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  1. Never had one, but would be interested if it was re-re, love the quality of Kyosho
  2. Hi , What’s people’s thoughts on Kyosho Re - Releasing a Rocky?
  3. Hi, Not sure if this has been done to death , would love to visit some RC stores in within a radius of 2hr drive of London . Any tips would be great. Thanks
  4. Well the parts arrived , and how good are they , worth the wait and expense.
  5. Thanks Fellas , the cupboard does look bare atm , i’m hoping for a bit love for the Javelin and the Ultima, so fingers crossed 🤞
  6. Hi, Would anyone have any idea if the either the Kyosho Javelin or Ultima have been discontinued, it’s been a while since i have seen any of these on the shelves,would love to get? Cheers MMM
  7. Great thanks, i’m super excited to receive the wheels, been admiring them for a while
  8. That’s great, thanks for the re-assurance 👍🏻
  9. thanks for that , im looking forward to receiving his product .
  10. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has ordered from Pargustore recently, I have , I have been notified it has been sent from ebay , but have attempted to contact them in regards to tracking number / details but no comms! Cheers MMM
  11. Hi Guys, On the topic of stickers, can anyone recommend a vinyl sticker brand with different colours? Cheers MMM
  12. Thanks Willy, I will take your advice and attempt myself, the salute body is in the country and I got the last one. I really like the box art, but will need to really workout how to do it. Would be good if MCI had the stickers like the re-re optima for example. The picture of salute you sent is magnificent a great job, there are some really talented individuals out there. MMM
  13. No worries , thanks for the response, I am wanting box art 😂 the Salute blue/white . my quest continues. MMM
  14. Hi Willy, A long shot, would you know of any RC shell body painters in Australia, I have a Marwan Salute body on the way and need a expert to tackle this one ? Cheers MMM
  15. opening up this thread again. Looking for Hornet replacement front and rear shocks. Will the Tamiya 50520 suit rear? or recommendations for after market front and rear? all the best MMM
  16. Thanks very much, will have a look at them online.
  17. Hi, Righto, just need some help choosing a servo for all my re-re's, (so many too choose from) not after anything really fancy, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers MMM
  18. geez they look great, Geez they look great, was the RC painter in Australia, if so, where if i could ask?
  19. Hi , like to bump this up again. Im currently building a re-re Optima, anyone have any tips for decal application and importantly paint required?
  20. I’m building a Kyosho Optima , i am currently using the Tamiya Screwdriver/hex set, no problems with them at all fitting.
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