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  1. Sounds like a interesting read, thank you!
  2. Haven't posted pics of the old 56001 M4 Sherman 105mm since I finished it up. It's modeled after one the Bovington Tank Museum has awaiting restoration. I added some more detail pieces here and there that the old kit did not have, all marking are hand painting using vinyl stencils. I've also update to a Clark board so it has sound, MG flash, Cannon flash, etc.
  3. They sure do, I can really see a difference between them, I think it's just the material perhaps.
  4. Have to find some nice straight ones, otherwise I'll have to make some out of aluminum tube and polish them. I think straight pipes will look good with aluminum visor.
  5. Thank you, hopefully I can find the parts I need and get it finished up soon. Will be doing some LED's as well to finish it off
  6. Thank you, they actually did a re-re a few years back, kind of came and went quietly. Maybe they'll do it again....
  7. I highly recommend replacing the tracks with the newer version, the old ones can be extremely brittle. The 56004 tracks and spare track links are long discontinued. I have the same model, I put the newer King Tiger tracks on it and haven't had any issues. Tamiya USA has the pair of tracks as well as a spare links pack, here..... Tamiya 56018 Tracks
  8. Here's the Bullhead that I was working on awhile back. It's built from 100% all new parts and I wanted it to be a updated version of the classic Bullhead. I basically used Super Clodbuster parts that I had left over from kits, dyed the blue parts black, Bullhead chrome ladder bars, UK Monsters aluminum steering bellcranks and steering links, aluminum anti tilt brackets, 35kg servo, Holmes Hobbies Retro Sport 17t motors with a HW880 ESC. The body is painted with Mopar Plum Crazy Purple and clear coated with 2k automotive clear. I still need a few parts to finish the body (window, fuel tanks, headlight buckets and the roll bar main hoop). Haven't been able to find any at non Ebay scalper prices as of yet. I'm thinking about changing over to some straight exhaust stacks as well which I think will go nicely with the aluminum visor. Hopefully I'll find the parts I need at decent price some point so I can finish this off...shame that it's been collecting dust.
  9. I've been using imgbb for a few years now, never have any issues with it and I use the free version (I'm cheap)
  10. Got this in the summer of 1985, it was raced on carpet, converted to a monster truck, back to buggy, raced on dirt, converted to different cars, etc. Put it all back together as original configuration as much as I could without doing a full restoration (except I had a Attack radio when I first built the kit).
  11. I'd go easy on it and enjoy it for what it is, they are really nice trucks. They are worth too much and parts are harder to get to bash it. A Clod would be a better choice for a younger driver to bash around and have fun with.
  12. I much prefer the forums, it's a shame so many people have gone to FB for this stuff. It all gets lost in the shuffle.....
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