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  1. The battered re-re scorcher I bought to use the chassis to make my fake ranger got its body stripped with de-solv it. then repaired and filled and primed and painted. Finished up today. Running body for the scorcher my TS- smoke can failed on me and I ruined the window so had to go full stealth. Turned out ok for a basher
  2. Restored hummer from @J@mes Cleaned ball raced, ESC, block tyres upgraded prop shaft. Body stripped repaired and sprayed with gunmetal in gloss for more of a urban cruiser look
  3. Nice. I fancy shortening all my servo leads at build time. Would you mind sharing what you eventually go for in terms of plugs/crimper? oh and to make you feel better my vernier was £8!!😂
  4. Finished the scorcher. Finally. now to do the running body.......
  5. Unmasked the scorcher few small masking failures but overall pretty happy so far
  6. Is this an injora body? What chassis have you got it on?wheelbase looks great. I have one and been wondering what to do with it. Quality for the price is impressive.
  7. For me: 1. Obvious but re-release the last SRB- it’s so easy all the parts are there- forget the Ford sponsorship- they would make money 2. Blazing blazer as per prev posts as an entry level 3 speed 3. Scale bodies ++ particularly for the CC02 chassis to really give it some presence in the scaler world (jeep jl, land cruiser, raptor, even performance SUV like Uris would be fun!) 4. as rtr is taking over for bashing the market for Tamiya is really the builders. We like quality and engineering and realism. There is no excuse not to have full ball race and oil shocks in every kit
  8. Following with interest. i have one I have been waiting to build because I can’t decide on paint! found this which is a bit more black but by no means civilian i was thinking something like the BMW carbon black which is a lovely pearlescent blue-black or perhaps the Italian red TS-8 for something way different
  9. sorry to hijack but @Charles M can you measure the length of the body mounts D11 as they are NLA as far as I can see and i am going to have to modify some others. Chassis idea looks very interesting..
  10. Thanks! Saw your thread. Am following with interest. I’ll start the cleaning then order some bits
  11. I went from this To this Pretty good condition other than a fractured motor mount ill swap out the 27mhz and MSC but i know nothing about TA01 chassis and even less about the hummer version. Any must do mods? How is everyone cleaning 20yr old plastic parts these days?
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