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  1. Some minor fix i did today. Painted the alu reinforcement i did on the front shock tower. Made a new cap on the gearbox because i lost the original one. Maybe i should paint the driver to? i think i will do that.
  2. Has some one bought from this company? /Lasse
  3. He he, no it is the real dirt To my next problem, the front spring. I need softer ones. This is what i have now. I have tried to find some new softer spring with the same length and diameter but it´s difficult. I realy do need some advice from the experts. /Lasse
  4. It is dirty!, Yes, i actually took it out for a quick test before it was 100% ready. I forgott to take the promised video but i will do it next time if a can get some help from a friend to do the shooting. The motor and Esc combo worked very good and no heating at all. Maybe a litle bit to fast but it was nice with som speed!
  5. I decided to do the servo relocation modification to get a more precise stearing. I also put a Tamiya servo saver on. Working good.
  6. Lasse2t, My name is lars and Lasse is a similar name to Lars and 2t stands for "TvåTakt" in Swedish and in English "twostroke" beacause i have a lot of two stroke motorcycles. Not to hard to understand i think?
  7. Ahhh, thank's Percymon. I will order those right away
  8. Ok i will try to find some, will not be easy. Is there any shop that has those thrust bearing for the Boomerang?
  9. I am siting here and shall order a lot of ball bearing for the Boomerang. In the gearboxes, is it better to use the correct thrust bearing or can i put in a normal 1150 bearing insted? I have read that that is ok to do so? /Lasse
  10. Thank's for the information, yes it seems it's no big problem to find spare parts for this litle car. I have cleand and checked front and rear gearbox, everthing in very god shape exept for some minor repair on the front housing.
  11. This is my next rebuild, a Bommerang. It seams to be the old Boomerang not the re relase? correct me if i am wrong. I got this from a friend some time ago that wanted to put it in the garbage! I thougt that was a bad idea of course so i took it insted. I have taken almost everything apart and i will clean the parts and do the damage control. The front end is in bad shape what i can tell so far.
  12. I actually had to grind of a litle to make those battery fit. Some test of the damper, it seams to me that the rear is fine but the front is to hard?
  13. Thank's, i trying to do my best. Hopefully the outcome will be not to bad. I have just got my 4 battery from Hobbyking, they will not fit in the car without some grinding but only litle. I also need to change the plug on the battery to. If i get rest of the parts tomorrow, maybe i can do some real life test in the weekend and take some video to
  14. Here is some preview of the car with Turnigy Trackstar motor 3250 Kv and Turnigy Trackstar 60A Esc on 2 cell Lipo.
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