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  1. Now Now converted back to standard cantilevers, anti-roll bars and body mounts. Still using Traxxas alloy body big bore shocks. All parts included to convert between 2 setups and bodies
  2. TXT-1 for sale. only used a couple of times to test. Modified as follows: tamiya 240Z body with full lights and wild willy figure on custom alloy mounts external cantilevers and Traxxas big bore shocks - doesn't need anti-roll bars but slightly less articulation radio plate modified to take brushed ESC (included) and motor fans (original silvercan motors fitted) fully ballraced large high current servos with custom alloy mounts - 4 wheel steering - separate battery to power servos comes with original pre-painted body which is unused and original anti-roll bars and body mounts so these could be returned to standard no original shocks (used on another project), box or stickers. will box in another box for postage or can be collected in South Wales looking for £350 + £20 delivery let me know if you want any more photos or info thanks
  3. Okay, a little bit of artistic licence with the title, this is a re-release Bigwig but the original Bigwig was 1986 and the Leonis 2011 so close enough. no build pictures I'm afraid but i've just put the finishing touches to these 2 and painted them in the same colours as a bit of a link. The Bigwig is fairly standard with Hotshot driveshaft, front CVDs and steel pinion. The Leonis is a bit of a mixture, started with a car that i got from eBay that was probably built from spare parts, all new and unused but lots of hop-ups and some bits missing. I've added some new parts and 3D printed some parts that are now unavailable so as far as I can tell: Carbon reinforced main chassis, gearboxes, steering linkages, towers. TRF rear wishbones Slipper clutch and CVD propshafts and driveshafts Alloy steering rack and rear toe bracket As I had to 3D print some new battery brackets anyway (no longer available) I took the opportunity to put in a saddle pack battery and use the standard rear gearbox (on the parts sprue) to straighten up the rear driveshaft, hopefully clear from the pictures.
  4. sent you a pm about hotshot but not sure if you've seen it?
  5. yes, it's the re-release from 2014, see: based on the 2012 Bruiser but this was a 'limited edition'. there are a few available on ebay from the USA for 600+. sold for 420 plus 25 delivery. I'm actually in Caerphilly so only 15 minutes away. I'd take 400 collected if you're interested? thanks Paul D
  6. Tamiya mountain rider 4x4 pick up part assembled to rolling chassis stage by a professional engineer. Box is perfect and body, wheels , tyres, decals, etc are still untouched in the box and in perfect condition It's 100% complete and new, just part built. Item will be packed in the original Tamiya box inside another box for extra protection. i've just 'sold' this on the bay (sees 'sold' listings for pictures) but the buyer can'y pay at the moment so thought i would put it on here before i re-list it. if you want to collect or meet somewhere near Cardiff, let me know. Looking for £425 posted thanks for looking Paul D
  7. I'm just trying to gauge interest. I need to raise some funds to finish a full-size kit car I'm in the process of building at the moment. i've got a re-release Mountain Rider that has been built up to rolling chassis stage that i may need to sell if it's worth what i hope it is! The rest of the kit is untouched in the box, body interior, wheels and tyres, etc and nothing has been modified from standard. would anybody be interested in buying this, in original box with untouched body, decals and manual. i'd be looking for as near to £500 as possible thanks for looking Paul D
  8. thank you for the nice comments. I know what you mean about the wheel arches, do you just use a sanding drum on the Dremel or something else? thanks
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