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  1. Yep. Sorry. Incorrectly equating decals and stickers, even in the post's title. I'm only working with *stickers here . Thanks again. I finished the base coats last night. So I'll let them sit. Curious what blue you used? Ts-15 (and ps-4 on lexan, for that matter) aways seem to turn out darker than I want.
  2. Thank you. On the 1/10, How long did you wait after base coat to add decals? How long did you wait to spray the first clear coat? How much time between clear coats? I see a lot of warnings about doing light coats of clear initially, in order to let the solvent evaporate before it "attacks" the decals - is that caveat really meant for static decals, as opposed to rc stickers, or does it apply to both? Note: I'm using ts13 cans.
  3. Building the Tyrrell F1 six-wheeler. Most of the discussion on the internet about "Tamiya clear coat and decals" is regarding static models with water slide decals. Obviously rc decals are thicker. Part of me wants to put the clear coat on after the decals and make the surface as smooth as possible with no decal edges. Is this realistic? Thoughts or tips?
  4. Now it's 2022 and I have been holding my breath THIS WHOLE TIME, TAMIYA.
  5. the stock rods are 2mm, not 3. but amazon has them in various lengths, threaded on both ends. so i can cut them in half and z-bend them. thank you.
  6. 5325005 5315009 I would buy them if I could find them. I may go down the threaded rod route.
  7. The manual says the steering rods are 63mm and 80mm. Did they never use these sizes in other sets specifically re-releases? I was looking at grasshopper, grasshopper 2, and hornet, but theirs are shorter. What's a suitable replacement?
  8. yep. it was in there after all. stuck to a side wall of the box. sneaky.
  9. step 17 in the manual calls for putting a "dust cover" over the steering servo. iust a flat piece, shaped like the steering servo 'compartment' and held in by friction and/or the front gearbox, i guess. but I don't see any such part in my box. I assume i'm looking for clear lexan? when I search the interwebs for "boomerang dust cover," the best result is a clear plastic cover for a mechanical speed control. which I do have, in addition to the body, "chassis cover," and wing. this "dust cover" looks nothing like the "dust cover" in the instructions, and couldn't be cut into one if I wanted to... am I missing this piece? or is this step in the instructions just left over from a previous version of the kit? why do I have a dust cover for a mechanical speed controller? should I just cut a dust cover from scrap lexan from the body?
  10. who is the "guy in Canada" with the repro falcon decals? I bought a few sets from the UK guy on ebay, and the reds are all much closer to maroon than PS-2.
  11. did we ever decide what the driver figure was? i'm looking hard at the buggy champ( rough rider re-release) B parts for the torso, but the helmet does not have visor like the rc10 box art. the b parts also have 4 headlights that may have been used in the box art-- as I understand it, the early rc10 kits did not include headlights. pictures of the B parts are on tamiyausa.com but I can't paste anything into this window and i'm not typing it in manually. there are Tamiya f1 helmets with visors available on ebay, I assume those would work.
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