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  1. Good find, I would like to find a new/spare Wild Willy motor
  2. You have one of the axle assemblies bolted in upside down?
  3. When you pick up the rear end off the ground, the suspension goes to the full downward position, the rear axles/driveshaft/cups are trying to spin at their maximum angle, so they vibrate some. When the vehicle is on the ground/running, the rear suspension is not in the full downward position, so the rear axles are not binding/vibrating due to the excessive angles. If you are overly concerned about it, take the rear shocks apart, add an o-ring right below the shock piston (inside the shock body) to limit the downward suspension droop.
  4. Finished my re-release Bullhead runner: All stock, except: Full ball bearings, Futaba 3305 Servo, steering servo uses larger horn, modified front steering to run parallel to ground, aluminum B11 brackets. Running stock motors and the included Tamiya ESC. The steering mods work great, this thing turns super sharp, almost too responsive. The Futaba servo will turn all 4 wheels sitting still.
  5. It looks like you installed/ran two Sport Tuned motors. Did you mess with the timing on them, or did you just run them? I've got a Bullhead I'm about to build, with two black can Sport Tuned motors ready to go. I might just run them, see what happens?
  6. Any pictures of the Mountaineer?
  7. I "built" an original Bruiser 10 plus years ago. I bought it as a partial "new build", never run. I tore it down and rebuilt it: https://www.scale4x4rc.org/forums/showthread.php?t=19446 Besides bearings, an ESC, and an eventual upgrade to TLT oil shocks, it is all stock. It has performed flawless for over 50-60 battery packs. I have not "babied it", but I have not "beat it" either. IMO, they are good runners, BUT you have to treat them like you would a full size truck with 44" tires on stock axles LOL.
  8. A long time ago, probably about 10 years ago, I purchased the RC4WD Bruiser replacement inner axle parts, i.e. the shafts with the crown gears and the separate pinion gears. They were terrible. The crown gear was attached to the axle shaft with a grub screw that would not stay tight. Besides the grub screw issues, the gears would not mesh well together. No amount of shimming helped. I tore up a rear axle in less then 5 minutes. I still have the never used front axle set and the tore up rear axle set somewhere. I can post pictures if anyone is interested.
  9. I knew I wasn't crazy, here it is from Tamiya USA's website. For some reason, some of the Tamiya ESC's will let full battery voltage go to the receiver: https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/electronics/rc-esc-teu-104bk-brushed-2/
  10. You should check the voltage output of the ESC's built in BEC. Some of them will allow more voltage out then what your receiver can handle. The ESC that came with my re-release Avante had this issue, I had to add a resistor to prevent the BEC's voltage from damaging the receiver.
  11. Looks pretty nice Good luck with the sale !!
  12. I used these: Traxxas #2362 Shock rebuild kit O-rings, on my Monster Beetle's CVA oil shocks, worked perfectly.
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