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  1. Thanks Max, but I have a local guy doing that for me Anyway, while the girlfriend was watching Criminal Minds, I wanted to get the rear suspension working. The shock mounts had to be made a bit smaller, a quick and dirty push rod was built and to my surprise (again!) the setup was working perfectly The shocks go through their full travel and everything is moving smoothly. Just need to get nicer rod ends and some blue turnbuckle shafts
  2. Probably the best front hex conversion I have seen so far! Great idea!
  3. Thanks, I have seen that as well and a friend did a similar, but very crude, mod in the 80s. As I want a longer wheelbase this certainly won't work. And I'd like to do things the hard way and will try a double deck chassis without those side plates.
  4. Started to play around with a new chassis design, which provides enough room for the electronics, a shorty Lipo and also extends the wheelbase by 15 mm. For the wheelbase increase, I used a Yeah Racing driveshaft for the TA-02 As I must have made a mistake with some measurements, the lower plate is a bit too short, so with the final version all electronics should have enough room... But at least the steering kit for a M-05 seems to do its job very well
  5. Even though I was very tempted back in 1985, I never owned an original Hotshot, but when I recently discovered Grahoo's Hotshot build (http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=65482&id=418) I wanted one badly. I love putting 21st century materials, components and parts into older RCs and Grahoo's mods are in my opinion just pure perfection, especially since he managed to keep the typical Hotshot look. So, while I was looking for a used Re-Re, my own build started in my head and I came up with the following plan - replace the tiny chassis with something more accessible out of carbon fibre that holds shorty Lipo - fix that aweful bump steer - just like Grahoo, I want dual shocks, but not the Super Hotshot look - increase wheelbase to today's standards, as I like the stability of modern buggies - put some modern wheels and tires on - find some universals and other bits and pieces for more stability and performance - get some mild brushless power Still without a car, I ordered a lot of parts from or for various Tamiya models, hoping that my plan will work out We will see... Anyway, eventually a barely used, but heavily greased Hotshot showed up, fully ball raced and with a hex conversion and 2.2" wheels and tires already done. The wing has been replaced as well, but I will need a new body set anyway. As I was prepared, the first mods were simple bolt on jobs, starting with the Radshape bumper, which looks so much cleaner than the huge standard item Equally easy to replace: the front knuckles. Since I found that blue is the color most aftermarket alloy parts have available, I chose the Yeah Racing knuckles for a TA-01/02. And while the front was taken apart, DF-02/03 universals got installed as well. Unfortunately, I was only able to find the Tamiya hop ups, which are 70mm and a bit too long. I might replace them later, if I find alternatives. All installed While waiting for more parts, I wanted to see if my ideas for the rear shock setup will work out and assembled the 60mm Yeah Racing shocks, build a temporary mount and started my version of a new push-rod system. Using GPM rockers for a TA-06 (fitted 3x8x2,5 bearings), at least I was able to confirm that everything actually might work To my surprise, all parts bolt right on existing mount points, without measuring a single thing. At this stage, reviewing some of the pictures you see here, I noticed one big issue! Things got a bit too colourful for my taste. Of course, Tamiyaclub saved the day and I found this great thread about dying plastic http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=66964 After a pack of RIT Dye and a ruined fondue set, all red plastic parts are now a friendly black So much better... Some of you might have noticed, that I had some blue plastic bits in the pot as well... Those are from a Boomerang suspension, as I wanted to have a bit more toe in in the rear. Alright, this is where I am for now, after one week. Next steps are designing the new chassis, finish the push rods, and so much more... Progress will be a bit slower
  6. Hi there, I'm sure there are a few M05 owners out there and I would be grateful if one of you could measure the distance between the 2 screws holding the steering assembly (marked in red on the pic) Thanks in advance
  7. Added Boomerang wishbones to my Hotshot project
  8. You already helped me out last time I was there, finding this small drift shop. All the other places I know pretty well. But maybe we have a beer somewhere
  9. Booked a business trip to Tokyo Might spend a lot of time in the rc shops of Akihabara though
  10. As suggested here on the forum, I got RIT Dye
  11. Started to convert the Hotshot to a dual shock setup Pushrods are missing and a few parts need to be done properly, but a good start
  12. RcMart delivered some more parts for a very different Hot Shot
  13. Some more stuff for my Hotshot project and a Procat rebuild
  14. Even cheaper here: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-cars/pp_212681.html But, there is a reason why they are cheap as chips...
  15. Although I really like the products Gmade has introduced over the past years, I would have liked to see a licensed body of a real car. But the scale parts look pretty nice... I just can't deal with this style of marketing - teaser shots and and videos that generates lots of speculation but doesn't provide any real info. Vaterra just released their Bronco on a SWB Ascender chassis without all the marketing fuzz
  16. Actually, I will keep it modern, adding lots of different mods like CVDs, new chassis design, 4 shocks, longer wheelbase nd a few other ideas I have. Not sure it will ever run, but it will keep me busy for the next few months And thanks for the suggestion, at least the bumper will make it into the shopping cart very soon
  17. A re-re Hotshot off ebay, , fuly ballraced and converted to 12mm hex.
  18. Spent way too much money collecting/ordering parts for a Hot Shot project
  19. I just moved into a new house and as you know, even though you know the exact date well in advance, suddenly everything has to be done way to fast and everything just ends up in some random box. One week later, I started unpacking, still a mess, finding new to me, but old parts everywhere. Organizing everything will take some time, but has to be done soon, as there is a used Hot Shot and some related parts on their way to me
  20. Seems like I have to upload a few more detailed pics. Will do Sunday
  21. Thanks everyone! That'll give me something to work with, unless someone else has a better idea
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