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  1. Funny, mine said that too, she also asked ,what would be the most expensive car i have 😬
  2. They are exactly the same as the kit, the kit dampers are already gold too. People power atm May have won for the moment.
  3. Thanks for the reply, i think im over thinking this, the switch length and mouting is driving me nuts ATM
  4. Hi, Anyone using a 1060 esc in a Fox, any tips on the best way of installing it in the chassis? Cheers MMM
  5. Hi, Wondering if anyone knows of alternative wheel / hex adapter for the Tamiya fox (Aluminium for example) that would fit straight on? Thanks MMM
  6. I just purchased OTW128 & OTW129 from Banzai hobby, it looks like they are still in Stock, if not , they can order in for you.
  7. Cant wait for mine, that looks like a Stella Package
  8. The body is listed on Kyoshos' website, on the below link, with the other available parts. http://rc.kyosho.com/en/otb248.html?___SID=U
  9. I have a yeah racing tritronic 1060wp, would anyone know how this compares with the hobbywing 1060, they seem very similar? Has anyone changed the switch on the above, if so, what did you use? (I would like to mount the switch into the fox switch location.
  10. thanks wooders28 and juggular for your responses
  11. Hi, Currently running a Tamiya RZ motor with a Futaba MC230CR in the FOX Could someone recommend a suitable Speed controller for the Tamiya RZ motor?( would the Futaba MC331CR be ok?) And would love to get some steel robinson pinion gears but cant remember the pitch of the pinion for the FOX? any help would be great. Thanks MMM
  12. I'm rapt about the re-release can't wait. still making up my mind about some of the gold parts etc , wonder if they will produce the side rails?
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