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  1. Baldrik

    Hello and help!

    Have decided on 56323 Tamiya Scania R620 6x4 Highline obviously i need threadlock can anyone tell me what else, types of grease etc i will need that Tamiya recommend in the instrution manual?
  2. Baldrik

    Hello and help!

    Hello i'm new to big rigs well, i built one many years ago as a display model when they were first out,this was just the kit. Having done most r/c areas including heli's i'm now looking at a rig.The one in question is This bundle includes a Futaba 4 channel radio as i'm ordering an MFU and lights should i use this radio or order a Carson 6 channel radio? What MFU? Is this a good deal? I'm open to all suggestions including where and what to buy, within reason as i wish to buy all needed then hopefully build!!