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  1. If you decide to sell, I would be interested in the Ford Ranger/box/manual
  2. spankrjs

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    That Juggernaut looks really cool!!! The original Sand Scorcher body set is OK, too ;-)
  3. spankrjs

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Technically yesterday, finished rebuilding my vintage Super Champ. I did use the following re-release parts: front bumper, tires/wheels, and shocks. The re-release front shocks bolt right on. I did install the re-release rear shock, and it works fine, BUT it is 10mm shorter than the original Super Champ rear shock. So, not as much droop or up travel as the original rear shock. Still might clean up/repaint the driver and roll bar. The body is in good shape, no paint, and the original stickers are good. It would be a shame to strip it down and paint it, especially since it is supposed to be a "runner". Will probably just repaint the driver figure.
  4. Could not agree more Our beaches here are the real loose/loamy/super fine sand, the kind that is hard to walk on. My Blazing Blazer does OK, but requires it to be in Low/4x4 gear. Other small tire cars instantly get stuck in the loose sand. The Clod Buster just goes through it all, will not get stuck. The axles/motors never seem to get sand in them, either. I made the mistake of greasing the friction shocks, and during the first outing at the beach, the shocks all locked up Next outings, grease free shocks, no problems. I sold my Clod Buster, but I have a NIB re-release Bullhead to take its place
  5. I have an X-Acto Knife handle that fits fairly snug into the hole in the middle of the bearing. I remove the blade from the knife, place the end of the handle in the hole, wiggle the handle side to side while pulling slightly upward, works for me
  6. spankrjs

    What are you getting for Christmas?

    Bought myself a re-re CC-01 Isuzu Mu, should be here by the 24th
  7. spankrjs

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    That's a lot of Rangers
  8. spankrjs

    Isuzu Mu Type X on the way back

    Does the stock tire/wheel combo rub the wheel arches? The stock Metal Top Wide Pajaro has this issue, and the clearance looks tighter on this one?
  9. Looking for a Ranger XLT rear roll bar, and the front tall body post, for a project I am working on. The roll bar is the short Ranger XLT roll bar, the piece that the rear shocks also attach too, it has the body post that screws into the middle of it. Thanks in advance
  10. I was the high bidder on the Super Champ
  11. spankrjs

    For Sale - NIB CC01 Wrangler + others.

    Any updates ?
  12. spankrjs

    For Sale Tamiya Vintage Super Champ

    10-4, that's what I figured
  13. spankrjs

    For Sale Tamiya Vintage Super Champ

    Did this ever sell?