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  1. Im from sweden and my dad bought this one and a raider pro at the same time (~20 years ago) for ~50-100$ on a local sellout. We never actually touched this one. We built the Raider and that one is still up and running The reason I found this one is because I was looking for my Raider. Didnt have any offroad tires for my Losi TLR22 and I really wanted to try it outside x)
  2. Man, that stings... Well I guess I'll just put it up and hope that someone missed the rerelease then... If not I'll just put it up again for lower. Im in no hurry. Thanks alot! Intressting to know what it could have been worth too.
  3. Hey guys. Pretty new with these older things (first post here). Im wondering if this is worth anything? Found the box when I was looking for the manual to my Raider Pro buggy. As you can see the condition is like new. Never even touched the dirt. Seen on a vintage site that it sold poorly when it was release but is very rare in new condition. I really like this thing but I dont wanna drive it if its something that could be valuable for someone. And since Im not really a collector, I just like to drive them, Id rather sell it. Any price ideas and should I put in up on Ebay or is anyone around here intressted? Thanks for any information. See you later!
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