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  1. Right ! Have got one working ok by removing low voltage cutoff (the tsky 120a). For some reason it cuts out even if above the specified voltage. But now it works I just use the alarm. Any one know if the goolrc 60a can be programed without the program card ??? Thanks for your help chaps. Hope you are all ok and surviving confinement.
  2. No one has any ideas ???? I m in trouble then !
  3. One is a goolrc 60a with the supplied 4300kv motor, the other is TSKY 120a esc with a 5200kv motor. Both have exactly the same problem and it's driving me crazy.
  4. Hi all I have a problem with 2 cars, 2 different esc/motor combo but same problem. I turn the car on and it runs perfect for the first 2/4 min then power cuts out. The car still runs perfectly (no glitches, or erratic behavior ) but only half the power. Have tried different batteries, checking all connections, lowering the cutoff voltage. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas ??? Cheers Leslie
  5. Sorry for you mate, our cat passed away 3 weeks ago we had him for 12 years and it leaves a massive hole. My kids were devastated. I Feel for you.
  6. Hi all Little update from France.... I Got verbaliser by the police for driving my rc car !!!!!!!!!! It s a first for me I m very proud being a car fanatic and owning 7 cars I often get pulled over and fined but it had never happened to me with an rc car ! So in france you cannot drive your rc car down the empty road because it s not a valid reason To breech confinement even if as I pointed out to the police I was myself standing in my own garden only the car was outside ou property.... live and learn.
  7. Re-Bugged : wow that is an incredibly heart breaking story. You and your familly have my kindest regards and I really hope things will turn out ok for you guys. My dad who passed away 3 years ago age 96 and lived through the second world War in the Y division of the british army always used To say better To laugh than cry. So I always treat everything with humour. Which is very unnerving for some people. But it s just another way of coping. So when I make jokes about people stocking bog roll it s not that I m downplaying the seriousness of the situation or that I don t believe how grave things are.... it s just that I m trying to see the humour behind the more obviously dark reality.
  8. Just to chime in from France.... when I see how people are reacting after 2 weeks the mind boggles how we ever managed to survive the second world War !!!!!! Stock pilling toilet paper .... what do they expect To do with it ???? Throw bog rolls at the virus ???
  9. Never tried MCI reversé stickers but I have used team orion reverse stickers. Very Nice and looked fantastic but with regular wear and tear (removing and refitting the body) the stickers lifted off in place and made the paint peel.
  10. Hi all Finally decided to sell my re re egress. It is new built never run box art body. Comes with box and manual and empty parts bags. Also has an acoms servo installed. I m selling cause I already have avante runners and can t bring myself to run the egress so it just sits on the shelf and makes me feel uncomfortable. Looking for 280 euros. Will post anywhere at your expense. Paypal payment. Cheers Les. Ps: pm me for photos can t seem to upload any.
  11. Db01 diffs are a pain to access later on but I stick to what I Said : if they are smooth leave em be.
  12. If they are smooth leave them be. I have learned the hard way the famous : if its not broken don t fix it.
  13. Fantastic work makes me want a hotshot !
  14. Looking good ! Leave the wheel and tire in a jar with acétone over night. The acetone melts the glue without damaging tire/wheel/foam. No need to imerse the wheel completly just 2cm of acétone will do. Glad you re having fun.
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