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  1. Had a 15t firebolt lying around and decided to put it in my LB haha https://youtu.be/h7RMGuPzYus
  2. Finished up me zombie plow compkete with spikes! Also on a tipable mount so if i can ever be bothered i could make it move also been working on a roof gun but not convinced
  3. Trying to decide on which plow to use... Reuse and beef up the snow plow Or go with a pointed plow!
  4. They totaly should!! We can have lunchbox wars
  5. Ooo god ye man... Theyre purely for show not gonna run it with them on. Atm they just sit over the wheel nuts
  6. Im not sure yet... My biggest problem is that although i have some cool ideas i dont have the diy skills to match haha. Will see how it goes atm its just having the tidy "zombie apocalypse is coming soon" vibe [emoji14]
  7. Right thats all im doing today so enjoy the pics and i might do some more tommorow
  8. Vans dont look right without chevrons so....[emoji14]
  9. ***UPDATE 1*** so lets get this project started!! So for reasons as yet unknown, the only paint that ever seems to survive a zombie outbreak is of course... Matte black! Once painted first on my list was to get some protection for the driver so i meshed up! More to come..!! And if u think of any essential zombie surviving items i forget please post them up [emoji14]
  10. So as some of u will have seen my previous lunchbox... Came to a swift end when i decided to visit a skatepark with a friend... Sadly at the moment i cant afford to replace the windows etc and the body has so many marks now that it really needs replacing. So instead ive decided to come up with a plan.... Taking some inspiration from this van... Im gonna build a ZoMBIE MACHINE!!! Watch this space [emoji14]....
  11. Ye i bumped ot up to 30 then gave up lol
  12. Can anyone suggest/recommend the best place to buy a body shell for the lb. I wanna tidy mine up to use as a shelf queen and then buy a basher body. Would a lexan body be the best bet?
  13. Have u thought about using the square leds u can get??
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