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  1. Just to chime in with a funny story. I live in France, was a former race mechanic (alpine/renault sport) am now a high school english teacher and still race in national rallies in France. I am not a big bloke but I do have a shaved head, mustache and beard and spent 7 years doing boxing. So normally where I go To play with the rc's (local park) I get the usual "how fast is it? How much does it cost? Where did you buy it? Can I try ? ...etc. But I never have any antagonism. Well, one day about a year ago I went out to do some test runs with my rally car (illégal on public roads) but it was a sunday not much people around in rural south France and I decided to take an rc to do a couple of runs with it on the way back. So I did my tests then parked my lancia delta integrale grA at the entrance of the park and started playing with my schumacher cat 2000. I saw there was a group of treens hanging out on one of the benches and went about my buisness. But... the cat did a barrel roll near them and before I could retreive it one of the young ones was standing next to it. So I say hello and he says "can I try" so I Said "No you can't". He reponds "f### you and your stupid toy" and motions to kick ou car. I answer "if you want your teeth to remain inside your mouth don t touch my car". His mates start walking away sensing that things could get ugly and he hovers for a moment trying to figure out what to do so I told him no hard feelings and go off with his mates. When the group of them got past the hedge and saw the Lancia I heard them "Wow look at the car!" So I shouted "don t touch my other car either!!!". They all came back polite as ever and spent 15min taking To me about the Lancia and apologised for their previous behavior. Live and learn !
  2. t3garett

    ESC for Reedy 7 and 9 Single Turn

    Here 's a photo
  3. t3garett

    ESC for Reedy 7 and 9 Single Turn

    You need to get the old Kopropo vds1 esc. They are fantastic I run all my sub 12t motor with them without any issue watsoever. You can still find them in Japan but they are expensive.
  4. t3garett

    Team Cobra Pro Com Lathe/ Tamiya Rotors?

    I have the same problem with the kyosho lemans motors which are 1.5mm too long to fit on my 3racing comm lathe. I m in the same predicament as you I thought about buying a Hudy or Cobra comm lathe but couldn t find the measurements of the lathes themselves so I gave up I couldn t justify spending so much to buy a lathe just to find out it wouldn t work. So I just use tamiya comm cleaner brushes to clean the lemans comms....
  5. t3garett

    Unfortunate health news about a fellow TC member

    Very sad news. Our thoughts are with him.
  6. Just a tought (I now you want stick but...) I have 2 flysky gt3b transmiters with 10 model memory each and thry are fantastic for the money, receivers only cost 6euros each so I have 20 now !
  7. t3garett

    Blazing Blazer prices ....

    There s one for sale in france at 900euros and its been for sale for about 2 years now. I personally think you have to be insane to put 900 euros in a tin and plastic simulacrum of a car but there we go. If you are interested I can send you the link to the add.
  8. t3garett

    Vintage Prices In The Future

    I dont know wheather that s reassuring or creepy after reading ! I feel elated that maybe just maybe I will be able to "inherit" some kits that I can t afford in the future from what you said but now I feel like some kind of carrion scavenger waiting in earnest !!! The black vulture of tamiyas they ll be calling us soon.
  9. t3garett

    I just can’t help myself

    I have big boxes of wheels and tires and ...... I have a big box of used tires just in case and a box of used wheels just in case !!!!!
  10. t3garett

    For Sale: trf 414m2

    Bump. Price lowerew to 150 plus postage. Cheers
  11. t3garett

    For sale: 2018 Super Astute parts

    I d like the front and rear suspension arms and the steering arms if possible with postage to france if possible as well. Leslie
  12. t3garett

    Some tips on a topcat build

    Looking great ! Plan on getting one soon to go with my cat collection. I m going to keep stock transmission though. Will you be using your stock transmission ???? If not I ll buy ot off you for when I ineviatvly break mine !
  13. t3garett

    Grip I need more grip

    Before buying tons of different tires try and see if anything else is amiss. I run lots of 9t and even 5.5t in tamiya touring cars and apart from wheelSpin on exiting a corner I have no trouble. First check the punch settings. Then see if you re not getting torque steer (power on the wheels making the steering or the whole car steer by itself). Then check for slop in your steering any sloop will be accentuated at higher speeds making the car twitchy and unstable down the straights. Cheek all your wheel bearings are ok. A seized bearing will make the car steer. I run team sorex slicks on all my touring cars and they are very grippy on tarmac. Hope this helps
  14. t3garett

    Pink Actopower Sparking?

    I run 2 11t super modifieds in my ta04trf and 414 , a pink acto in my dyna storm and some orion sv2 10t in my schumacher cat 2000. They are fantastic and for some reason I prefer running them to my brushless setups but .... they need a lot of work to keep them in good nick. I take them apart after every 3 or 4 runs to clean and lube. Then every 8 runs I dismantle check and skim if needed. Finding brushes is also increasingly difficult especialy for the sv2 motors with their round brushes.
  15. t3garett

    What are you getting for Christmas?

    It s a schumacher cristmas for me ! Never had any before and really wanted to discover the brand so friends and family have got me a cal xls masami, a cat 2000 ec, a cat 3000 and a cat sx2. Photos will be coming soon !