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  1. Looking good ! Leave the wheel and tire in a jar with acétone over night. The acetone melts the glue without damaging tire/wheel/foam. No need to imerse the wheel completly just 2cm of acétone will do. Glad you re having fun.
  2. Definatly a kyosho lemans.
  3. Don t Forget schumacher ! I m restoring them and they re re releases are fantastic
  4. Yep I have run brushless (9t) in the trf 414 no problems the belts hold up and so do the diffs. Just be careful of débris in the rear diff housing.
  5. Nice one, didn t know that I ll have a look. I ve found out that kyosho lazer zx and zxr also use 12mm tapered but they seem to be as difficult to find as the schumachers.
  6. Well I ve found 3d printed 12mm To 14mm hexes but that means I can t use the schumacher drive shafts so that means more work and searching to adapt drive shafts. I think I am going to have to make them with cnc milling. I ve hand made a prototype that works oit of aluminium but the taper is very difficult to get right. Too little angle and it doesn t lock the shaft properly and too much and it brings the hex too far in and it binds with the hub.
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Sadely the menace are the classical "spindle" type with a small spindle that goes through the shaft and locks the hex in place and the same goes for the durango I think (can anyone confirm ?) Problem with the schumacher is that they are 14mm tapered and the taper is 33% or 18° degrees it s the taper that locks the hex To the axle. Cheers Les
  8. Ps: the schumacher cougar 2000 and fireblades are even more fun !!!!
  9. I have both and I love them both to bits. I fell in love with the SA a long time ago and after breaking lots of parts racing I have finally got it almost bullet proof and it is a great car. The top cat .... I ve never broken anything and it is a better car out of the box and easier to setup and make it consistant and predictable. Don t get me wrong I love tamiya and have 25 tamiya rc but schumacher le just in another League. They are made to race and withstand racing.
  10. Hi all As per title... I m a bit stuck I can t find any schumacher wheel hexes anywhere ! They are 14mm hex and the inside is tapered. They were used on the cat 2000/3000, cougar 2000 and fireblade. anyone has any it would be much appreciated.
  11. I fully appreciated everybodies point of view here and I would like to underline how happy I am To see that we can have this discussion without anyone swearing or shouting or all the usual nonsense I see in most forums nowadays. So to me reading this thread is a victory in itself. Everyone has expressed and développed their point of view and I find the debate very interesting. So bravo chaps !
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