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  1. Good afternoon Would anyone be able to help on the value of a Schumacher Pro Cat - never used, shell never painted, original box I can't upload photos as they are to big, i can email though if someone wants to see them or whatsapp
  2. Im looking to add to my collection with the following if anyone can help please: Built, NIB, anything considered except re-releases Porsche 959 1986 Hotshot Supershot Boomerang Hotshot 2 Thundershot Vanquish Egress Astute super astute ford focus wrc ford focus wrc 1 ford focus wrc 2 Ford Focus RS WRC 03 Escort Cosworth Michelin pilot Escort cosworth tiger stripe Escort cosworth wrc
  3. I am after all of the below: Escort Cosworth WRC 58216 Escort Cosworth Michelin Pilot 58123 Escort Cosworth Mobile 1 58112 Focus WRC - 58241 Focus WRC 01 - 58282 Focus WRC 02 - 58292 Focus WRC 03 - 58308 all must have original boxes
  4. I am after the following if anyone can help please: Hotshot hotshot 2 supershot PORSCHE 959 thunder shot vanquish astute egress black edition avante onky want cars that include original box, built or unbuilt Thankd
  5. I am after built or new in box, not looking to restore any, must have the box. I have a lot of vintage ones at the moment that I class as shelf queens. Does the above HS2 have the box?
  6. I am after the following Tamiya Vintage if anyone can help: Good money waiting Grasshopper Racing buggy rough rider racing buggy sand scorcher Ford F150 Ranger The Frog Hotshot Supershot Wildone The Fox Boomerang Hotshot 2 Lunchbox Midnight Pumpkin Thundershot Vanquish Egress Astute Mantaray Bullhead
  7. Not me mate, I don't own any quick drives I did buy a super sabre though just not QD
  8. Thanks for the info. I was going to buy the re-release models but put all the original vintage speed controllers in :-)
  9. Hi All I notice there is a lot of reproduction new models of the original Tamiya models such as, Lunch Box, Hotshot, Midnight Pumpkin etc. Does anyone know if its possible to install the original vintage mechanical speed controller & acoms techniplus receiver etc within the new models as apposed to the new modern esc. Thanks
  10. I am looking to add the following Tamiya vintage to my collection if anyone can help please: Manta ray Vanquish Hot shot Black foot Lunchbox Clod buster Avante Boomerang I am not worried if built or not but must come with the original box and original parts. Good money waiting for correct cars. Thanks
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