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  1. test fitted the Knight Customs engine and wheels
  2. my Quicrun 1060 arrived... Ordered it locally in Germany, 10 Euro more than in Hong Kong, but delivered within 2 days
  3. Some of Toykid's finest and a Quicrun 1060
  4. Got back into the hobby with a modern day Losi and although I realy appreciate brushless motors, Lipos and ghz transmitters, modern race cars seem so perfect and refined, so I lost interest very quickly again. So I got some old Tamiya and rediscovered the fun of building, modding, etc
  5. While I was out on a business trip for a few days, this little box was waiting patiently on my door step In it, my new FAV, hop up shocks and a bearing set. Hope to get started on Monday when the goodies from Toykid's Shapeways store arrive
  6. After driving a Super Champ 30 years ago, I never thought about buying another Tamiya kit again until I stumbled across your Shapeways shop and couldn't resist ordering some parts from there, a FAV and a 12 months subscription to this forum Thank you for the inspiration!!
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