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  1. Following with interest. i have one I have been waiting to build because I can’t decide on paint! found this which is a bit more black but by no means civilian i was thinking something like the BMW carbon black which is a lovely pearlescent blue-black or perhaps the Italian red TS-8 for something way different
  2. That body colour really works
  3. sorry to hijack but @Charles M can you measure the length of the body mounts D11 as they are NLA as far as I can see and i am going to have to modify some others. Chassis idea looks very interesting..
  4. Thanks! Saw your thread. Am following with interest. I’ll start the cleaning then order some bits
  5. I went from this To this Pretty good condition other than a fractured motor mount ill swap out the 27mhz and MSC but i know nothing about TA01 chassis and even less about the hummer version. Any must do mods? How is everyone cleaning 20yr old plastic parts these days?
  6. Used. Purchased on here as a project but just don’t have time now and thanks to a recent purchase something has to go and I just don’t think I’ll get to it. These ate still difficult to come by so thought I’d give another member the opportunity Chassis is built, body unpainted but still has protective film Box a bit battered but in tact Includes the full kit but no ESC or radio gear/servo so in the box will be: Chassis unused, no scratches, like new fresh built 540 kit motor Spare sprues as pictured Body mounts Window masks Decals Wheels tyres Driver Manuals for chassis and body I’ll disconnect bumper and body mounts for packaging which will be secure and bubble wrapped. It owes me £160 so add postage or social distanced collection welcome
  7. Just finished up this spare body for my black edition this week (stock bar shocks/bearings/lights)
  8. Hard work has really paid off. I have found larger areas harder with airbrush (but I am amateur!!) so moving back to rattle cans for the base colour.
  9. The finish is fantastic. Is that after run down and polishing or just wet coat clear ?
  10. Hi @J@mes looks nice. Any body damage at all? How much would you want for it you reckon?
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