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  1. Finished earlier this week. Here's a photo that's not in the showroom entry for the build. The rest of the pics are here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=137188&id=43050
  2. No difference. Just the item number. For some reason the 84xxx numbers Tamiya had been using for limited items changed to 47xxx. I believe there's more of the 47321 as they did an extra run or two in 2018 which all went to Germany as there was a TA02SW race series there.
  3. Finished and added this to my showroom: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=137188&id=43050
  4. Tamico have them - https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=2714&lang=eng
  5. Consistently 9 days for me (including weekends).
  6. Plaza again! With such cheap prices It's almost like the halcyon days of Banzai Hobby, although sadly without the crazy cheap SAL shipping. Not yet, will get a clear body set at some point, but I'm not a huge fan so I'll probably wait until a customer requests one before I do it.
  7. HKS Skyline body set from JK-RC on eBay, the rest from Plaza Japan again. I've not bought that many bodies recently, only two this year so far. Mainly due to having amassed all the ones I like. This Skyline is the 254th body I've bought I've sold a fair few, but I think there's still nearly 200 in the stash.
  8. First order from Plaza Japan, I gather these are all the rage these days! Quickly followed by my second: Novelty erasers and tissues not pictured!
  9. I can! Made them for April Fool's day 2019. They are Anadin tablets that I placed in the bag, refitted the header card then Photoshopped the text. I really should have watermarked it or put my name on it somewhere as I see it constantly!
  10. If you're saying same body then... I'm pretty sure this makes this incorrect as there are loads of Imprezas, but multiple body shells - 97/99, 2001 Prototype, 2001/2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 I think the most with the same shell was the 97/99: 97 TA03 Tour de Corse 97 TL-01 Tour de Corse 99 Arai Version 99 German Rally 99 Monte TG10 99 Monte TT-02 I think this is right, specifically the R32: Road version HKS Axia Calsonic kit Taisan (TT-01) Road XB (TT-01) Drift (TT-01D) Drift (TT-02D) If you count body sets as models then there are even more: Calsonic (different stickets to full kit - number 1 rather than 12) Taisan Axia Unisia Jecs
  11. Original Diebels 190E instructions and a few helmet stickers for a couple of quid on eBay. Drill chuck and some reading material - I find books an invaluable resource for reference photos for cars that pre-date digital photography and widespread internet usage.
  12. As mentioned the SR has the TRF derived suspension as used in the S, but over the S it has carbon reinforced suspension arms and knuckles, the 54649 front diff lock and adjustable rear toe-in. The R has plastic shocks too, just grey rather than the usual black. As well as the R, S and SR there's also the RR, which is an upgraded version of the R with the same Hop-ups plus the hard blue chassis, sealed diffs and adjustable upper arms.
  13. Yes, this is the Escort WRC. It's the same thing they did with the 911 GT2, 911 GT1, Honda Accord etc, exactly the same body as the racing version just without the sponsor stickers. I'm hoping that this means the availability of undrilled bodies, like we had with the Audi A4 recently. It should encourage some variation like we've seen with the "Street" versions of the Porsches too. Seeing the WRC again rather than the Cosworth does seem to add credibility to the rumour that the Cosworth mould was modified to make the WRC. I'm sure the Cosworth is the more desirable and would make a better seller. Unless they are hoping to sell a load of these before they re-re the Cosworth? Like they've done with the Top Force - sell that then sell the same people an Evo later.
  14. I'd been wanting to make a video of one of my cars for a while and I finally got round to it just before Christmas. This is my first attempt:
  15. Intercoolers, motor mount, old Hop-up screws from eBay, the rest from Tamico. Ordered before Christmas but the package got returned when the UK border closed. Then there was the new customs/shipping procedure to work out. The body set is the Audi V8. Tamico refunded me the German VAT then it was sent via DHL, before ParcelForce picked it up in the UK. Same as what happens with packages from Japan. I expected it to stall at the national hub while charges were raised, then get the letter with the item held until payment received. That didn't happen so maybe the procedure has now changed and I'll get a letter from DHL with a bill. I've had that happen with FedEx stuff from The States, item arrives then an invoice weeks later.
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