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  1. hi v8fazz i take it you used paypal to order from Active hobby. Just a bit nervous about ordering from that part of the world, you hear all about the tax and postage cost we have to pay in UK
  2. hi so i can run a lipo in to the silver can rs540 motor? What speed control would i need to do this? Juggular that is very good advice and thanks man, i didn't think about padding out the battery compartment , good one Thunderdragoncy core stick lipos good one could get them from modelsport. What motor manufacture for the 21t brushed are you using and what speed control? wild
  3. hi all looking for some advice. Got the wild willy 2 and looking for lipos to fit in battery frame and also a speed control and a brushless motor or just use the silver can motor. Any advice would be great wild
  4. hi v8fazz sorry not to respond to you mate, been offline. Did you get the STR287R servo mount? is it any good? wild
  5. TurnipJF i can see what you mean but jennyMo version is great, its kit bashed. The other on does follow the look of the grasshopper and the hornet in that it feels like its from the same designer. Me i like both but jennyMo's i think was the 1st so thumbs up to jennyMo
  6. JennyMo you were the 1st to do these builds
  7. well lets face it someone will now be printing away by now and i for one would buy one. will
  8. sure does suntiresunlimited would you happen to when the next series is out?????? will
  9. just found this and wow it's so cool will
  10. hi looking for a rcmart servo mount for the wild willy 2 code number STR287s any help would be great will
  11. I take it that the designer of these wendy's does not produce a lot of them will
  12. hi just dusting of the old wild willy 2 and thought that the servo mounting is full of movement, so is there a mounting kit to stop the servo from moving. Have found the rc mart metal one but it's out of production, is there anything that's in production.
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