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  1. Never had one, but would be interested if it was re-re, love the quality of Kyosho
  2. Hi , What’s people’s thoughts on Kyosho Re - Releasing a Rocky?
  3. Hi, Not sure if this has been done to death , would love to visit some RC stores in within a radius of 2hr drive of London . Any tips would be great. Thanks
  4. Well the parts arrived , and how good are they , worth the wait and expense.
  5. Thanks Fellas , the cupboard does look bare atm , i’m hoping for a bit love for the Javelin and the Ultima, so fingers crossed 🤞
  6. Hi, Would anyone have any idea if the either the Kyosho Javelin or Ultima have been discontinued, it’s been a while since i have seen any of these on the shelves,would love to get? Cheers MMM
  7. Great thanks, i’m super excited to receive the wheels, been admiring them for a while
  8. That’s great, thanks for the re-assurance 👍🏻
  9. thanks for that , im looking forward to receiving his product .
  10. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has ordered from Pargustore recently, I have , I have been notified it has been sent from ebay , but have attempted to contact them in regards to tracking number / details but no comms! Cheers MMM
  11. Hi Guys, On the topic of stickers, can anyone recommend a vinyl sticker brand with different colours? Cheers MMM
  12. Thanks Willy, I will take your advice and attempt myself, the salute body is in the country and I got the last one. I really like the box art, but will need to really workout how to do it. Would be good if MCI had the stickers like the re-re optima for example. The picture of salute you sent is magnificent a great job, there are some really talented individuals out there. MMM
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