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    I have been active in the RC hobby for over 35 years. My first hobby grade RC was a Tamiya Hornet which I got in the summer of 1985. I started racing that car in the novice off-road class shortly after getting it. I have been heavily into RC cars, trucks, tanks, boats and off road racing since then.

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  1. You certainly wouldn't want to get hit in the ankle by this!
  2. Just finished up this TT-01E Buggyra Fat Fox truck, calling it done! (for now at least). All stock kit build, box art body. The only thing I've added was LED driving lights and tail lights and some Good Year tire decals for detail.
  3. cant even compare the two....they literally are night and day. I've also run those and the older Novak 55t brushed motors.
  4. For pulling heavy loads, I would suggest a 55t or 80t brushed motor. It's a simple solution and works great. I typically use the inexpensive ones from RC4WD
  5. Definitely, before I even bought he car I knew what I wanted to do with it.
  6. Hello everyone, been quite awhile since I've been on here (about 4 yrs lol) Glad to see the site is still doing well! Just built my first Tamiya "buggy" in years. Decided to go with the DT-03 and do it up as a Frog tribute like others I have seen online. All stock kit build as of now with Flysky GT5 transmitter, Fast Eddy bearing kit and Robinson hardened pinion gear.
  7. If your going to do 4-wheel steering, but also wnat the option to just have front wheel steering, or even crab walking, this Bastens module is the slickest and easiest way to go! http://www.bastens.com/bastens-quadsteer.html
  8. Another CC-01 fan here as well..... This is one of mine, it is setup with a Tamiya ESC, RC4WD 55t motor, Traxxas 2075 servo, Tamiya stroke extension kit, Junfac 4-link kit with skid plate, Hot Racing aluminum steering bellcrank kit, RC4WD 1.55" wheels with Mudslinger tires and working LED lights.
  9. Thanks! BTW, are those 1.9 dirt grabbers on your rig? I was thinking about getting the 1.55 dirt thrashers and putting them on the 1.9 M1025 wheels, to keep the overall height down. The 1.9 tires tend to be pretty tall.
  10. Which one is that? Do you have a link, would like to see what it looks like. The machine gun from the Fast Attack wouldn't work on the M1025 ?
  11. What a shame, what did you use to try to remove the paint? I know this might sound odd, but I used brake fluid to remove paint from plastic items. It will removed the paint and not damage the plastic.
  12. I have problems posting pics too and I use photobucket, sometimes they will work sometimes they won't. Sometimes I have to make my post, then go back and edit it to get the pic to stick.
  13. I stay away from cheap servos too, they always have some sort of issue, noise, jitter, etc, thats why they are cheap. Stick with Futaba or Hitec and you'll be just fine.
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