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  1. It's a King Yellow https://www.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?I=LXGYRC&P=ML
  2. I can vouch for the Toro TS120 being a good esc. The Surpass motors are supposed to be really good as well.
  3. When I switched from my ECX Torment short course truck to a Losi XXX-SCT the difference was night and day. I gunned it across a rutted bumpy field straight toward me and watched the body stay stable while the suspension arms moved with ground similar to that vid. It shocked me so much I did it 3-4 more times just to watch it work. That's when I decided I needed some cars that performed well. I imagine the TRF cars perform similar, but I've never driven one so that is just a guess. I still want that 1:1 truck though
  4. I used a 72mm turnbuckle with standard Tamiya ends. A 74 would work fine too.
  5. A 13.5 won't melt a Tamiya connector, I have one running on my Midnight Pumpkin with no issues. That said, I am in the process of switching to deans connectors just in case I want to upgrade motors in the future. I heard you get a little power boost just switching over from Tamiya connectors.
  6. Yes, I was bummed it wouldn't go down for my Pumkin and up further for my Grasshopper. It is also for the ORV chassis, so I'm guessing that's where the pinion numbers in the Ebay ad come from.
  7. Also, the mesh on the 17t isn't very good so you may run into this same problem.
  8. On the lunchbox gearbox this can only go down to 17t and up to 21t. The adapter will hit the ridges on the outside of the gearbox when trying to go lower and anything larger than 21t will hit the motor mount screws "tunnel" on the inside. I tried to go lower on my Midnight Pumpkin and higher on my Grasshopper.
  9. The TBLE-02S isn't waterproof, if that is one of the more important features for you. Check out the Midnight Pumpkin. Same chassis, just needs different body mounts, which may already be on your parts sprues from the Lunchbox (not sure, just a guess).
  10. Nice job! I just sprayed mine with Tamiya light gunmetal paint and called it a day.
  11. Wow! They didn't even bother to make an axle without the drive cup for their 2wd car.
  12. Could you use the front axle setup from a comical buggy to do a front hex conversion on other 2wd Tamiya cars?
  13. I don't remember if it was this forum or another, but a couple of years ago I saw a guy use womens fishnet stockings as a mask to make "scales" on his car. It worked pretty well.
  14. Boomerang or Top Force - Watanabe edition
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