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  1. As standard only really the body mounts are suspect and break. There are aluminium upgrades available for a few pounds and they are worth fitting for a regular runner. With upgrades I think the suspension at the rear is most likely to break (the tiny springs at the front of the gearbox fail) and the suspension being undamped make them a handful, but with only a sport tuned you'll probably be OK. I ran a pumpkin for ages in the 80's and 90's and the only thing to ever fail was the body mounts and the tyres needed gluing to the rims as they slipped. Apart from that it was bombproof. Carl.
  2. It must be 4 weeks at least since I finished the build on my Top Force. I still haven't run it yet. I was planning on running it on the school field behind my house to start with but the weather, holiday and illness have conspired against me. I look at the hi cap and the poor standard v2 CVA's and think I will need to upgrade if I want to race it. The Losi 22 shocks are good with a wide range of springs but I was looking at these Cougar KF2 big bores and thinking they might fit (need to find the measurements) as they are adjustable and there are lots of springs I can use to tailor them, plus they are pretty reasonable in cost too. Only downside is they are really in the spirit of historic racing like the hi-caps, but not really different in principle to buying some alloy Carson or Turnigy ones, just better. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Schumacher-Cougar-KF2-Set-Of-Big-Bore-Shock-Absorbers-Alloy-Caps-Seats-K2-/152583085881?hash=item2386a91f39:g:1UIAAOSwRXRZPqMs Carl.
  3. The Fox comprehensively beat a Grasshopper with a 540 installed BITD, so I say the Fox is faster than a Hornet. Carl.
  4. The FAV was there too on static display. The Bug and Willy handle awfully 1:1 as well! Carl
  5. NIce, my nearest track was only 100m from my house (Yateley School Model Car Club), but it is now abandoned, derelict and slowly being reclaimed by nature. After the work that went into the club and building it only fairly recently it's a real shame. I am not sure if there is the interest in RC to generate the numbers needed for a revival (as I'm sure I could persuade the new head of the school it is a good thing to have running) as I'm pretty sure this is why it died. You are lucky to have this, can you just pitch up and go for a spin? Carl.
  6. Anyone paint their undertrays? Manual says leave it clear but that just seems a bit pony. I was thinking black like the Egress undertray? Carl.
  7. That will lend itself better to the Egress than the Wig then, I'm not sure an Alloy mount it possible in the Wig. Like has already been mentioned it's already there in the Egress. Carl.
  8. i can only quote based on experience with my brother Fox from the 80's. When he got it it was exactly like your Novafox, ballraced back end and nylon bushed in the front wheels. It was bog stock in all other ways so I assumed that it was supplied like this. We merely added a Kyosho Le-Mans 240ST motor and bearings on the front which made it fly! Carl.
  9. Well I thought I wasn't going to get a chance to build it, but with a global IT cyber attack and having to stay at home to co-ordinate restore efforts saw me yesterday have a long day with mad flurries of work interspaced with long periods of inactivity. I looked at the kit and got cracking. So by 5pm it was built. As was said it's fairly easy with the ball diffs requiring care and a steady hand but that's it. I had bought enough bearing to fully ball race it (including steering) and my plastic gearset arrived Monday so that went in. So only the body left to cut out and paint now. Depending on what happens with work today depends on whether I start on those tasks, but I think I will get asked to go into the office to be able to do sod all. i can confirm I had no bearings in my kit at all. As for the Fox/Novafox, it was always ballraced at the rear out of the box, I guess due to the racing pretensions. Carl.
  10. Just reading through the manual and saw the horrid Aluminium drive gear on about the 3rd page, remembered it was suggested that anything other than a silver can turned this into grinding paste so I have ordered: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-50529-4WD-Touring-Rally-Car-Plastic-Gear-Set-TA01-TA02-NIP-/263004839478?epid=1608110328&hash=item3d3c4f5e36:g:6WAAAOSwX61ZKCIQ Say not compatible with off road buggies but Percymon's rebuild thread here: Says otherwise. Once I see what performance and temps are like with the kit alloy pinion I'll order a steel one with the correct teeth. Maybe get some hi-caps or GPM dampers if I'm not happy with the CVA's which are the newer poo non-tunable ones so not really Constant Volume 'Adjustable' at all. Looks like a nice car and semi pro apart from a couple of bits. Carl.
  11. I always went with a twist when I was younger, now i'm older I've become a stickler for Box art. The top force body will be box art but I'm going to also get a repro for racing that I'll do in some other scheme (probably from left over paints). Carl.
  12. I think if i'd paid for next day delivery i'd be going after MS for a refund, but as it's free delivery no mileage in that. I can just make DPD uncomfortable a bit. On the model have you got the alloy motor mount yet? I read it was kind of essential for anything more than silver can. Mine is here, along with all the bearings, a metal geared servo, SR410 receiver, A trackstar 8.5T brushless motor and 60amp speedo. I've got the core RC metallic green paint which I am told is the same as Tamiya, just in a larger can at £2 a can less. Carl.
  13. Definitely not the case this time. My parcel dispatched and tracked from MS yesterday and landing at local depot very AM this morning. Then nothing until around 11:30 when delivery date was apparently changed at my request (which is not true), this is a DPD screw up and my guess is that my parcel didn't make it onto their van so they changed it's delivery date. It's not the end of the world as I'm working at home tomorrow and the drop shop is about 3 miles away, but it's the whole thing that instead of apologising it has been made out to be me that changed it. Carl.
  14. So I have to wait another day for mine, just got an email from MS and DPD saying they have received my request to change delivery date to tomorrow, WTAF? No change from me at all I rearranged it yesterday and it was accepted. Seems i spoke too soon about then being half decent. Sent a tweet to find out why. Carl.
  15. Picking mine up tomorrow on the way home from work from a drop shop, love DPD they seem to be the best courier out there. Carl.
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