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  1. Very sensible- that’s what I would do too. just thought I’d ask on the off chance- at the mo I have too many projects so can’t really justify buying another but always tempted by a steal. Glwts -if you still have it in dec I’ll take it off you at full price cheers
  2. Apologies. Didn’t get a notification. would you take offers?
  3. There might be one in this lot? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254586555424
  4. Here is glen doing it with the official cap kit
  5. Managed to get some tb-01 e parts from JK-RC so fitted the damper stays and junfac 20mm wheel bolt extensions. Done.
  6. 4ywd is just Tx/Rx no servos. I woul order at least one metal gear high torque servo for the transmission
  7. I suspect performance will be c**p with all the weight from the body and wheels but tbh it won’t get run much. Just wanted to breath some life back into it
  8. Bit of a delay but I got the new shell. it’s big. And heavy. Not sure I can really get it to sit low enough without serious modification. But I will try and run it as is and see how we go. I dremelled below the drivers seat to give room for the cooling head but I wanted to keep the interior at the moment as I may reuse the body on something more scale. i drilled a little hole for the priming valve in the tanka little bit of space for the cooling head! But body still sits to high I think. extra weight requires replacing the springs in the 2 part injora 80mm dampers to stiff CVA ones. I also dremelled the flanges on the plastic bumpers at the underside to allow front and rear arms a few mm of extra travel. IMG_0513.mov Not bad travel for a TG10..... added 20mm hex spacers and some slightly larger beadlocks. exra width makes a difference as the body is 210mm wide. It is really more 1/8 bit of a Frankenstein but it has been fun now to run it
  9. In the process of restomod on my Mad Bison (basically a tb01/tg10). One of the issues is poor ride height and suspension slop. Desperately trying to find a Tb-01 e parts tree or any other damper stay that’s compatible. Tg10 shocks bolt directly to the gearbox but I really want to go up and out to increase travel and allow 80mm shocks. I am sure there are damper stays from other chassis that would line up to the gearbox mounts but unable to find out. Will other TB incarnations fit? Or any of the TT? some pics
  10. Sent it back and ordered another! Once it arrives I’ll hack it up a bit. It is a lovely scale body for the money tbh I was very impressed. What chassis are you using yours with?
  11. So the body arrived. have to say the quality of the Injora is very good. Really sturdy and great interior detail. but- damaged in transit😟 However I did do some fiddling. This thing is heavy. so I need some stiffer springs for the rear- any suggestions? 53281 tgx springs seem to be not available. also I wonder about how much space there will be around the cooling head with this hard body. Might have to cut out the interior. Is the body likely to melt?
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