a frog a little while back and fixed the few broken parts it had and sold it for around $300AU of memory serves me correct. Also, items such as the original Brat Rubber, Hump Battery and spare sticker sheet etc all netted some more good coin on top. Present it well, and sell somewhere like eBay - as opposed here where the vultures want you to pay them to take the items away pretty much - and you will get a tidy sum.
  14. Banzai would have been the best way. But they have stopped selling Tamiya. The euro and US tamiya distribution channels kicked up a fuss and they can't sell outside Japan anymore.
  15. Shorty is definitely the way to go.
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