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  1. After 4 years I finally get around to slapping a coat of paint on my tracked Toyota. Action video,
  2. Twin Motors and Gearbox's Slot Monster Truck Chassis First Video - Chassis build Second video - Testing
  3. Comparisons and chassis testing for a 1:32 off road slot car. Have managed to both shorten and narrow the stock "Tamiya 4 Wheel Drive Chassis Kit". The track and wheelbase is now the same as the Tamiya Wild Mini 4WD range of 1:32 kits. Video
  4. Just in case. Here is a "How To" on converting a Tamiya 1:32 into a simple Slot Monster Truck. How To Build a Slot Monster Truck
  5. I have been converting various kits into "Slot Cars" for years. The Tamiya Wild Mini 4WD Monster Trucks are a very easy conversion. So when I come across the Tamiya 4 Wheel Drive Chassis Kit it set me to thinking. Could it be converted, and how would it perform. As you can see the answers were yes, and very well. As most of my Monster Trucks are 1:32 and this chassis is some what larger, I am now trying to made a second of these kits, but with a reduced wheelbase and track. Lack of space, and not having any other builder of these type of models anywhere near where I live in the UK has put me off building a multi lane track for these trucks. I do know of multi lane tracks in the USA, and there is one being currently built by a member of the "Monster Slot Trucks,Tanks and Pullers" Facebook group.". Some of my other models here. Slot Monster Trucks
  6. Hi. The track is home made just 2 foot x 4 foot. It is made from MDF with a routed slot. Power is supplied ether side of the slot by copper tape. So basically it is just a "normal" slot car track. Almost all of the obstacles are interchangable, and the track can be driven in ether direction just by flipping a switch. I have a couple of these tracks that I use for my Tamiya based slot Monster Trucks. Anymore questions please feel free to ask. Here is a lint to some of my other trucks in action. Slot Monster Trucks
  7. Slot Rock Crawler (Scalextric) Trying out a idea for a "slot" rock crawler bouncer. Using the Tamiya 4 Wheel Drive Chassis Kit fitted with a guide attached to a "drop-arm" and fitted with a 12 volt motor. . Rock Crawler in action.
  8. A 1/64 scale Hot Wheels "Race Ace" Monster Truck converted into a "slot car". Fitted with alloy wheels made by Paul Taylor shod with the Scalextric C3835. tyres as used on the Scalextric Monster Trucks (Complete Scalextric axle is part no. W10671). Motor is a SRP 13D Speed 40 12v Can Drive Motor. Any questions please feel free to ask. Hot Wheels "Race Ace"
  9. My 2021 Slot "Car's". Built during 2021 1905 Fowler Showman's Engine Matchbox Diecast 1922 Foden Steam Lorry Matchbox Diecast Toy Train Scalextric Mini Fitted with scratch built brass chassis Pioneer Legends Racer '37 Dodge Coupe Kit Hot Wheels Paint Crush Diecast Original Wheels & Tyres Hot Wheels Race Ace Diecast Scalextric Tyres Paul Taylor Wheels Tamiya Wild Mini 4WD Bullhead Fitted with the wheels & tyres from the Tamiya Truck Tire Set Tamiya Wild Mini 4WD Hilux Surf Scratch built brass chassis with suspension. 6 Slot Stox cars over the year. Based on the Parma Womp chassis, SCD Bodies & scratch built brass / piano wire upper chassis.
  10. If you are interested in "pulling" you might like to check out the Monster Slot Trucks, Tanks and Pullers" Facebook group. Any questions please feel free to ask. Dave. Monster Slot Trucks, Tanks and Pullers
  11. Glad that you enjoyed my post. I was pleased by the way the sled went together, even more so as I was able to build the "sled" with odd's and end's that I had laying around. More details of the "sled" here. Building a 1:32 Scale Sled For Slot Truck and Tractor Pulling
  12. Your HO buggy's remind me of the SCX 1:32 scale buggy's, These SCX buggy's also have working suspension with 4 wheel drive. They are also fitted with "drop-arms" so that they can drive up and over obstacles.
  13. Might be of interest. As I make a fair number of my slot models, by using just some parts from various kits, I end up with a pile of unused parts. I found a Tamiya Bull Head body, and a Tamiya Wild Mini chassis, but had no wheels or tyres. I did however have a "Tamiya Truck Tire Set". This comes with the same size axle as the Tamiya Wild Mini kits, but there is no gear. I did have some "modula 0.5" 60 tooth gears, these have a 2mm, hole which I opened up to 2.5mm, then just chamferd the opening to 3mm. A bit of trial and error with the axle lengths, and I had a running chassis. I could have left it at that, but the body was sitting very high, and did not look right with the smaller wheels and tyres. So a bit of butchery on just the chassis, let the body sit a lot lower. Here are some details of the build and testing, on road, off road and pulling. Bull Head build and in action.
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