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  1. Very nice and welcome back! Take your time with each build and enjoy the process! I too have a little of the Clod fever
  2. Received some goods for a TT02B that I have yet to purchase πŸ€” Cart before the horse haha. I have been looking for these Tamiya Super Stock motors in Canada and it's like they don't even exist. Nobody lists them or stocks them. Got them directly from Japan. I prefer to support the local guys but sometimes you have to go directly to the source.
  3. My 'covid' TT02 build has begun. I've been home sick all week. First day I've felt well enough to get into something. As much as I enjoy this, really wanting to get back to work and the outside world πŸ˜’
  4. My first road car. Looking forward to the build and driving it 😁
  5. Excellent. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  6. I've been an rc guy on and off and after ALL those years, off-road kits only. I've never had the urge for a road kit but a guy I follow on Instagram kind of got me fired up on these TT-02 kits. My question. If I want a different look for my TT-02 is it as simple as buying a different body kit and wheels to switch things up?
  7. Putting together some 1/8 shocks together this afternoon.
  8. Ah yes. Thanks for the reminder. A good friend of mine made me a few really neat mini stands. I'll use those πŸ‘
  9. That's a good point.
  10. After literally years of searching for something worthy of displaying my rc collection I have finally found something I thought was cool. Although my collection is fairly large I will simply rotate the trucks/cars from time to time to keep it fresh. I wanted something that gave maximum viewing exposure yet kept safe from dust and my cats. It's a little pricey at $249 Canadian plus tax but it fits my needs very well. It's the Fabrikor from Ikea. Blackfoot and Clodbuster are original, untouched since the 80's. Lunch Box is a re-re. Thought I would share if anyone else was looking for display case.
  11. Right? I'm surprised they haven't done a re-release of that one. All the components are there to do it!
  12. I'm in the same boat. Got back into the hobby well after it was re-released in 2005. Very happy to see it coming back. Once again, Tamiya will be taking my money.
  13. I'm from Canada. Every kit I've bought since the late 80's has been shrink wrapped. I've always wondered about pictures of kits in hobby stores I've seen from around the world that had no shrink wrap. Indeed must be a distributer thing? I must say it's a very satisfying feeling breaking that seal
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