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  1. the stock rods are 2mm, not 3. but amazon has them in various lengths, threaded on both ends. so i can cut them in half and z-bend them. thank you.
  2. 5325005 5315009 I would buy them if I could find them. I may go down the threaded rod route.
  3. The manual says the steering rods are 63mm and 80mm. Did they never use these sizes in other sets specifically re-releases? I was looking at grasshopper, grasshopper 2, and hornet, but theirs are shorter. What's a suitable replacement?
  4. yep. it was in there after all. stuck to a side wall of the box. sneaky.
  5. step 17 in the manual calls for putting a "dust cover" over the steering servo. iust a flat piece, shaped like the steering servo 'compartment' and held in by friction and/or the front gearbox, i guess. but I don't see any such part in my box. I assume i'm looking for clear lexan? when I search the interwebs for "boomerang dust cover," the best result is a clear plastic cover for a mechanical speed control. which I do have, in addition to the body, "chassis cover," and wing. this "dust cover" looks nothing like the "dust cover" in the instructions, and couldn't be cut into one if I wanted to... am I missing this piece? or is this step in the instructions just left over from a previous version of the kit? why do I have a dust cover for a mechanical speed controller? should I just cut a dust cover from scrap lexan from the body?
  6. who is the "guy in Canada" with the repro falcon decals? I bought a few sets from the UK guy on ebay, and the reds are all much closer to maroon than PS-2.
  7. did we ever decide what the driver figure was? i'm looking hard at the buggy champ( rough rider re-release) B parts for the torso, but the helmet does not have visor like the rc10 box art. the b parts also have 4 headlights that may have been used in the box art-- as I understand it, the early rc10 kits did not include headlights. pictures of the B parts are on tamiyausa.com but I can't paste anything into this window and i'm not typing it in manually. there are Tamiya f1 helmets with visors available on ebay, I assume those would work.
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