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  1. got lucky and won a Mamba Max Pro for 27€ on Ebay
  2. Preparation for the arrival (hopefully next week) of my Vaterra Ascender HK Shorty Lipo, Turnigy 15A UBEC, Savöx SW-0231MG and a TioRock ESC and some ultra sexy wheels
  3. No time for the current builds, so I ordered a new project: Vaterra Ascender
  4. Used some Plaast (very cool stuff!) to fill the arm of the driver of my FAV. Clean and easy solution to fix the arm with a screw
  5. Much longer than stock though. Require some chassis mods: http://prolineracing.com/performance-parts/power-stroke-scaler-shocks-90mm-95mm/
  6. The Tamiya alloy shocks are some of the best I had, 1000 times better than cheap Ansmann & co. Just a bit too short for my requirements, so I replaced them with some Proline shocks. And while the Tamiya are great, the Prolines are from a different planet
  7. An additional pair of RC4WD Old Man Emu shocks, this time in 90mm
  8. Hi James, can I ask you a favour? I would be interested in some close ups of your dual shock mounts. I have several solutions in mind, but those require fabrication of new parts or drilling holes in the swing arms... Thanks in advance
  9. That's the lightbar from a Vaterra Slick Rock
  10. Build a remote switch out of some old servo electronics and installed the lights
  11. It was easier than I thought... Just followed the instructions from here: www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=105650
  12. Narrowed some Sand Blasters the have a new set of front tires
  13. New scale shocks for my FAV to replace the hop up version
  14. Know this very well.. Found Toykids wheel covers and had to find a car to fit them
  15. sorry, didn't see the width... not sure, but maybe the Losi Mini Crawler or Vaterra Slickrock axles might fit? Or the RC4WD T-Rex Micro axles, but those are only a little over 3"
  16. alternatives to the Losi Micro would be the Redcat Sumo (I have some highly modified) or the relativly new HSP Micro Crawler (which is more or less a Losi copy). Search for HSP 94480 on ebay, you'll find them dirt cheap from Hong Kong. Or look at Banggood, there even hop up parts like bearings and a scale chassis
  17. did you try to bind the controler with the receiver again?
  18. I thought I'm going to finish my FAV tonight, but got out Mr. Dremel instead to improve weight distribution a little
  19. How about the shell from a Nikko Nissan Titan on an extended CC-01 chassis?
  20. Glad you like it, March75. But sorry, I didn't do a thread, but once done (is it ever?) I'll add it to my showroom
  21. This is getting better and better, great inspiration for my FAV build. I'm looking for shocks as well and might try the Kyosho hop ups for the Sandmaster.
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