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    I have been active in the RC hobby for over 35 years. My first hobby grade RC was a Tamiya Hornet which I got in the summer of 1985. I started racing that car in the novice off-road class shortly after getting it. I have been heavily into RC cars, trucks, tanks, boats and racing since then.

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  1. Got the old truck back up and running, didn't have a good condition MSC to use so I had to opt for a HW 880. I've installed a 25kg servo, slightly larger servo horn and running it with a Flysky GT5. The truck has bearings, but the rest is all stock still.
  2. Hard anodized aluminum pinions is what we use for racing (64p and 48p). You get the best performance with a lightweight pinion (most noticeable in stock classes, like 1/10 buggy) and you get the best durability from a hard anodized one. I typically run CRC pinions for the pan cars, touring cars and usually TLR for my 1/10 off road stuff.
  3. Actually just set the Pershing there for photos...lol. No way I would run that one in the mud like that lol.
  4. Did a little Jugg transmission work last week. I ended up replacing the entire transmission housing, the original had some cracks in the screw holes from being over tightened. While I was in there, I installed all new gears and bearings (why not). I am waiting on a new shaft for the main spur gear, it looks like it might be a Jugg 1 shaft, it's not quite long enough to go into the other case half all the way and is not threaded to install the heat sink on the gearcase.
  5. Definitely some goofy looking wheels and tires lol. This is the BF19 I did on my other TXT-2, like you said, can make them nice and scale looking!
  6. Yes, it sure does make a difference. I'm sure this will run pretty good as is, just haven't got around to it yet (too many projects) lol
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