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  1. This is interesting information for the Front & Rear Stabilizer Kit. I do not have one on mine. It looks like it is fairly easy to make. I may make one and install them on mine. I do have the Front & Rear Stabilizer Kit for the Landjump 4D. It came from Japan.
  2. Here is my steering set up. I used Du Bro ball links.
  3. I custom built my Re-Re F150 with front mounting post, rear cage and roll bar, extended butterfly chassis, wide front end and shock mount just to name a few. All the original roll bar for F150 was short. So I built one and extended to flush with the bottom of the cage.
  4. I have those new sponge tires for sale. Those are the same tires for my CanAm Lola.
  5. Here is my build back in the '80s. I still have it.
  6. Now unavailable and cancelled!
  7. As far as I know, '87 Clodbuster only came with white plastic body and white wheels. The yellow shocks are Tamiya optional CVA long shocks for the Clodbuster. Here is my '87 Clodbuster that I built back in '87.
  8. Is it ok to post a link to my google drive to view the for sale items picture file?
  9. I am going to sale some parts. There will be about 20 items and too many pictures to post in the thread. Just wondering if I could post a link to my for sale items picture file for members to see. Thanks!
  10. Try some Race Prep o rings. That's the one will never leaks. Notice how "fat" they are in comparison with the stock o ring.
  11. The early BoLink and Associated resistors are single barrel. They have brakes and the micro switch is for reverse. Picture showing the Bolink, Associated single barrel resistor and different type of wiper arms. This is how the MSC function.
  12. Tamiya also has the variable speed MSC. Back in the '80s before the ESC arrived we all custom built and raced with MSC. Here is a picture of a SRB displayed at the Ranch Pit Shop in Pomona, California.
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