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  1. Ah thank you, maybe it's a little job for this weekend, it's very wet and windy here. Thank you again
  2. Happy Monday, Thanks guys fir your input 🙂 what grade paper should I use to flat this mess of paint back? Please 😚
  3. I fully opened the rag but went over lightly as to not to transfer contaminates. It was dry before that process. I went over with 2 light coats and it started to react then I thought F#*k it and carried on. Hanging my head in shame now, as its more work for me to rub it back. 🙄
  4. I see what a pain, what paint pre cleaners do you guys use? Especially with acrylic paints?
  5. Morning everyone, ive been painting a D90 hard body and the paint has reacted. I used Tamiya's fine surface primer then degreased with IPA and finally passed over with a low tack rag. Then I done a couple of coats with a Tamiya Ts gloss white. Then this happened :( Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Who Needs to buy the Tamiya 54519link extension when you can use TL-01 upper arms?
  7. Its easy t make small mistakes
  8. The ball joints on the hubs were on the top, instead of being on the under side :/ silly me
  9. I'm going to look at it this evening I'm also going to order some gpm items
  10. That's a tidy little bumper, don't suppose you have the link? Also I want the alloy upgraded bell crank set but ive been put off from getting Gpm
  11. Thanks guys for the comments, shes built and disappointed in the Tamiya quality these days Uploading a small sclip is this normal when pressing down on the front suspension? video-1506429081.mp4
  12. Oh and pinion, is it 48dp? pitch. Also i've used in the past Rw pinions they seem pretty good
  13. Thanks @Kingfisher does that option pivot?
  14. Cheers guys ive heard that the Gpm Bell crank setup is a bad fit?
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