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  1. I believe this is the itemnr. 9805337 to fit standard wheels.
  2. That is the same seller, I have a pair of black ones on order now. When I bought the clear ones he was puting them on one by one and I missed the black ones. Don't think it is made by the same person as the RC channel ones, If I'm right those had one size uper rear link as well.
  3. I found alloy suspension parts for the 58059 and 58064 chasis. I have them and they fit perfectly. ebay seller alloy parts
  4. I got the same box from tamico today. I had read about the smell, men this buggy is really toxic
  5. Got this @mail today, so soon it will be here
  6. I noticed that too, have one in pre order at tamico. the new stock at stella is $100 more expensive $399,90 now
  7. A set of alloy suspension arms for my 959
  8. I have those parts, you can pm me.
  9. You can find what you need in the black special manual that is on the tamiyas USA site compare it with the avante 2011 manual. I also used the egress manual as I collected egress spare parts for this steering set.
  10. There is still stock in Germany, http://www.modellbau-seidel.de/index.php?firma=Tamiya&best=58489. I got 2 from them last month. 1 for me and one for a tc member in the states.
  11. Braing I need something from you, before I get a fight at home because I got stuck with another avante.I need you address details, otherwise I can't forward your parcel[emoji6]
  12. My wife just bought two kittens instead of one, does this mean I can have another rc kit hahaha
  13. I think he has both [emoji1]
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