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  1. Just to say thanks To some very kind people who helped me out. I now have all the schumacher shocks I could dream off ! Thanks for your help (Cheers Grizy !)
  2. Hi all after completing all my dyna builds I have a set of front and rear arms for dyna blaster new in packet. I won't be using them so if anyone is interested make me an offer or a trade with schumacher cat/ cougar parts. I will ship anywhere. Cheers Leslie
  3. Arghhhh ! Ann3x how do we manage to think so closely alike thousands of miles away from each other ?????? I am building a cougar 2000 95team with visco drive transmission. What parts do you need ???? Do you have a medium plastic vari shock body ?
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. I have found 2 rear shocks. Still looking for 2 front aluminium shock bodies (roughly 85mm from eye To eye)
  5. Yes I think they are called " schumacher pro vari shocks" . And yes I ll buy them from you with the "grubby" preload collars as Well ! Just tell me a price and shipping and I ll send a paypal.
  6. Ari they the same as on the front of the car ??? If so then I ll have them of you !
  7. Could you pm me with how much you want for them and they need to be sent to France so you ll have to tell me how much I owe you for postage as Well.
  8. Kev the rev : brilliant as Well !!! Consider them sold as Well !!!
  9. Graemevw : brilliant ! Do you have 2 the same size as the one I put in the photo ??? If so consider them sold !
  10. or like this same size but aluminium body
  11. Yes I do but I haven t been able to upload photo for some reason. Will try again.
  12. Wow They look splendid ! How much do you want for them ?
  13. Hi all Sorry to bother you with non tamiya stuff but I m a bit stuck at the moment. I can t for the life of me find some medium schumacher vari shock bodies. So being desperate I m looking for any type of vintage schumacher shock absorbers. Preferably the type used on the cat 2k and 3k and cougar 2k. I can pay or trade with tamiya items. Thanks in advance Cheers Leslie
  14. I ll try. Already have a cat 2000 ecs and a cat 3000. Fantastic cars hope you manage to find one un good nick. Parts are quite plentiful really but finding a decent car is difficult. If you need help or info or parts feel free to ask.
  15. Sorry to barge in but I d ne interested in a bosscat if the op is not and if the price is right ! Cheers Leslie
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