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  1. Even with Nike etc, if you manage to get an order in and pay you get your goods. To get a reservation in on the day that they're first mentioned, followed up by a paid for order and not get your goods is below par.
  2. This must have happened to my 6th August order too, and verbal confirmation on 21st July! Considering how many are now on eBay, surely they are not being sold by the enthusiasts and collectors that ordered early? There has to be a better system for this. I ordered from Tamico too so I would have one to build and one to keep BNIB. Also ordered 47479 from them - had my reservation for the 934 confirmed and will be delivered with the Carbon Chassis. It seems so simple.
  3. Sounds like a familiar theme. I received a similar message when I contacted them. My order was placed on 6th August (due to the fact that it was the first day I realised you could actually place an order), however I was in contact with them on 21st July and asked to be put on the list for one, which was confirmed! This was the first day it was mentioned on the Tamiyablog! I've spent thousands with them over the years and to say I'm a little disappointed is an understatement. If they were a little more open with your place in the queue it would make it a lot easier to decide whether to order elsewhere too. Considering my verbal order was confirmed the day this car was first mentioned I didn't consider for a moment that I wouldn't get one from them. Although, looking back to the Limited Edition P34...
  4. Who knows with Tamiya. Initially it was a Limited run for Japan only, but since it's been extended to the rest of the world I presume it's a larger production run. How large is anyone's guess - I didn't acquire one on the previous release so I wasn't going to miss out this time.
  5. Paid for my order at hobby search today, they're showing as in stock (although at a higher price) - now just the wait for delivery!
  6. the option tyres are partial pin spikes and work quite well off road.
  7. Fusion ship to the US and they ship VAT free too. there is a dropdown menu for airmail (£35). Email them for a better price.
  8. Could you let us all know what the yen price on the box is if you can?
  9. Admin on the tamiya blog says about $200 - hopefully Towers price is on the high side.
  10. I put the 49400 body up against the GT2 from the TA02SW and the wheel arches match up pretty much exactly. Don't think there will be a problem with the wheelbase
  11. I've noticed over the past week or so that some of the items I have in my eBay watch list from Stella and RCmart are now saying "does not ship to the UK". I contacted RCmart about this and they said use the website instead. I wonder if Tamiya has had a chat with other suppliers too? If so, someone really is stamping their feet! is this the end for cheap spares? Will it be eBay's Hobby Japan next?
  12. It is pretty much the same for me. I only ever had bearings on my car. I pretty much gave up the hobby as replacement parts were almost impossible to source and astromically priced if you could find them. Overseas purchases, including eBay, have brought these parts down to a reasonable level so it sounds like we've all been filling our boots. If I couldn't get the hop-ups at the price international trade has brought then I probably wouldn't buy the models, or at least as many (I've bought a few in the last couple of years), for them to go on. However the final price is reached, local hobby stores generally charge too much for small parts. If that was my only option my interest in the hobby would probably fade again. I guess interest and subsequently sales in the brand are on the rise, no doubt at least in part to the availability of cheap spares, and the National Distributors/ Retailers want a share of that action - even though when it was left to them they nearly killed off the business over here before. Tamiya should be careful with how far they go with this as they could stifle the new business these prices have brought. And If I were Stella, RCmart et al I would be watching my back!
  13. Member fastpietje has a body and stickers available in the classifieds. Probably not cheap but I searched last month and he has the only ones I could find.

  15. Fair points Yogi Bear. I have personal knowledge of Japanese working practices and they are very resistant to changing their ways. Whether this is good or bad is up for debate. I'm also unsure whether global trade will work in the long run due to the lack of taxes being paid globally. I guess finding the right balance is what we're all trying to achieve. My point with Tamiya's stance with Banzai is that it's discriminatory. If Tamiya don't like what's happening they should change the rules for all their suppliers, not just pick the most successful/ efficient. All the suppliers in the same territory as Banzai have the same opportunity. If it's fairness and support for the local distributors that Tamiya is really trying to achieve, shouldn't they ban all overseas sales? Restrict everyone's purchases to their own territory? Maybe we can have a poll: local retailers only versus any supplier? Can someone set this up?
  16. Absolutely Greg. I guess it's just a question of whether you want to function in a free market where price/ customer service are factors in the purchasing decisions, or whether you want the public to pay a premium to support the various parts of the industry? Remember we as the importer pay fees and taxes too and that still doesn't explain the huge difference from our local suppliers. I even buy parts, not just kits, from Germany and suffer the €10/ €14 shipping charge as it's often cheaper than the UK. Funnily enough, even before your reply I was thinking about Tamiya's distribution network and it doesn't seem to fit the global marketplace we are all now part of. Local distribution networks are just another overhead when all a business like Tamiya's should need is a multi-lingual customer service operation and decent shipping service. Maybe I'm wrong, but in my personal experiences I have never once considered contacting Tamiya or sending a part back. I use the internet for any information I need. I love the idea of the old, shelves stacked to the ceiling, hobby stores that we can wander around for hours but for most of us that is a dream long since past. The last time a visited my local hobby store was for a battery over a year ago - and they don't stock Tamiya! I guess it's just a question of whether 1) you want us all to pay a premium for having the local store, or 2) have the choice to buy no frills OR with local service. I'm just not keen when the excuse given is to protect local distributors when Banzai is the only one to suffer. What about Stella and RCmart etc - should they not have their supplies cut too to protect local markets? Their prices were the same (save shipping). Or what happens when say buyers switch to the next "best" supplier - do they get their supplies cut when they sell too much? Where does it end? Are we regressing back to the one local supplier only? It's all about freedom of choice. These are my last 3 kit purchases: Egress (Modelbau-Seidel), M05R (Tamico), TA02 40th (Fusion). I spread the love around. Whoever is selling what I need, when I need it at the right price gets my money. Is that not how it should be?
  17. I guess you're spoilt Greg. We wouldn't be having this discussion if we all had local hobby shops that sold parts at reasonable prices. And why only Banzai if we're talking about protecting domestic markets? Shouldn't all exporters have their supply cut? Tamiya are punishing Banzai for being efficient on their postage charges, remember others charge the same for parts. If we're talking about protecting domestic markets, that means Tamico shouldn't be able to ship abroad either. Do you want us all to shop at our local hobby store and be restricted to only the goods that they have, and pay the price they demand, whatever that may be? Reminds me of the eighties!
  18. Speedy, Chris, excellent comments on the global trade situation. Local industry protection is of course important to everyone worldwide, but where does it end? How far are the public/ consumers supposed to go to support (pay extra) to support those industries? In the UK we have (had) the coal industry which we funded, then it was (is) the steel industry. I guess it just amounts to when you're willing to accept the changes in global tradIng conditions, and how far you're prepared to go to fund these industries. That said, International distributors would (all things being equal) get the same price as domestic distributors. Adding in taxes and transportation still doesn't account for the excessive markup on most locally sold Tamiya products. Remember that Stella, RCmart et al also sell at the same discounted prices but can't or won't charge postage at the same rate as Banzai. I guess Banzai have a more efficient distribution setup and as such, in my humble opinion, deserve all the business they get.
  19. Do you work for Tamiya USA, or another Tamiya distributor, or are you in the business where you have exclusive territorial rights to your customer base? It seems you're very anti competition/ international trade. I understand trade barriers, import tariffs etc and sure, trying to obtain support or a warranty from a supplier you didn't purchase from is a bit much. I accept that. But we're not talking about that here. How many of us have actually used Tamiya support, or had an item replaced under warranty? If so, what percentage of your total purchases with Tamiya would that be? This is purely about supply at the cheapest price, no strings. Banzai's current 25% discount is in line with many other retailers - it's purely their customer service and low postage rates that put them ahead. With regards to the accuracy of their inventory - in my experience maybe 1 in 30 items is not as displayed, however you are made aware of that by the checkout. You can click a notification to be informed when it is in stock. In my last 40 purchases, maybe 200 items, only once have I been emailed to say the item is not in stock prior to despatch. You can choose to either cancel the item or have them send it when it's in stock. Perhaps I've just been lucky. And I can get an item shipped from Japan for less than I can from my own town - it's a no-brainer. Maybe Tamiya should complain to the Japanese postal service and demand that they increase their postage rates?
  20. It's just about local distributors being able to maintain their (ridiculous in many cases) margins. That's it. All this talk about warranty and support is hogwash. Offer me the part at a cheaper price with no support (although most offer replacement anyway) and I'll take it every time. As I've said previously, I still buy the kits locally but this is more to do with price. We are in a global marketplace and have been for some time. These antiquated businesses need to keep up with the times. We are after all only talking about plastic model kits here, not high end automobiles or specialist medical equipment etc that may require significant support. I have never sent a Tamiya part back or required any support in more years than I care to remember.
  21. I got the same response from Banzai. For them to be able to initially do a 40% discount on Tamiya products suggest Tamiya provide a lot of margin to their retailers. Banzai reduced this to 25% because of the "complainers". Now even this isn't good enough, even though there are several other distributors offering this discount. For me, I used Banzai because of their efficient and low postage costs - they didn't try to make extra money off you through the shipping charges. I don't know of another shipper whose costs start at 180yen! I think this is just a case of greed - a big distributor putting pressure on Tamiya. Are Banzai then supposed to charge more than other retailers? For us in the UK it was handy to get small parts at a reasonable cost, rather than paying 3 times what it should have cost when you buy from a local retailer. No taxes below £15 goods value here. I still buy my kits from Fusion and Tamico/ Modelbau- Seidel generally. I'm going to contact Tamiya and complain and I hope you guys do too.
  22. Anyone know why Banzai are no longer stocking Tamiya?
  23. Glad I've paid for my UK deliveries as the GBP price appears fixed - the pound has lost 30% against the yen (not quite as much against the dollar) in the last few weeks so those imports with added delivery costs aren't quite as cheap. I'd place my UK order now if you haven't already, especially as you may get a discount from some of the UK suppliers too.
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