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  1. Just to add to the 'hop-ups' - I would recommend a pair of these. I broke one of mine within a couple of months attempting an optimistic maneuver. Ordered a pair of these around 5 years ago and still going strong. I used to run a Super Stock TZ motor (very similar to the BZ) and then changed to brushless and lipo. After the novelty of 'fast but only in a straight line' wore off, I've dialled the power down considerably and now get more enjoyment (and longevity) from one of my favourites. To be honest, the Hotshot chassis/suspension can't really handle much more than a Super Stock in stock(ish) form (although the gearbox is fairly robust in my experience). I also have one of these (didn't pay that much though!) but to be honest, either I'm doing something wrong or it doesn't do very much, as I can't say I've noticed a great deal of difference.
  2. The manual for my Baja Champ lists the Adspec 2 channel R/C unit as the suggested unit for this model - don't know if that's any help to you...
  3. I enjoy the building and tinkering/modding most, closely followed by running. Personally, couldn't do NIB. I have quite a range of surfaces to run on (beach, BMX track, wide open tarmac, woodland) as well as racing at a club, so I like to see how my cars handle the different terrain. Plus, I enjoy watching them move, the way the suspension operates or the way it jumps and lands and all-round different handling characteristics of each car. But I think the building/tinkering is what really makes the car feel 'mine'. I think it is what would also stop me from ever selling any of my cars. Not sure my missus would take the same view though...
  4. Depends what you're planning on doing with your car - if you're bashing, the drift set are designed solely for drifting (so far as I'm aware) and from reading the description, are made from plastic (as I think drift tyres generally are). Other than sharpening your drifting skills, not sure what else they'd be good for. Are you looking for your TT-02B MS in the other thread? If so, it looks like it already has a 2.2" wheel/tyre combo on it. The other set you've linked are smaller than 2.2" so would not increase your ground clearance.
  5. No problem. I remember starting out with my first few cars, wondering what bits fitted which cars. Once you get your head around it, it's quite straight-forward. Plus, never be afraid to experiment; even if it goes wrong, you can usually use the parts somewhere else further down the line
  6. Hi. Just a quick selection from Modelsport - FTX front FTX rear both come with foam inserts I believe. Also; FastTrax rears Fastrax fronts Also with foam inserts (I think). Essentially, look for 1/10 buggy wheels 2.2", with 12 mm hex fitting - there are loads. The other, thinner hex are; 12mm 'thin' hex Cheap and cheerful!
  7. If you google the make/model of your Etronix 2.4Ggz radio gear you should be able to find instructions fairly readily. Typically, it's 'turn on your Tx, then switch on and hold the little button on your Rx' or some such - does the Rx have a LED inside it? My Tamco Rx (which I think is similar) has a LED inside it which is red when unbound and green when bound. So far as the little plugs are concerned - yes it matters! Your ESC goes in channel 2 and your steering servo goes in 1. The black/ dark brown wire of the 3 little wires going into the plug needs to be nearest the side edge of your Rx when plugged in. Can't help with the rest I'm afraid.
  8. Yes, the dark art of equipment compatibility and electrical whimsy. Glad you're sorted - nothing worse than getting new shiney that doesn't work!
  9. I got one of these combos after the great tip off; installed and working as intended (although it took a few runs to determine I was actually running reverse as forward!) Sorry I can't offer any further advice about your non functioning ESCs, except perhaps try the ESCs themselves in a different car with different reciever/servo set-up as a very long shot.
  10. Cheers Nobbi - thought I was doing something wrong! Tamico it is then.
  11. Thanks for all the responses/advice guys, much appreciated. Going to put an order together for Banzai, although those Pro-line jobs do look awesome! Out of interest, I was just browsing Banzai for some hotshot parts to order at the same time - front and rear arms, the gold plated wheels and kit tyres and a few other bits and bobs but I kept drawing a blank. Do they only stock parts from current models?
  12. That's great, thanks chaps. Should have thought 'Banzai'. How long does it usually take for SAL, roughly?
  13. So, with winter well and truely on the way, I'm looking to do a wheel and tyre refurb on mine and my son's Madbulls for lots of mud-tastic bashing at the local park and beach; would really like to use the new Monster Beetle re re tyres rather than the standard Madbull/Wild Willy type but the MB wheels are not a direct fit to the Madbull, and all the Madbull/Wild Willy 2 type wheels seem to come with the tyres pre-mounted. The wheels on both of our Madbulls are split and disintegrating at a rate of knots... Could someone point me in the direction of suitable alternative wheels for a Madbull please that will also be a fit for the re re Monster Beetle tyres; 12mm hex rears and 1150 bearing up front. Cheers.
  14. I have a NovaFox and is one of my favorites. Don't have a Wild One (yet) but have heard/read the suspension/springs are a bit hard? I also have a madcap which is very nice, but always tend to drive 'delicately' as parts are becoming harder/more expensive. I have a Bearhawk which I think is under-rated. A few choice upgrades (shocks and bearings) and I think it handles really rather well. Parts are still plentiful as it shares many components with the 'blitzer' series. A bit left field but madbulls are a good, cheap, guilt free bash! Slightly more modern, but I always liked the look of the DT-02 Desert Gator. They perform really well - look at some of JWeston's videos of the last 3 annual 'DT-02 challenge' events in the 'meetings and events' section of the forum.
  15. I had changed the rear hubs on my madcap for those off my bearhawk (red part C5) and used the drive shafts and axles from the bearhawk too without issue. I believe the drive shafts are the same length as the DT-02 so in theory should fit the universals no probs. Just last week I actually changed the bearhawk hubs out for the blitzer beetle hubs and everything seems fine so far, with the added bonus of now having brand new C1 parts. As an aside, I'm a big fan of the bearhawk too - love the looks and always feels well planted when driving, if a little tail happy.
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