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  1. Yep. It’s a manual listed hop up
  2. Er- not sure why all the pics have ended upside down. Sorry
  3. Apologies if wrong forum- not strictly in the first 150 I don’t think. Found my old Mad Bison in the garage and thought I’d pimp it a bit. Tgm-01 chassis. Basically a TG10 with wild dagger suspension. As a result hop ups are pretty hard to come by nowadays. first problem- ride height shocking. Lots of slop in the shocks and travel poor as they are basically touring car. I extended them to 80 and fitted stiffer springs which has helped. Ideally I’d like a alloy shock tower to enable 100mm shocks like wild dagger/twin detonator mods but don’t think their shock tower will fit as the shocks mount to the gear housing on the tg10. Steering. Wow it’s sloppy. Eventually I found the now extinct Tamiya alu steering hop up 53365. From a shop I’d not used before https://www.e-kalfakis.gr/ seem to have a few old parts. (Also got lightweight flywheel 53208 from them) Made a lot of difference. Especially when added to gpm wild dagger knuckles and c-hubs. Added some new alloy 12mm hexes and shimmed the whole front end, wheels (0.5mm), c-hubs (2x 0.1mm each side) and kingpins (.2mm) and it’s all much tighter. finally added TR15 uprated brake disc 53171, stripped the engine and cleaned with old nitro fuel and a toothbrush. performance wise not much I can do I think as so much no longer available. Really wanted the alloy brake arm but can’t find it anywhere. injora 270mm jk body on its way and then I’ll look at the wheels once the fit of that is sorted some pics
  4. Hi Visitng boisterous nephews next weekend. Anyone got old or damaged basher WR-02 or CW-01 body shells lying around? They want to race the cars and i want to preserve my shelfie bodies! thanks
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