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  1. Glad this thread is helping people, I'm sure this will be running again one day, just needs a battery as far as I can remember 🙂
  2. Any recommendations for lockable wheel hexes for the blitzer?
  3. Thanks Glad you enjoy the thread My ESC is an Ezrun 35a, I originally bought an Ezrun combo but killed the original motor on the beach so I now run an identical spec'd Turnigy 4300kv / 9T motor. You should be able to get a very similar combo on eBay, last time I checked GoolRC where the ones on there, in my limited experience with brushless, they're all basically the same thing rebranded. Batteries are Turnigy 2S 4000 lipos, I reckon I get a good 20 minutes if not more out of pack and that is flat out all the time. I'd say to be aware that you're really going to want a few supporting mods like hardened out drives and diff cups, not a great deal of money but you'll not get long out of the originals! Anything else you want to know or I've forgotten feel free to ask
  4. The post run clean is certainly the worst part of beach running, I tend to use a couple of tooth brushes to get the worst of it off then a couple of hours later just shake off the remaining sand that has dried. Ultimately it's going to ruin the bearings but for the price of new ones I can live with that and I'll change them once a year. If it was a one time thing then a strip and clean would make it good as new but I'm going back time and time again so I'm not rebuilding after every run. All that aside, for me it is the best place to run an off road car, bags of open space, cool drifts throwing up sand and you're unlikely to damage anything if you roll it or flip it in my experience, ice had some truly epic crashes at full speed 😂
  5. Another beach run today, Stadium Thunder is now also running a 9T Turnigy and having both of the hurtling down the beach at full whack is very cool, they both look very quick but they can still be controlled! I spent the whole time telling my nephew to be careful as he was heading back to us (sat on the beach wall) at full speed and I said you don't want to crash in to the only thing here to hit, just before we left I had a go of the Thunder, clipped the wall and snapped the out drive Back home and fixed, back out Sunday hopefully
  6. Had a great beach run with these two today, thunder is now running a 9T Turnigy the same as the Blitzer
  7. 8 months on the shelf in the garage, chucked a pack in it and headed to the beach Didn't let me down Got a real hankering to try a 3S in it, the sand paddles are fantastic fun but they don't half sap the juice.
  8. I might give it miss then, i'm not looking for crazy power, I want to maintain some drive-ability, it's quite good fun playing around sliding it around Might have a play with pinion sizes, I'm running a 19T right now but i'm sure I could squeeze a bit more top end out of it with a bigger one.
  9. Yep, want to try a 3S this year to check out the extra kick
  10. First decent run today, recently bought a vintage Yokomo Pro Stock 2 17 turn so got that fitted, i've replaced the rear ball diff as I wasn't happy with the noises it was making so I swapped it out for a basic planetary one, pretty happy with the performance off it The only things I really took away from today is that I need to adjust the steering and I need to glue the tyres
  11. No, its definitely a thing. Very odd but I would say I see it across all hobby forums I use.
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