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  1. Truck Norris

    Wanted tamiya vectra bodyset

    This one?
  2. Truck Norris


    Yes, I get the same thing. If you use Chrome and HolaVPN (free) then set the VPN country to Germany it works.
  3. Truck Norris

    Tamiya PS colour query...

    Probably a bad choice of photo to demonstrate, sorry. I think if anything it's the other way around - the flash has saturated the yellow. In daylight pics of the car it's even lighter:
  4. Truck Norris

    Porsche 911 rally TT02

    Thank you! 037 wipers are on the H-Parts, 19004467
  5. Truck Norris

    Tamiya PS colour query...

    If you're able to check I'd be interested to see which PS it is and how it looks. I'm trying to find a lighter yellow that's closer to the real car for the Auto Tech M3. The instructions specify PS-6 but the real car is a bit paler:
  6. Truck Norris

    Porsche 911 rally TT02

    Those are exactly the same offset - it's the same mould but chrome plated, so yes the Fuchs centres will fit. A bit late given you've now made holes, but for future reference there are a few models with straight wipers that work really well. I've used Alfa 155 ones here, but the Lancia 037 are even better, and cheaper as you don't need to buy two trees (the Alfa only has a single wiper) A strategically placed sticker will fix that!
  7. Truck Norris

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Some tasty bits from Japan, plus Escort Pilot wing from eBay UK. Masking sheet, TT-02 alu bits and 5mm adjusters from RCMart.
  8. Truck Norris

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Those are from the 49400 30th Anniversary Porsche 934. They are 24mm wide compared to the 26mm and 30mm for the Taisan/Capri wheels.
  9. Truck Norris

    Problems posting pics to showroom

    I've had this if the description/caption is too long. Try reducing that until it works.
  10. Truck Norris

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    What I think you may have is a King Cab chassis with a Desert Fielder body. The Desert Fielder is a TA-02 based truck from 2012 that uses the same body as the Monster Racer, but the mounting holes are in a different place. Spare bodies for the Desert Fielder have no drilled holes so if someone's used one of those and drilled it for the King Cab mounts, then there would still be the dimples visible elsewhere. The proof would be the presence of dimples in the grille, as the Desert Fielder has a light bar / nudge bar and the mounts for that are indicated with dimples. Incidentally, the Desert Fielder is a kind of unbranded re-release of the 58136 Toyota Prerunner, which uses the same Hi-Lux body shell as the Monster Racer with a similar white, orange and red livery.
  11. Truck Norris

    Are these pretty rare bodyshells now?

    It didn't used to (a few years ago about £30 for a new bare shell and £50 for the boxed body set) but the prices have gone up. Still some way off the Cosworth but the WRC goes for what I'd consider a very good price (if you're a seller that is!) This new built shell is on £70 at the moment with 10 hours to go: NIB body set, sold for £125: Built chassis with unpainted body, sold for £250 (considering it's just a TT-01 which is worth about £50, that's an expensive body!)
  12. Truck Norris

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    @OCD I found some other limited wheels which you may or may not have seen. Axia Skyline Mesh silver and gold plated: Skyline GT-R 5 spoke silver and gold plated: 49028 Silver Plated One Piece Racing Spoke Wheels: Clear Calibra / BMW / Ferrari mesh wheels: These I know you've mentioned before but I'll post for those who haven't seen them. 49576 Castrol Celica Plated Wheels:
  13. Truck Norris


    This is because the site doesn't have an SSL connection until you reach the payment gateway. Historically, sites only used a secure SSL (HTTPS) connection when transmitting payment information but with the increasing complexity and security concerns of the modern web, plus the reduced difficulty and cost of obtaining an SSL certificate it's now considered a good security practice to serve the whole site via SSL. Certain advanced features even require this. You'll see non-transactional sites (like these forums) using SSL, and to drive this whole initiative forward, browsers like Chrome are now flagging non SSL sites as "Not Secure". RCMart are a little bit behind technically, but It's not quite a serious as the browsers make out - everything worked fine with just SSL payments, full SSL is just better as it encrypts all traffic, not just your card details. As long as the checkout is secure (use PayPal to be sure) then it's fine. (In fact I've just placed an order via their site).
  14. Truck Norris

    Backing Colour

    PS-48 is intended to give a satin chrome like appearance. Google"ps48" and you'll see what I mean. It's very thin and must be backed with black so it's unsuitable for what you need to do. Go with the PS-12
  15. Truck Norris

    TN's Race and Rally Car Projects

    Same as if it was an ABS body - mask off what you don't want black (so usually everything but the grille) then spray PS-55, then the black. The pic of the 959 below shows it masked for the windscreen trim using the same method.