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  1. Initially I was looking for a cheap Hot Shot or Super Hot Shot, but found this guy in a Facebook Group, selling dozens of cars and even more boats from an old collection. Of course I recognized the Schumacher in the back, but no more information was supplied, but for 30€ shipped I didn't care too much Even came with a servo and some modified motor and all parts seem in good shape I lost track of all the Cat versions in the late 80s, so now the big question is: what model did I get? Thanks in advance
  2. Since the Basher Rally is a rebranded TeamC GR8LE-RA, spares might not be an issue at all
  3. My most recent one Probably tightend the screws too much and the wheel broke off 5 minutes into the first run with my Axial Yeti But reading some of the battery stories here, reminded me of the times when we pumped 5 amps in our NiCds on race weekends and used the temperature of the batteries (55-58 C) as the cut off. Too bad when the temp sensor came loose
  4. Hi there, a friend of mine got a NIB Avante 2001 from his buddy, but the universals are missing. Can anyone confirm if the ones from a Avante 2011 are a direct fit? Thanks in advance
  5. Not sure what you're looking for, but the Ascender has a Chevy body. There will be a Bronco from JConcepts, but that's not even announced yet
  6. Traxxas ET-3S ESC, flashed with Castle MMP firmware And a big motor for a new project
  7. My apologies, but that's the only pic I've got. The gearbox looks like one from a Grasshopper, some other parts are toy-grade, I agree...
  8. A friend found this in the basement and we have no clue what brand this might be Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  9. Sure, I have some in my showroom: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=126318&sid=42770 Yes, those tires are pretty bad on anything but tarmac... Impossible to drive on loose ground, still fun though
  10. Just found this thread and it's cool to to see someone else having the idea with the shorty LIPO I have added a bit of carbon fibre to act as a top deck (to fix the battery and the ESC) and a servo mount, plus replaced the front suspension with parts from a DT-03. Handles pretty good now Still need to add some weight on the rear though, the 3000kv outrunner is not helping with traction
  11. Come up with the ultimate invisible body mounts
  12. bsy2010

    What Is This ?

    This is a Team Associated RC12E, introduced 1978. They even have the manual still online
  13. I'm running my Mad Bull with a 3500v Brushless and 2S Lipos. With a steel pinion no issues at all, if you find a Lipo that fits
  14. built a new servo and lipo mount for my Mad Bull... a bit overkill, I know
  15. converted my Mad Bull to a double wishbone front suspension
  16. Did a little thinking myself and did my own style conversion. Parts required: DT-03 front lower arms DT-03 bulkhead DT-03 C-Hubs DT-03 screw pins and u-shaped Shaft some screws, 2 of them very long (used the old damper shafts of my FAV) 3mm threaded rod and some ball links Flattened the stock DT-01 bumper a little and put the DT-03 front together (shortened that u-shaft a little) centered the bulkhead on the bumper, drilled holes and fixed bulkhead with 12mm screws and lock nuts opened the front mounting holes for the bumper in the chassis all the way throught, this is where the top arms are going to be mounted with the longs screws. and after making the arms, the whole thing looks pretty good and is about 5 mm wider then the stock front
  17. tried to fit a DT-03 front suspension into a DT-01 Works like a charm
  18. @GregM Just found this thread and would love to see the conversion Wolfgang made. But the forum seems offline. Any chance you have some more details on this? Thanks in advance
  19. The outrunners are not very different, just the can and the end bell are rotating together with the shaft. In my case, I made an adaptor from 16mm to the regular 540 bolt pattern and routed the wires through a small hole in the gearbox. More in my showroom soon
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