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  1. cmarti


    Welcome to the forum Andrew!
  2. Heat up the bolts and pull them off, that's what I did with the one I modded. Now it's running brushless too!
  3. Maybe you are using the wrong band remote?
  4. Dang, that is several steps above hobby grade. I am seriously impressed by your skills and resourcefulness.
  5. Subscribed! This is great stuff
  6. Does it use a 7.2volt battery or 9.6 volt?
  7. Hey Mad Racer did you ever finished this project? I bought a Super Sprint from Italy and it will become my next project.
  8. Your car looks awesome, I saw you used the printed fog lights. What else other than the fog lights and bumper is custom or 3D printed?
  9. Sometimes I am jealous of the French. lol
  10. Where did you source d that body? Looks new!
  11. That Venus is 4x4 right? I saw one similar pop up on eBay today, really liked it.
  12. They look stiff but are very soft, as a matter of fact I replaced the springs on the front ones with Tamiya Blitz springs that are super soft. BTW - The car now reaches 28 mph which is not that bad
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