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  1. I have some ballistic buggy tyres hanging around somewhere but I don t know if they made wheels. I ll go check my wheel stash !
  2. The front are definatly schumacher cat/topcat/bosscat/procat fixation but I think they are à second hand manufacturer and not to my knowledge original schumacher items.
  3. Hi all, Been à long time since I posted.... haven t been doing much rc but today decided to take the pro griffin out for a wizz..... controler switched itself off (faulty power button) and the car ran off and smashed into a wall at full speed.... I m gutted !!!! So any parts you have I m willing to buy.... mainly front suspension arms and rear arm mounts. Hope some kind soul can help. Cheers! Leslie
  4. Hi What exactly are you looking for ? I have lots of schumacher spare (I have a big schumacher collection ) but I m in France so shipping might be high. Cheers
  5. Hi all Descided to sell my wyvern ex can t bring myself to run it and I need tye shelf space. So it s a team academy wyvern ex new built. Box art. Comes with extra stickers it s manual it s mechanical speed control and original motor. Looking for 140 euros plus shipping. Cheers Leslie
  6. OK I ll be the first to admit it ...... sometimes when installing a brand new high end (this only happens with expensive ones) brushless setup on a car I get the motor wires crossed .... turn everything on oblivious to the crossed wires and am constantly amazed that the motor hardly spins at all so I generaly start swearing at it and give it full throttle to make it move. Usually there is a very funny sound and smoke comes out of the esc it is at that precise moment that I realise the motor wires are crossed and also that my son walks in asking if its ready yet..... I have done this at least 2 times. I ll go and cry in a corner of my office now.
  7. No I m using an esc cause I want to try it with an lrp 12x2 motor to begin with. I ll be putting the mechanical one back in if it bécanes a shelfer.
  8. Finished the paint. I m quite pleased but it was difficult mixing the paints to try and get a colour ressembling what team academy used. I haven t finished the decals or the details yet.
  9. Ready for painting ! Spent ages finding photos in colour of the original box art.... not having a box is complicated.
  10. Merry christmas to all !!! A bit of progress !
  11. I have 3 alfa romeos and daily drive two of them. So good on you !!! I not only accept flaws but I actually appreciate them they are parts of the cars identity. Same goes for my tamiyas. I appreciate their flaws.
  12. I took the griffin pro out for the first time today and wow ! What a surprising car ! I thought it would handle poorly like a sand viper or a madcap or something and be tail happy and all over the place but I was totaly mistaken. It is a real compétition car which is very well balanced, jumps near to perfection (jumps flat no nose diving) lands perfectly an is extremly composed. With the 12t orbital it flies !!! The pro shocks are really smooth and the slipper seems to work well. It is much more like my schumacher fireblade evo and fireblade usa and that s saying something !!! So I m well pleased and most of all well surprised. Academy products now have my respect.
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