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  1. Some TT-02 Hop-ups for a chassis build I'm calling the TT-0TwoMuch due to having every expensive blue alu Hop-up. Not so expensive when from RCMart like this lot though. Intercooler from eBay. Bargain paints from an offer at Euro Car Parts - £3.04 per can! Click and collect so no courier charges either. You can determine the age of the can by how easily the Hobby Company warning label peels off - the older the can the worse it sticks to the plastic (see top left). Pandora light stickers and MST wheels and nuts from Drifted.nl, Tamiya cables from eBay. New re-re 935 static kit from Fusion, TC discount, Fusion Points and Haribo. Nice.
  2. The holes will be slightly further apart on one of them. This fantastic article will explain what they are and how they differ: https://www.thercracer.com/2017/01/tamiya-suspension-mount-ultimate.html
  3. This 49400 Porsche is based on the 42103 TA05 MS, both of which are closer to TRF models than the regular TA05. In fact the MS has TRF printed on some parts, and comes in a TRF branded box. Neither the MS nor the Porsche use the same length belts as the normal TA, and they don't share belts between each other either. I wrote about the differences, which was added to the description of the Porsche on the main site: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/car.asp?cid=753
  4. 0445676 for gold 9335795 for green 0444363 for grey Be aware when comparing prices that the green are a set of four, the others are just a pair.
  5. Maybe unsuitable, depending on your intended purpose, but you can get the same wheels in green or gold easily and fairly cheap then paint them: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-58656-Mercedes-Benz-190E-Evo-II-Team-Zakspeed-Debis-9335795-Wheel-Bag/293764502152 These were originally grey, sprayed with Tamiya white primer then TS white. As a bonus they'll be more resistant to the UV yellowing that affects white plastic. Obviously no use if you just want them for your collection, and not ideal for a runner, but for a shelfer they'll look great.
  6. If you need to ask, then the answer is cut first. This is what the instructions state and it's in Tamiya's interest for you to get good results and be happy with your purchase. Once you've got a few under your belt you can then decide based on your experience whether it's worth the risk destroying a paint job by cutting after. I've done 50+ bodies now and I always cut first. The only advantage I can see with cutting after is cleaner edges, which you can tidy anyhow with Tamiya's Polycarbonate Body Cleaner
  7. There's really only one that's suitable - Tamiya's 54491 Rally Cockpit set: It attaches with velcro at the sides (supplied with the set) Fitted in the 306: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=128864&id=43050
  8. No need , just spray a little into the lid (using a straw to direct the spray) and then brush on. It's quite thin at first but if you give it 20 mins or so it thickens up. https://youtu.be/QWFeN6FHcKA?t=503
  9. Finished this GT2, something a little different: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=136092&id=43050
  10. Tamiya and Mr. Hobby Paint, handle and quick connect for my new airbrush, GT2 tyres, Focus wheels, TT-02 Type-S steering upgrade: Celica and Civic stickers, Impreza wheels, 911 GT1 bodies, Mustang and CLK GTR body sets. I like how recent re-re bodies like the this CLK and the Audi A4 STW are undrilled if you buy the spare part body. It's a shame it's not the case for the GT1.
  11. The real red one is 4WD too. That body was most recently available in the TT-02 Jägermeister version and body set, discontinued now but you might get lucky.
  12. Paint as always, airbrush case, some upgrades for my current airbrush and new one - the strangely named Mr. Hobby "Procon Boy". GT2 wing and wheels, magnets and some more TT-02 Hop-ups including the brand new TRF Big Bore Dampers. The Mr. Hobby packaging is very Tamiya-esque with the all-caps Helvetica Condensed font, rounded corners and clear plastic window to the box. Possibly not surprising given that the same OEM manufactures airbrushes for Mr Hobby and Tamiya (and Iwata).
  13. Mostly from Tamico, but also some bits from Tonisport - A load of Yokomo light buckets, a "banana" wing for an S15 which should be just right for a 911 GT2 Evo, short suspension arms for TT-02 Type-S builds, and a cheap servo and DT-03 gearbox mounts which I'll sell on. More paint (always paint when I post here!), styrene rods and tubes and Brembo brakes - gold although I've taken to painting these now so the original colour is somewhat irrelevant.
  14. If your PS-16 is sufficiently thick it makes no difference. Assuming it's a rally/touring car then you'll want to use the whole can. One of these cars I backed with PS blue, the other three with PS silver. Can you tell which uses the blue?
  15. Sorry to use you as an example! I wasn't suggesting you'd done it deliberately, it just happened to occur to demonstrate my point
  16. Get a bit of black plastic or card and hold it behind the paint to see what it'll look like when the black paint goes on. Keep going with the PS-46 until it looks right. I used a whole can for the Skyline I did.
  17. As usual lots of unrelated bits - paints not for the kits shown, body not for that chassis and wheels not for that body! A new respirator (not easy to get hold of at the moment, the place I got this from didn't have all the parts so I'm awaiting some filter holders from eBay), brakes from eBay, Paint from Scalemodelshop (first order, impressive service), the correct paint and mixing jars order from Redline who sent me the wrong bits the other week, and did an excellent job of rectifying things with a prepaid return - top marks! The rest from Tamico. I'm not a huge buggy fan but the Terra Scorcher was the car my mate had as a kid when I had my King Cab, so there's strong nostalgia there. He got a replacement body and painted it black and pink. I won't be doing that. As a big TT-02 fan I had to get the latest SR. I'll transfer all the Hop-ups from my "Type-RS" Type-R/Type-S hybrid to create an "RSR". The body is an Impreza 2004. The CC-01 wheels I bought purely as they have plated versions of the centres for the 911 GT2 BBS wheels. I can make use of the wheel barrels too, and will sell the tyres on.
  18. The 1985 and 2000 are already here (along with many others) http://www.dirt-burners.com/rcdox/?dir=Catalogs%2FTamiya
  19. I have this body planned as an upcoming build but I'm missing the painting and stickering instructions. Nothing on Google Images, the TC manual section, Tamiyabase or TamiyaUSA. Does anyone have scans or photos of it they'd be willing to share? Thanks!
  20. Two more cockpit sets, this time from RCJaz on eBay. Two more undrilled 911 GT2 bodies from eBay UK, more masking sheet to machine cut make my own window masks, Impreza 2001 Prototype wing/mirrors/scoop, two Willy NOS bottles from @IBIFTKH which I'll use for fire extinguishers. I bought some whole figure sets previously just for the bottles and gave the figures to Rob who I knew could make use of them, so he kindly reciprocated by giving me some of his spare bottles The paints are from Redline RC but not what I ordered, and came complete with someone else's invoice. It was supposed to be X4 Blue and three large mixing bottles. Waiting to hear back from them.
  21. Ahh yes, I meant they are the 26mm rim for the 934/GT2. The 49559 are essentially a plated version of 53107 Skyline GT-R Mesh Wheel (but I'm sure you knew that!)
  22. It looks like the 54484 mesh wheel set for the CC-01 has the same plated centres and (I think) the 26mm rim. Here's my Hopped-Up TA-02: - 47396 FRP chassis with sanded edges - 47396 FRP shock towers with sanded edges - Custom chassis graphics - 47393 High speed gear set - 47395 Front one-way - 53056 Metal wheel hexes - 50705 Black steering knuckles - 53155 Low friction alu dampers - 53163 Red springs - 53697 Super Stock RZ motor - 45028 TEU-302BK ESC - 55051 1400SCR Battery - Full bearings including steering - Hard prop shaft (polished) - Adjustable upper arms - Alu Motor mount
  23. PS-4 blue is noticeably darker than PC-4. I'd read as such in various places and after trying it out, that seems to be the case:
  24. That's for decals for static kits (waterslide). What Chris has are stickers. People use the two terms interchangeably but it's important to know the distinction as there are a lot of decal specific products that will do nothing for stickers. See these excerpts from the manuals for the Taisan GT2 static kit and RC Kit:
  25. When the supermarket shelves ran low on toilet paper I didn't panic buy, I knew I could improvise and use something else. When the supermarket shelves ran low on pasta I didn't panic buy, I knew I could improvise and eat something else. When stocks of LHD cockpit sets ran low globally I panicked and bought the last seven I could find! These came from an online store in Germany I'd not used before - https://www.trade4me.de Got some paint as well as it was no extra on the delivery cost. Also today I ticked off the top two most wanted items on my list: I've had a Tom's Supra body and stickers for a couple of years now and have been searching for a wing since then with no luck. I finally gave up and bought a complete body set. Now I still have the same problem, but I also have a complete set I can build. The Calsonic stickers are for the kit version of the Skyline R32. The body set version is more common, but is for a different year so has number 1, and no interior/driver stickers which I really wanted.
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