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  1. Where in Australia are you?
  2. Would also think about trading for a Tamiya panzer Iv tank 1:1 like I say, offers welcome.
  3. Yes I believe the blister and box’s are inside it still. Would have to look.
  4. Found it!!!! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/73915-tamiya-new-build-willys-wheeler-kit/&
  5. I will try, photobucket took all the pictures I think. Leave it with me.
  6. As said I’m in no rush too sell it. Sensible offers welcome. And no the 0 was correct. James.
  7. I was looking for £600 ovno it has an electronic speed controller and motor and steering servo in it.
  8. Hi, you will find it near impossible to get a body now. I was looking for close to 2 years for one to pop up and when it did it cost me $250! Plus shipping. Then the decals were the next impossible thing to find. But! I worked with MCIRacing and helped to create an actuate set with my new body. https://mciracing.ca/products/castrol-toms-supra the wheels should be ok to get, tyres maybe a stretch and the rear wing close to impossible. This was my build a while back but I forgot to finish it! Good luck!
  9. Jamesssb

    How is MCI decals?

    There printed onto clear vinyl but some are very good and some are ok. Iv got his dyna storm, Clodbuster and castral Toms supra GT stickers which I helped him re create and are very happy.
  10. Jamesssb

    Dynastorm parts

    That’s a shame.
  11. Jamesssb

    Dynastorm parts

    If you send them a message they may make one for you. I asked them for the gearbox brace that goes to the shock tower and they made that up.
  12. Jamesssb

    Dynastorm parts

    Just a quick message to say that the bumper and slipper nut cover are available in 3D prints from orb racing mate. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/origineelreclamebord
  13. Hi all im thinking about selling my original wheeler model I built on here back in 2014. Looking for interest really. Let me know james.
  14. Jamesssb

    TR-15T, the TR-18T conversion.

    Just to add that I too have changed the 850 to a ball race.