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  1. It's finally arrived "Working" from home tomorrow, so should have a chance at getting started.
  2. Well i've only gone and bloomin' done it!! :-D 58570 Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale - TT02 2 Channel 2.4GHz Electric Deal 86001 Tamiya PS-1 White 54476 TT02 Bearing Set 53619 CVA mini Shock Unit x4 Absima CB-1S Charger All in for £215.31 Thanks guys for all your time and information.
  3. Think I've added a poll :-s fingers crossed
  4. Thanks for all you input guys. I think i'm down to the following 3 options. 58551 Tamiya Toyota 86 Drift Spec - TT01ED Plus 2 Channel 2.4GHz Electric Fast Charge Deal @ £233.00 OR 58570 Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale - TT02R Plus 2 Channel 2.4GHz Electric Fast Charge Deal @ £193.00 OR 58584 Tamiya TT02D Drift Spec Chassis - TT02D 90549 Tamiya TEU-105BK ESC 51340 Tamiya Nissan GT-R Body Set 2 Channel 2.4GHz Electric Fast Charge Deal @ £244 Something keeps dragging me back to the TT02D as it comes with uprated shocks and bearings. But not sure if i've got everything right in the basket. (not withstanding paint and tools) I should probably just set up a poll or something before i get chucked off here!!. :s
  5. Haha! awesome. Something to keep the Mrs happy :-)
  6. Hi SteveU30, I think I've had a quick look through their site before, they are definitely on my short list. Oooooh, discount is always good :-) will have to find out more about that.
  7. Hi Mr Crispy, Thankyou for your reply too. I think this is the direction I'm going to go down (unless a cheap TT-01DE catches my eye first). Liking the look of your Delta (always remind me of SEGA Rally). Do you know if the TT01 bodies fit the TT02 or should I be looking elsewhere for differing bodies? Any ideas where's cheapest to order from? I've looked at some of the HK places, but once you add shipping and chance import tax its only about £8 cheaper. Thanks again guys, most helpful.
  8. Wow, thanks for the comprehensive reply Mad Ax. Lots to think about there. Unfortunately I dont have control over the grass as its parkland, but it does seem quite short and even (for the local cricket team). The 2 car parks are well looked after, ones smooth concrete and the other is slippy tarmac. I like the styling of the 4wd tourers but had always coveted the delta even though its more upright. Really not sure if getting the tt02r and later sticking some drift tyres on later would work. Hopefully could give the best of bith worlds. There dont appear to be many tt02 r or d kits, but loads of tt01des and plenty more spares. Is the tt02 worth a punt for the improvements or the 01 for ease? Arrrrgh, told you I was indecisive.
  9. Hi there. I'm new here and have lots of questions. I've never really driven hobby spec RC cars, but am looking to take my first forray into it. Half my problem is i am very indecisive, so i want to pick a first kit that will give me plenty of options without having to buy everything again. I like the idea of drifting around the concrete or tarmac car parks park outside where i live, and practicing that. If that'd never work then i'd want something capable of light grass as well. I also want a kit that i can put together and improve over time. I don't know whether to go for the Lancia Delta TT02R, and get some drift tyres for sliding around. Or get the TT02D chassis and have to buy body and esc on top of everyhting else. But it does come with a load of shiney blue bits. Then again there are a load of TT01DE kits out there that would probably do the trick. But don't seem to have the improvements of the TT02D. If the TT02D came in a full kit that's probably what i'd go for. I don't want to spend massive amounts, i was hoping to get everything (inc radio and battery type stuff) for £200. As a last resort i am tempted to get an XB kit, take it apart and put it back together. Arrrrggghhhhhh, help please. Thankyou.
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