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  1. Yeah, definitely much tougher than the last round for the buggies. I'm going to try on grass and tarmac just to have a go and compare the difference. I think you're right inasmuch as smooth lines being more critical than actual outright speed. Edit - 8 hours practice! That's some dedication right there 👏. Like you, on the previous round we had a quick blat round for a couple of minutes before going for it but this time, yeah, some thought and actual practice gut be in order.
  2. My son and I had a go at this yesterday on our customary surface (the beach). Hmmm. Started off with my modified madcap. This has some of the period hop-ups - metal motor plate and uprated diff internals, as well as some custom mods such as ujs and hex front wheels for using 4wd wheels and tyres. Admittedly, the sand wasn't tide fresh smooth, but bye-ek, this was hard work. So much so that we abandoned the attempt after the rear shock tower mount gave way. We hadn't crashed or anything, just fatigued plastics. We just decided to bash with the other cars we'd brought instead. I might try again on a different surface but I think my son is gonna sit this one out. ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ
  3. I can only imagine! Aftermarket hop-ups are a slippery slope and can cost an arm and a leg as it is. Having the ability and skill to design and make your own parts to your own requirements and satisfaction would be a financial rabbit hole only the brave would descend! I only wish I had both 😁.
  4. Ha ha yeah I've seen your dyna thread. Some good skills you have there (not to mention a very nice car!)
  5. I think as Carmine says, the key difference is suspension stiffness and geometry. Buggies are designed to be a bit of a jack of all trades, where as TCs are just designed to go fast, be that in a straight line or round corners. Being lower and having stiffer suspension, less shock travel and different geometry means they can also corner much flatter, with minimal body/chassis roll. This is why I'm looking forward to the round with jumps, table tops and possibly a water feature or two. Level the playing field a bit 😁.
  6. True enough - I guess it's just a 'what you're used to' thing. And i suspect you're correct. How quickly you can get around those corners, with facing distorting acceleration in between, will be key. As you say, handling and grip. Oh dear... Let us know how you get on so I can copy, er, I mean learn from how you do 🙂
  7. I saw these in the trade section and did think about flagging them to your attention (thought about buying them myself too, to be honest!) You will have yourself a nice little hybrid there.
  8. Indeed - 9 times out of 10 our club track was clockwise! OK, thanks for the clarification. Anti-clockwise it is then. 👍
  9. @TurnipJF quick question if I may; the track layout indicates an anti-clockwise direction of travel. Is this a hard and fast rule, or could we go clockwise if we so choose? Only ask as, for reasons unknown, maybe cos I'm left-handed ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ) going anti-clockwise has always seemed 'wrong' somehow. No biggy if it has to stay the way it is, though 👍. I've weighed all my cars (curiously, the DF 01 is heaviest of the lot - including the madbulls ðŸ˜ģ) and I've fitted the best pair of on-road tyres i have, which also happen to be the only pair I have... I'm thinking of rebuilding my schumacher SV2 or KF which I dismantled when I finished racing a couple of years ago, just to give it a good go. Time permitting, I'm going to try different running surfaces too. All in the name of experimentation and science, obviously (and not because I'm at all competitive 😁) I think you're on to something. Short, sharp bursts of rapid acceleration will win this one, I think. And not crashing. And yes, I too have had to remove a couple of number 11s from the laminated floor in the dining room after some over exuberant motor/ESC testing...ðŸĪŠ
  10. As Jonathon said above - remove the circular adapters off the rear axles, put standard 12mm hexs on and then you have loads of choices. Fronts are standard tamiya 2wd bearing fit, so dt 02 03, wild one, astute etc etc.
  11. Yeah I have a df01 based buggy. Was never a fan of the manta ray shell so have the terra conquerer one instead. Have a 7.5 sensored system in mine. Too fast for me at full chat, but with end points set somewhere sensible it is a pleasure to drive. Don't have much in the way of hop ups. Has the aluminium underside front gearbox mount, alu front knuckles and front shock mount and alu prop shaft. Lots more you could do with these. Defo worth hanging on to and see how far your wallet will take you 😃👍
  12. Sounds like fighting talk!! Time to let your TT 02 MS-S RRRR-GTI/TDI supercharger do the walking! 😉ðŸĪŸ
  13. I think the Tshot looks ace with the wing (but needs the right wheel/tyre combo). But then, I think all buggies look ace with wings. And spotlights. Lots of spotlights ðŸ”Ķ ðŸ”Ķ ðŸ”Ķ.
  14. Looks like a good track. Nice and twisty. Thanks again to Mr T for organising and winning, er, I mean, running this fun little distraction ðŸĪ­. Now, which completely unsuitable buggy to use...😅
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