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  1. Tell me about it... Was working on my Wheely class entry all Winter, and it has been outlawed Have to start from scratch. At least my VQS is more or less ready to go, barely touched it since last years event, still has all the dirt on it
  2. This weekend we will publish the time schedule for the race as well! Be prepared for a very busy weekend
  3. To be honest, we were caught by surprise by this announcement of a free class, and our schedule is packed already. We encourage people to bring their vintage cars to the race, but run time will be limited to breaks and evenings. But, we're having at least 2 vintage races this year anyway
  4. the radio looks pretty cool, especially for the price. Curious to hear what you think about it after the race
  5. Just have a look on the last few pages of your manual, there is a listing of every single part used in the kit along with part numbers. With that part number, you should find it easily on google
  6. The track and surface is tricky enough, staying on track and out of trouble is far more important, especially at the speeds possible with a Torque Tuned. And yes, I'll be running the VQS again, might have to work on the setup a little more, as I just put it together the night before last years race and didn't touch it since. But it's a very nice car to drive and another VQS came in 4th overall. Yes, the 24 works fine, you can even fit a 25 in there, if you make a little more room for the pinion with the Dremel. Thanks Was very happy to qualify for the A final, and just enjoyed the finals without further ambition.
  7. I live 30 minutes away, but let me know if you need hotel addresses
  8. Most likely 4WD and Wheelie classes
  9. Most of the Manta Rays will be running the speed gear set, and if you have any ambitions for the top 10, that's the way to go. But the track is challenging, top speed is only one of many factors there. Last year, a vintage Hot Shot made 3rd, even though it had a huge disadvantage on the straight. Drivers skills, setup, ... I came in 7th with my VQS, which was also slower than the Manta Rays One German store sells them for 4,99 Euro, so I have a couple as spares
  10. Hey guys, new to the thread, and I'm one of the EDC Kinzigtal guys But I'll be at Laupheim as well
  11. Glad you registered, can't wait to see everyone at the race The system ist not very automated, I'm afraid. Just do the math and paypal the money to the address in the first post. Unfortunately, our "boss" is traveling at the moment, so it'll take another two weeks until you get the final confirmation of your registration if you are on the waiting list. But don't worry, you are in And yes, that's me.
  12. Registration is online now and we already reached a predefined limit in the 4WD class. But don't worry, we will correct this as soon as our admin is back from vacation and accept every registration. Until than, you are on the waiting list, but will get a confirmation as soon as we're done.
  13. Yes! On the loose clay at EDC Kinzigtal you should leave it off.
  14. Tried PJ for the first time, very pleased. 3 weeks to receive a cute snow man with the cheapest shipping option is perfectly fine
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