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  1. well i go by the screen name (TRX)pass me here> an my licence name is proteus and i goto carribian cruise a lot too
  2. looks like hes at it again offering a hobao pirate 10 nitro buggy anyone wanna know more contact me
  3. well the chatroom is working again yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. well now its saying tempory out of service try again in a few minutes lol been doing that since 8pm lol
  5. is anyone else getting invalid username or password when trying to login on the chat
  6. well i have both (greedy me lol) in wheel base there is very little difference but in body size the di is alot smaller as is the chassis foot print so less to snag up in grass but the gravel hound seems much stronger hope this helps
  7. well netsmith my comment wasnt a complaint as you rightly summised . i just feel like whatever i say is going to be construded as a complaint lol . i feel that i cannot have anything to do with a game that i really dont like (due to the violent tendancies it illicites in others) and i would be a hypocrite if i showed any support for the game . Mind the prize does tie in with the compo quite well been a STADIUM raider lol nice touch chris
  8. well football isnt the best idea as far as im concerned due to i dont own a football (cause i hate the game) and i dont have any internetable football clubs local (not that i have the inclination to research this (after people telling me they didnt vote for my st micheals mount pic cause the didnt recognise it even though most search engines pick up on it lol) and i also think england losing there match has gotten some people down lol .
  9. well i do prefer to trade rather than sell and im open to suggestions im never aggressive about what i consider a low offer , i know some people can be quite rude about it , which does put a few people off making an offer , i mainly put make me an offer for those who either would prefer to part with cash or genuinely have nothing to trade , and i have had offers which make me giggle , like ones from forign countries where there price shipped offer doesnt even cover the shipping lol ,ive had quite a laugh with some of these people , if someone puts make me an offer they shouldnt be offended by any offer you make , as they havent set a price and the person making the offer isnt psychic lol , as a rule of thumb think of what something is worth to you then knock off 10 to 20% as this leaves some haggling room , as i say im never offended by any offer made also ebay isnt a good guide as prices fluctuate so much (ie sellers rep , time of the month ,and demand for items)well thats my take on this by the way ive had a fair few bargains under the make me an offer heading
  10. does anyone still play live for speed as ive just bought the game
  11. well i suppose this has been deleted but is still there cause of the bug http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=39806 not exactly rc related is it now
  12. well people who snipe tend to put the absolute max the want to or can pay ive seen items jump from £200 to £500 in the dying seconds which for the item is far above what they usually make , as a seller of occasional items on ebay ive actually got better prices at peak sniping times than any other time , ebay actually premoted sniping at 1 time by supplying a sniping program , that is why i time my auctions to end at peak sniping times auction style listings are a bit of a lottery like any auction . if the right buyers dont see your listing your not going to sell and prices fluctuate too much, also as far as shill bidding is concerned it is actually illegal as its fraud against ebay for reserve fee avoidence if you want to get a minimum specific price you should put a reserve on where as sniping isnt the seller comitting fraud this is going to be my last comment about ebay as this particular thread was about how tc members treat each other anywhere they identify themselves as a tc member
  13. GEEEE OCD someone agreeing with me lol well i do agree with you im not used to people agreeing with me lol
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