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  1. It's possible that it's a typo. Similar to TamiyaUSA saying that the TBLE-02S is only rated down to 21.5T brushless motors. It happens.
  2. Is that a ball diff sitting above the tire on the lower left?
  3. I see used servos with broken tabs like that for sale frequently. If you have another car that uses the lower mounts then swap servos between the 2.
  4. Be sure to read up about Blackfoot gear box issues before you make your final decision.
  5. Tamiya USA will have a lot of parts but will be on the more costly side. Some items you will most likely have to order from overseas due to not being available here. As for your gearbox screw holes wearing out, it sounds like a fluke. I never had any issues with my Racing Fighter and I haven't read about that issue from other owners here who have much more powerful motors.
  6. "Everleak Shocks" would be perfect for the SRB line Great idea
  7. If you ordered Tamiya CVA short shocks the instructions will tell you what length to build them at for the Lunchbox. I did the same thing with my Midnight Pumpkin(same Chassis, different body).
  8. There are different sizes of bullet connectors out there. Did you buy the esc brand new? If so, it will have the correct connectors for brushed motors. If you got it used the connectors may have been changed out for larger ones. Do you have a picture?
  9. Are you using low profile type of wheel nuts? I had to use them to put FAV wheels on my Grasshopper. I'm sure you can get them separately, but I got mine with this set: https://www.ebay.com/itm/TIRE-WHEEL-HARDWARE-SET-Stainless-Steel-Tamiya-Hornet-58045-58336-Team-CRP-5140/352940053879?hash=item522cddd577:g:-R8AAOxyLN9Sktla
  10. A DT-02 like the Sand Viper may be better for a tighter track as it has a shorter wheelbase than the DT-03(Racing Fighter/Neo Fighter).
  11. Thanks. I saw those on Ebay a couple days ago and had the link bookmarked. Have you run them on any cars yet? Just curious how well they work.
  12. What adapters are you using to put hex wheels on the front?
  13. Did you look at the trim on your transmitter? I've had the old 2 stick Futaba Tx's get pushed all the way up or down while walking to my usual running spot.
  14. My Bear Hawk and my Dark Impact. The Dark Impact just needed different tires and it would have been one of my favorite cars to run.
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