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  1. Very interesting ! Thanks for the magazine article. I only have thé cat xls and avante and egress but I agree totally with thé article : the cat is far superior in handling speed and reliability but much harder to build. Build your cat !!!!
  2. Yes I have effectively "belted" tires before with tape, I even have some special schumacher belting tape but it does add a lot of weight to the wheels and doesn t always some the problem completly. @ploots : Are you using buggy rims ? If so I don t think you ll find an onroad tire that won t balloon. Your best bet is To belt the tire from the inside with special tape. Or move to touring car rims and tires.
  3. Hope it helps. Years ago proline calibers were all the rage and I thought they would be better than the kit tires on my super astute but when I moved on To brushless the car started acting really wierd at high speed in straight lines. Took me awhile to figure out it was the rear tires ballooning. Since I switch to schumacher full spikes (for grass and gravel and mud) no more ballooning even without foam inserts.
  4. I know it won t help but don t Forget the great f201 !
  5. I had the same problem with proline tires and fast brushless motors. I now run schumacher full spike or pin or minipin 2.2 tires with foam and no ballooning has occured at all. If the rubber is very supple then it distorts with centrifugal force.
  6. Don t listen to them !!! It s a tough build but very rewarding and once it s set up properly maintenance is very straightforward. It s also a very rugged car and can take a lot of abuse.
  7. I second a cat xls, it s pretty bullet proof out the box, with pro spec transmission it can handle big brushless power and it has a way of moving and sliding on rough terrain that I find mesmerizing compared To my kyosho's, avante's and egress.
  8. Hi all I am reluctantly parting with my avante 2001. It was a racer/runner. It s in perfect working condition. Box art. Comes with original HI cap dampers. Original hop up ball diffs (still have original box for those) aluminium shock towers and front hubs (still have all the originals). No electrics But it comes with a Nip avante 2001 body item 84372. Pm me for photos. Will ship anywhere at your expense. Looking for 650 euros for it. Cheers Leslie
  9. Still have lots of spare parts if anyone is in need Here is the thread To my collection :
  10. Still have lots of spare parts if anyone is in need
  11. Yep big ta04 fan here ! I have a ta04 ss, a ta04 r , a ta04 r tuned, a ta04 pro and a ta04 trf. I used To have a post here on tamiyaclub dont know if its still around. Great cars !
  12. Hi there Don t know if you found something or not but on the offchance I m parting with one of my schumacher cougar 2000 (a 95 team) . If interested I ll send some pics. Cheers Leslie
  13. Hi all Now the lockdown is finished in France and postal services are working again I am still selling this egress and can now ship it. Cheers Leslie
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