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  1. in that case... I need a Super Hornet gearbox I think a Hornet, Grasshopper, Grasshopper 2 or Lunchbox gearbox would be alright too. All gears needed with it, so please write me a message if you have one you don't need Apologies for a little bit of off topic. It's time to watch some movies
  2. Hey, are static models alright for this, or RCs only?
  3. The inside of the transmitter is clean, no rust or acid, only some scratches in the place where batteries are put. It turns on and shows battery level.
  4. Thanks, I'll try it, but I don't think it'll work. The nut is moving on the axle; I mean that when I try to unscrew the nut, I am holding the upright. And yes, it is an original 1983 Brat - I even have the manual. Might be hard to find original parts for it, but I'll try. If someone has a body/wheels/other parts - please write me a message. Thank you once again, mongoose1983. I also have two Sanwa SM-394 servos, an MSC, Sanwa DASH radio system and a dirty Mabuchi 540 motor. It all came with the Brat. Is there any chance of putting it all back to work, like it should've been 30 years ago? The motor is dirty, wires on the MSC don't look too good and servo connectors are HUGE comparing to the ones on new servos. The transmitter seems to be working nicely, not sure about the receiver though.
  5. Hello again, Couldn't think of a better topic name, so I just named it after the model - Subaru Brat. Got it recently for 10 euros and didn't see much imperfections, except the lack of body, until I started reassembling it - the front suspension was made completely wrong and the screws were so hard and uncomfortable to reach and unscrew. But with some help from my father, the screws were off and I cleaned and reassembled the front. Altough, one porblem is still here and I don't know what to do. A nut, which is holding the front wheel is 'stuck' (don't know if it's the right word to use in such situation). When I try to screw or unscrew it, it just keeps spinning/moving in its place. Here are some pictures, so it would be easier for you to understand: Maybe someone of you have had similair problems? What hould I do? Also, I would be interested in a Subaru Brat body.
  6. Started reassembling the Brat, but some screws are stuck. Makes it harder.
  7. Ran my TT-02 outside and got it all dusty and dirty. Cleaned it afterwards, looks better already And bought a Subaru Brat, unfortunately without a body, but it's worth the money, as the seller gave me some extras with it
  8. I bought a hornet this summer, it didn't even cost me 10 euros. In my opinion, 50 is a bit too much, if it's in rough condition,
  9. The TT-02 already has a rally spec., the only thing missing is the R on the box. Sometimes the TT-02 with Lancia Delta Integrale body is called R-Spec. Please correct me if I'm lying.
  10. So I guess CVDs are way better than universals. Even that Wikipedia article says the same thing. Thanks guys!
  11. Hi guys, While I've been looking for some parts, I found that there are CVD and universal swing shafts. Maybe anyone knows differences between them? Some say it's the exact same thing, but others say, that they perform differently. For me, universals look like a more open version of the CVDs. Which of them would be more durable? Which ones do you prefer? CVDs: Universals:
  12. Guys, don't you think, that the TV theme is the best for everyone? What I want to say is, that there are movies just about anything, so it gives lots of freedom for all of the participants. With the TV theme you make any other theme come alive as a scale model. Just give it a tought.
  13. This thing might help too: http://customshoelaces.bigcartel.com/product/magic-sole-sauce I haven't tried it, but if the pictures and the description are right, it removes the yellowing. If it works on sneakers, it should help your Frog too
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