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  1. Wow, looking great, love those wheels and white paint. What are you going to run for a motor?
  2. I had two of these years ago and regretted selling them. Is this something you could ship to the states? Thanks, Mike mfarre03@hotmail.com
  3. Too funny, I had just checked out your red Pegasus on the Bay and now see it here. I have similar models that I'm going to put up soon. Spring time is always slow when it comes to selling these on the bay.
  4. Morning, 

    Could you please forward the magazine link when you get a chance. I dl'd 1989 but that was it. 





  5. If I would have known I would have downloaded all of them. I have 1989 zip file but that is it.
  6. Maybe someone has the parts listed above. Let me know.
  7. Thanks Chris and yes I'm from the states, NY. It looks like I need the following parts, please let me know if you find any. - Rear shock set, bottle, mounting plate etc. - (1) Rear spring arm and rod - Tabs that attach to the rear spring arms that the zip ties attach to. - Rear bumper - Upper receiver deck Looking at the manual, there sure was a bunch of zip ties attached to parts, lol.
  8. Not sure if I want to run this one or just restore for shelf duty. The bumper is strange, I didn't think of the tan nubs but they do pull off. The back is a nightmare. Looks like it took a few hits and then he added the shock tower. The hardware used looks like it came from grandpas parts jar in the barn. The guy did do some nice work, that rear bumper lines up with the rear shock rod and the tapped the holes for the shock bolts. The yellow plate comes off with one clip, not bad for being Bubbarized. I downloaded the manual, now I have to make a list of parts I'm missing. Do they make all the parts I'm missing the same as the originals or did they update some things?
  9. I really didn't know what I had bid on until I received it. There seems to be a ton of parts missing, they body is in great shape except for a crack that gives it a little character. Let me know what you think. I really know nothing about these cars, maybe this one will be better for parts?
  10. I have the same radio, was just trying to find the one it had, I know strange, LOL. I am going to keep this baby as a stock shelfer. I have a couple Hot Shot Mk1s, one I was going to restore and the other sell on ebay. I have it on there now but thinking of pulling it and running it.
  11. Yes, 250 US, not used to an international forum, usually just on ones from the States, lol.
  12. The battery hold down thing?lol Took me awhile to even find what that looks like. Strange tamiya pics don't even show it.
  13. Strange dogbone s etup, never seen that before, replacement?
  14. Guess I will sit on it until I find a replacement.
  15. So I have finally found a Wig but the parts one that it came with has a broken front differential case. What other models shared parts with the BigWig?
  16. Is this it? http://www.amazon.com/ORANGE-SOL-10022-Contractor-Solvent-oz/dp/B000BZZ32E/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1456350473&sr=8-5&keywords=de+solv+it
  17. I probably won't get to this one for awhile. Currently I'm working on a Hot Shot, its original but I don't think its a Mk1. I have purchased way too many models the last few months. I'm going to post the ones I'm keeping and then continue the thread as I get to restoring them.
  18. I have been looking for a decent Sabre for quite some time now. I ended up getting luck and picking this up at auction. The box is pretty crispy but came with a bunch of original documentation. The model has a little rust here and there but looks like it was barely run. This will get in line for a restoration and will probably live its days as a shelfer. I will let the pics speak for themselves. Not sure what transmitter it had but looks the same as my old Futaba. Does anyone over the big pond have the radio that matches this documentation?
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