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  1. Not what's in the box, the actual box! I ordered some custom sized double wall boxes, just the right size for a TT-0x sized kit box with a bit of bubble wrap, or for sending body sets. Every time I sold something it was a pain finding a box that was usually slightly too small, or having to spend ages doing cardboard surgery to cut a larger one to size. Also custom printed packing tape for the finishing touch.
  2. Interior painted TS-8 Matt Black. I'll neaten this up with a brush when the gloves and co-driver hands are painted: Black section of the wing painted TS-29 Semi Gloss Black: Masking for the light buckets worked perfectly:
  3. After completing the 58059 Porsche 959 I fancied doing its sister car the Celica Gr.B. I'd hoped that someone might ask me to do one for them and luckily I didn't have to wait long before John who I did the Taisan 911 for approached me. As with the 959, this will be an exact box art build - the only deviation being using modern PS and TS sprays rather than the old PC pots and brush/airbrush acrylics. As John only needed a body he'd been eyeing up one on eBay, which was a bit steep. I found this one on eBay UK which was cheaper and already in the UK so no need to be sent over by John from the US. It's missing the nuts and bolts but they can be obtained. The build is very similar to the 959 - a blow moulded body, styrene interior and plastic parts, so the methods I used for the 959 will be used here too. First step was to trim the interior and plastic parts. I cut the parts off their trees with Tamiya side cutters for plastic, then sanded the nubs with 240, 400, 600, 1000 then 1500. For the cockpit tray I rounded off the corners too. I then washed the parts and left to dry: The helmets will be left for now until I have the nuts that fit inside them. I primed the other parts with Tamiya Fine White Primer, then painted the steering wheel TS-8 Matt Black and the door mirror TS-29 Semi Gloss Black. The manual states XF-1 Flat Black and X-18 Semi Gloss Black but I always use sprays whenever possible. The wing was then painted TS-26 Pure White: A week later I masked the wing for the black grilles, and the interior for the black areas. It's not super clear from the photo but the white area between the Tamiya tape and the blue 3M tape is white paper. I try to minimise sticking tape over painted services, even though it's almost always absolutely fine: Much like the 959, part of the light buckets needs to be painted flat black, whilst the area behind the lens remains chrome. To get perfect masks for this I scanned the clear light lens then traced it and cut a mask: As with the 959, the blow moulding of the body gives a very defined line under the bumpers and side skirts which makes cutting it out quite a simple job compared to standard vacuum formed bodies. I never usually score and snap, but it works perfectly for these. As the lexan is very thick at the base relief cuts were needed every 10mm or so: After cutting the body out, I made the additional required holes specified. 2mm in the grille and then 4mm and 6mm for the spotlights. Body ready:
  4. It was, but it's not just me trying to get others to use my own preferred terminology, Tamiya themselves make the distinction:
  5. It's due to the print process and economies of scale. I wrote this to explain (click the "Truck Norris replied to a topic" heading to jump to my comment):
  6. Ahh, my mistake sorry! Thought it was the 49387 GT2. I have a stack of the 934 bodies including that exact one from Tamico so I should know better! If the Delta is a removed from a kit it'll be drilled. The 51401 body set is undrilled.
  7. Are you going to make holes in the 911 GT2 body? if so, would you be interested in a swap plus cash your way for a factory drilled version? (just the shell itself) I'm particular about undrilled bodies but I know most people aren't
  8. A couple more Tiger Stripe Escorts, another 911 GT2 with the PIAA and Taisan wings, original Linder M3 stickers with the Castrol logos, Primera, AMG and Levin wheels and Loctite R33 stickers and body set instructions: Most importantly this, though: After doing the 959 I'd wanted to build one of these too, and this week I got asked to do one. I'll document the process when I begin.
  9. I think I've seen a different one - it was on Facebook and appeared to be from a Tamiya factory tour and showed a group of people being shown the 206 mould and I think a couple of clear bodies too. It was one of a whole album rather than an isolated image. I've just tried to find it, but the original post wasn't in English so I'm drawing a blank when searching.
  10. I also saw these pics - my take was they were demonstrating the process and needed a mould that wasn't in use, and the 206 happened to be what got picked. Likewise, just speculation
  11. Yes, for the sake of all, please edit the topic title and add the appropriate question mark. You're asking about the possibility, not providing information. Thank you
  12. Only the spare body comes without the holes. The kit included one is drilled for the TA-02T so won't fit the Monster Racer without re-drilling.
  13. Thanks guys! It's the length of the model, they used to list it in the corner of the pic:
  14. Tamiya didn't make this but maybe they should have? I bought one of the re-re F-150 bodies and stickers from Tamico several years ago but like so much of my collection I did nothing with it. I have a TA-02T truck in the form of the Desert Fielder so the idea was to use it for that. It seemed a bit boring though as there are plenty of those about, I then had the idea of mounting it on a Monster Racer / King Cab chassis. I checked and it fitted really well. The KC mounts positioned it too high and not level, but the Monster Racer posts were perfect. Luckily the re-re bodies sold as spares are undrilled so I could make the holes in the right position for the MR posts. I considered painting the cage silver and the spare tyre in flat clear on the outside, but I wanted this to look like it would have done in a 1995 catalogue and PS-55 Flat Clear didn't exist back then so I didn't. For the wheels I didn't want to use the same white as the King Cab or the red from the MR. They had their individual wheel colour so I felt this should too. I considered dying or painting the white wheels blue, but then I remembered these Hop-up King Blackfoot chrome plated ones which are the same bearing front / hex rear fitment. They vaguely match the moulded in spare which is nice. Once again the shot replicates those from the old Tamiya catalogues, complete with some Photoshop processing to give it that aged look. This time I used black tape over the Acoms radio gear (just like Tamiya used to do) and the battery is a period correct Tamiya 1400SCR.
  15. The 49400 30th body is almost identical to the 40th (inc Black Edition and the Tamico Vaillant version). The 49400 body has more excess Lexan around the base (the 40th body excess is reduced to enable it to fit the smaller box). The only other difference is the 40th has dimple marking for the post holes for the TA-02SW chassis as well as the TA-05. The 49400 is only marked for the TA. Assuming you have the holes in the right place they fit either chassis (wheelbase issues on the TA-02SW notwithstanding) 49400 30th left, 40th right:
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