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  1. £300. No huge rush to sell so happy to hold on to it for a while.
  2. Would you be interested in a used one with a new body, stickers and wheels/tyres? I bought this car just for the wing and mirrors (I had the body), but I've since found a complete body set so this is no longer needed.
  3. They do, sometimes. This is for the Hyundai i20 WRC. Quite how they intend you to mix paint from PS cans I have no idea!
  4. It's 49387. Limited production in 2011 so has been discontinued for over 10 years now 😕 There's also this from a few years prior. No part number, Japan only show special release. Same undrilled body but with the black Taisan wing and the lower white street style PIAA one too.
  5. Lovely! When I did mine, I used stickers from the Jager BMW M3, the Capri and the TamTechGear 934. I'd seen a Jager GT2 before, but not with the exact same stickers. As my version was an early build before I had the facility to cut or otherwise produce my own stickers, I had to make do with what I had. A version now would have a different driver name and some other tweaks. MCI copied mine exactly and started selling it as a sheet and a load of clones sprang up. Great to see one that's a bit different
  6. Pretty much any of the rally/touring cars that use illustrations rather than product photos. Expectation: the correct wheels that fit well, stickers on the tyres, wipers, roof camera, antennas etc Reality: none of the above, plus blacked out windows, and an iffy moulding of the bonnet scoop: On the upside though, it keeps me in a job
  7. Here's my take on "Toys they're not", the "Hard to paint" edition (all three actual cars here painted by me) The 959 is the most difficult - lots of tricky masking and painting both on the inside and outside. Recesses, curves, wafer thin Lexan in places, specified colour codes that don't exist any more so you have to interpret those for modern paints. The Celica Gr. B isn't much easier. The King cab is a bit simpler but still very time consuming with all the masking. Both are £400 odd bodies if you do something wrong that's irreversible. The Scorcher has tricky masking too, especially the bonnet recesses (don't look too closely at this one). On the upside it's only £20 if you ruin it.
  8. MST light buckets from ATees, everything else from Tamico. The most interesting being the custom made German plates for an in-progress build.
  9. First box of stuff I've had in nearly a year. A few little bits but nothing major since March 2021. I've sold far more than I've bought recently - shifting stuff I'm not going to need and also my R91CP went as I only bought it for the chassis and with the C11 re-re out later it makes sense to sell the R91 and get a C11 for less. As soon as the Escort WRC re-release (under the new "Custom" name) was announced last year, I sold three of the body sets I had on eBay before word spread too far and the value dropped. I waited patiently for the new spare bodies to become available and this week picked up three bodies and five wings for what I sold a single body and wing for. As a bonus, the spare part bodies are undrilled, unlike the kit ones, which makes me very happy! Why five wings for three cars? Well Tamiya didn't update the mirrors for the Pilot and Repsol Cosworths. They re-used the larger, standard road car ones which while correct for the Tiger Stripe, was wrong for the newer cars. They did use the correct smaller mirrors for the WRC though, so these spares will get used when I build my Pilot and Repsol.
  10. The car looks great! Thank you so much for acknowledging the inspiration. A lot of people just copy my techniques without even a casual mention. I've seen cars which are almost carbon copies of ones I've built, using all the same parts and tricks. I've always namechecked the pioneers of what I do - Victorious Secret and DeeMiller being the main two Yeah, don't use PS over TS. PS is designed to "bite" into the polycarbonate. TS-29 is what you need. I use this on the outside of bodies too, with PS-55 flat clear as a primer.
  11. These, M4 size: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222525332328 They aren't nylock so you'd need to run two on each axle to ensure they didn't come undone if you were running the car. There's also Tamiya 53448 but I'm not sure if that's just the same thing with some spacers included.
  12. They absolutely are. No licensing and half the models that actually show an RC body rather than a 1/24 scale model or a real car are using photos of Tamiya bodies to advertise something that's not. The Volvo 850 saloon looks really good because it's my detailed build (https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133142&id=43050) using a genuine Tamiya body and stickers, with a plastic wing and mirrors, not the Lexan ones actually supplied. The Celica and Altezza are using photos from TC member Victorious Secret: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=22525 In my book the quality is irrelevant if the product is illegal
  13. Quite hard. Original Tamiya stickers (they refer to them as stickers, not decals, decals are water slide) are screen printed. This involves printing each colour of the artwork individually in stages with specifically set up mesh screens. Unlike the digital printing process MCI etc use, it's not just a case of sending a file to the printer and getting a sheet out, each sticker sheet requires the printers to be set up to print that and only that sheet. I'd imagine Tamiya are equipped with enough printers to produce sufficient sheets to keep up with production output for current models, but anything in addition to this (i.e. printing old sticker sheets) would require investing in more printers, not to mention the space to house them and the associated running costs. It's possible someone has run the numbers on this and decided it's not economically viable. The same thing could be said for old parts - moulding machine capacity running at a level where there's no resource for anything other than what's currently required. There's a reason for everything and there's undoubtably a sound business decision for them not doing what we'd like. It may be the above, it maybe something else. It's entirely their decision and they're unlikely to make it public, but they know what they're doing and aren't oblivious to what fans are asking
  14. I'd test the paint before you spend any money getting stencils made. I tried PS and it didn't stick well at all...
  15. For you as the seller, the payment clears immediately, so you can safely send the item out as soon as eBay say you've been paid. The catch is that eBay take time to "process it" (if you Google there's plenty of discussion as to why it's not instant like PayPal) so there is that delay yes, but it's unfair to the buyer to make them wait, it's just something you have to account for as a seller.
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