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  1. I run a Trackstar 370 5500kv motor with a Hobbywing 16BL30 ESC. Before, I had a cheap GoolRC esc, but that was horrible. The Hobbywing is much smoother. Once you upgrade your motor, I'd suggest to get the Yeah Racing or Tamiya axles as well
  2. actually, the bumper is a 3D print
  3. Best and most surprising deal for me: since years I'm on the hunt for a PB Mini Mustang. But they never show up on Ebay Germany, and even if they do internationally, prices are crazy. So, last year, on a Saturday morning, drinking coffee, I just placed an search add with a picture of a PB in the local classifieds. More or less for fun, never expected any result. 2 hours later, my phone rings, a guy is telling me that he has that car in the pic. Of course you do, I thought, and asked for pictures. Expecting to see some toy grade stuff. Pictures arrives and shows a dirty but complete Mini Mustang with a 2 speed, plus a MK 1 Grasshopper with a new Parma body I call the guy back, asking how much he wants for all this... He said, maybe around 30 Euro? I nearly pass out, ask for shipping as well. He doesn't understand at first, why I would like to ship. After all, he lives in a village 3 minutes away from my house and could drive by. One hour later, I held the old cars in my hand, gave the guy a 50 and sold the Grasshopper off for 60 Euro a week later
  4. With a faster motor, you shouldn't go for a larger pinion at all. Also, your 32dp pinion is not the required metric m0,8. They are close, but probably not close enough
  5. Well, it's my car And, there is at leat the gearboxes left
  6. Got the layshaft from the guy on facebook, works perfectly fine
  7. looks like someone replaced the complete rear end with F1 parts
  8. The one I was bidding on yesterday went for 56 Euro and was in much better shape than yours
  9. Ah, now I remember seeing this car... currently bidding on one
  10. This is driving me nuts, I know I have seen the electric buggy recently... At first I thought it was a Robbe Geronimo, but it isn't
  11. I'll try the foam idea, or drill out the fork a bit to give the o-ring a little more room Here is the bearing list: 4* 3x6x2,5 8* 6x10x3 2* 8x12x3,5 I also added the Yeah Racing CVDs, which will give you the ability to run normal 12mm hex adapter to modify the rear width a little
  12. I'll be fast, probably too fast... and, the diff outdrives might not like it too much
  13. Love mine as well And with a 5500kv brushless, it moves
  14. All info is in this manual, in the parts listing at the end http://www.tamiya.de/CommonFiles/Dickie-Tamiya/PDM_Products/Tamiya/300057405/300057405_T3-01.pdf
  15. Just bought my kit in Japan, and it contains the battery holder
  16. Good start on the battery holder... I'm looking forward to see v2
  17. I'll be in Tokyo in a few weeks from now and I will try to get some for me. Hope they let me buy some more
  18. Hi Tizer, are those available at Shapeways?
  19. Rebuild a TA-04SS that I really don't need
  20. I like your plan and look forward to more! But in 30 years racing and bashing cars, I never understood the need for a water proof servo. Just the way they are constructed, any servo is at least splash proof IMO. Unless you want to park that Beetle in a lake, I would invest the water proof extra charge in a regular servo PS. Can't wait to introduce my new born son to RC
  21. As I just came back from a short trip to Tokyo, here are some impressions from the shops mentioned above RC Champ: Super Rajikon:
  22. I'm currently working on a 3D printed version of this, as I was sick and tired of loosing out in Ebay...Still need a few more days to get it done though
  23. Click on this link for a picture: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=119931 PM me for questions or offers
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