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  1. Wow... That was quick... from dirty Ebay find to a pretty nice looking Mad Bull in a few hours. Must have been the easiest car I put together - just the electronics are missing Added some Yeah Racing shocks with stock springs up front and dremeled the tub a little to fit my Lipo shorty
  2. started to clean my Mad Bull and got the old body painted
  3. yeah, oil shocks, brushless outrunner, better steering, battery relocation... too many ideas, although the car is for a 8 year old... But I can't resist
  4. a 40€ Ebay find, complete with battery, charger and all electronics and I spent another 100€ on parts to make it "special"
  5. bsy2010


    if anything fails, drop me a line and I'll translate it for you
  6. Yeah, thanks to you the shopping list just got longer Not sure what I will build yet. This is my first on road kit and I have no idea where this is going to lead me
  7. Spend too much time in Tokyo hobby shops again...
  8. Great work! I had something similar in mind, but using the stock CC-01 chassis... Now you have ruined my plans and I have to build a frame like yours!
  9. And ... 58611 Honda City Turbo Chassis: WR-02C Kit On-Road Found on www.rc-forum.de/content.php?304-RC-Cars-Neuheiten-2015-TAMIYA
  10. I'm not sure how much I have spent... in my teenage years it was much more than today, due to racing. Now I try to stick to a budget of 100€ a month. But whatever I spent, things I learned, people I've met and the clear head it helped me to keep is absolutely priceless!
  11. Had one of the HPIs in my CC-01, but it became a bit too slow and the thing was very noisy. Switched to a ElectriFly GD-600 instead
  12. Worst: PB Mini Mustang Expensive, bad quality, useless 2 speed and the Cats drove circles around it on the track... Best (performance): Yokomo YZ-10 Mark Pavadis Special Just a great car! Best (fun to build and mod): Tamiya CC-01 Pretty bad out of the box, but so much fun on the trail after months of customizing it
  13. some serious hand wound power for my scaler
  14. As there is no complete body set available from Tamiya, the cheaper and easier solution is the Mojave. There are some differences though. The Mojave has less mounting holes, which males is easier to prepare for invisible body mounts. Also, the drop bed is much lower than the Tamiya body. And, the Mojave has square headlights, the Tamiya has round ones. At the end of the day, those are small details to choose from, the quality is more or less the same
  15. unfortunately only for a couple of days, but still plenty of fun...
  16. Yes, you do need the Kyosho HD shock towers (or some DIY) as the HD shocks are longer.
  17. Still missing some details and electronics, but here is mine with all "important" hop ups Still can't decide whether to mount the satin or black wheels...
  18. walked into RC Champ in Akihabara and lost control...
  19. And got it ready for the test drive
  20. Collected my Vaterra Ascender and finished the roller
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