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  1. As usual lots of unrelated bits - paints not for the kits shown, body not for that chassis and wheels not for that body! A new respirator (not easy to get hold of at the moment, the place I got this from didn't have all the parts so I'm awaiting some filter holders from eBay), brakes from eBay, Paint from Scalemodelshop (first order, impressive service), the correct paint and mixing jars order from Redline who sent me the wrong bits the other week, and did an excellent job of rectifying things with a prepaid return - top marks! The rest from Tamico. I'm not a huge buggy fan but the Terra Scorcher was the car my mate had as a kid when I had my King Cab, so there's strong nostalgia there. He got a replacement body and painted it black and pink. I won't be doing that. As a big TT-02 fan I had to get the latest SR. I'll transfer all the Hop-ups from my "Type-RS" Type-R/Type-S hybrid to create an "RSR". The body is an Impreza 2004. The CC-01 wheels I bought purely as they have plated versions of the centres for the 911 GT2 BBS wheels. I can make use of the wheel barrels too, and will sell the tyres on.
  2. The 1985 and 2000 are already here (along with many others) http://www.dirt-burners.com/rcdox/?dir=Catalogs%2FTamiya
  3. I have this body planned as an upcoming build but I'm missing the painting and stickering instructions. Nothing on Google Images, the TC manual section, Tamiyabase or TamiyaUSA. Does anyone have scans or photos of it they'd be willing to share? Thanks!
  4. Hello truck norris I like the Subaru impreza wrc build you have made, are you taking on anymore builds? If so could you please quote me a price on the same build? Thankyou Scoobyroo 

  5. Two more cockpit sets, this time from RCJaz on eBay. Two more undrilled 911 GT2 bodies from eBay UK, more masking sheet to machine cut make my own window masks, Impreza 2001 Prototype wing/mirrors/scoop, two Willy NOS bottles from @IBIFTKH which I'll use for fire extinguishers. I bought some whole figure sets previously just for the bottles and gave the figures to Rob who I knew could make use of them, so he kindly reciprocated by giving me some of his spare bottles The paints are from Redline RC but not what I ordered, and came complete with someone else's invoice. It was supposed to be X4 Blue and three large mixing bottles. Waiting to hear back from them.
  6. Ahh yes, I meant they are the 26mm rim for the 934/GT2. The 49559 are essentially a plated version of 53107 Skyline GT-R Mesh Wheel (but I'm sure you knew that!)
  7. It looks like the 54484 mesh wheel set for the CC-01 has the same plated centres and (I think) the 26mm rim. Here's my Hopped-Up TA-02: - 47396 FRP chassis with sanded edges - 47396 FRP shock towers with sanded edges - Custom chassis graphics - 47393 High speed gear set - 47395 Front one-way - 53056 Metal wheel hexes - 50705 Black steering knuckles - 53155 Low friction alu dampers - 53163 Red springs - 53697 Super Stock RZ motor - 45028 TEU-302BK ESC - 55051 1400SCR Battery - Full bearings including steering - Hard prop shaft (polished) - Adjustable upper arms - Alu Motor mount
  8. PS-4 blue is noticeably darker than PC-4. I'd read as such in various places and after trying it out, that seems to be the case:
  9. That's for decals for static kits (waterslide). What Chris has are stickers. People use the two terms interchangeably but it's important to know the distinction as there are a lot of decal specific products that will do nothing for stickers. See these excerpts from the manuals for the Taisan GT2 static kit and RC Kit:
  10. When the supermarket shelves ran low on toilet paper I didn't panic buy, I knew I could improvise and use something else. When the supermarket shelves ran low on pasta I didn't panic buy, I knew I could improvise and eat something else. When stocks of LHD cockpit sets ran low globally I panicked and bought the last seven I could find! These came from an online store in Germany I'd not used before - https://www.trade4me.de Got some paint as well as it was no extra on the delivery cost. Also today I ticked off the top two most wanted items on my list: I've had a Tom's Supra body and stickers for a couple of years now and have been searching for a wing since then with no luck. I finally gave up and bought a complete body set. Now I still have the same problem, but I also have a complete set I can build. The Calsonic stickers are for the kit version of the Skyline R32. The body set version is more common, but is for a different year so has number 1, and no interior/driver stickers which I really wanted.
  11. Yes, Tamiya actually suggest this method for the Merc 190E. I use it all the time, it works perfectly. No downsides other than getting wet fingers
  12. It's a tool, and if you use it effectively it's very valuable. I only use it for hobby stuff so I don't use my real name (so as not to get requests from actual friends and colleagues etc). I don't have any personal info on there (job, specific location, photos of me). I rarely add someone as a friend, but if they want to add me that's fine. I immediately unfollow them so my feed doesn't get diluted with any personal stuff, it's just a stream of RC and car posts. I've found stuff for sale that I've not seen anywhere else, made connections and friends, sold stuff without eBay fees, gained valuable knowledge, promoted my builds which has lead to buyers for subsequent builds and most importantly, shared knowledge and helped people out. Basically the same as on here but a wider audience. It's not a replacement (info is too unorganised) but it's a vital addition for me.
  13. When accounting for inflation, prices are cheaper now. The $220 Clod in 1995 is $370 in today's money and I believe you can pick up a Super Clod for about $290 (and that includes an ESC).
  14. I find rubbing them with a microfibre cloth does the trick.
  15. Thanks guys! If they're aftermarket then they're not going anywhere near my project I'd seen the TB-03D ones which will fit, but I need zero degree. I guess I could fit 1┬░ then correct back to zero with a narrower rear suspension block.
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