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  1. I've spent the last week or so ignoring this thread due to not understanding the thread title - or rather, assuming it would be some bland, uninspired and insipid offering (as others have noted - dreadful name). Oh how wrong I was. This looks absolutely fanbloodytastic! Brilliant retro vibe with modern guts. Lots of nods, if not full on face plants to the past, combined with more modern, quality of life improvements. Bravo Tamiya, bravo. Not sure about the front tyres though. Feel a tad too chunky for my taste but that is just a minor gripe. This and the boomer are on my list for this year. At least so far.
  2. This one is from a game called 'Elite Dangerous' - an all singing, all dancing update of the original 1984 game 'Elite'. The Cobra MKIII in cardboard. More starwars cardboard goodness...
  3. I tend to do a full tear down of my cars twice a year - early spring when the weather starts to improve and clean away all the winter muck and then again mid autumn to prepare them for the winter muck. In terms of bearings, I wash them first in warm water and washing up liquid, spinning them up under the water to get rid of gunk, then dry them with paper towel, then immediately flush out with wd 40 to get rid of moisture and final leave them to soak in an up turned aerosol can lid over night in 3 in 1 oil. Might sound like a right old faff, but resurrected may crunchy and even semi seized bearings this way. Yes, I'm tight. 😃
  4. Ah yes but RC cars are like tribbles...before you know it, what started as a single, solitary car becomes 10, 15, 20+ cars...😁
  5. It's actually a whole sub-forum, right at the bottom of the list of other sub-forums (fora? 🤔). Hasn't been active in over 3 years though and I think it was aimed more towards ebayers and the like, rather than the weeds that grow in our midst. Becoming an increasing sad fact of life. There have always been people trying to rip you off, but this is somehow more insidious. A disparate, but relatively trusting and close community that the unscrupulous will try to fleece. Not cool. Not cool at all. ☹
  6. I would echo what others have said. I wouldn't personally buy the charger linked as it provides very crude info on what is going on with your cells. The chargers that others have linked may look a bit intimidating, but they are actually very straight forward to use and if you do something you shouldn't, chances are it will bleep at you to let you know before it actually does anything. Defo worth spending a bit more for a decent charger for a) peace of mind, b) flexibility, c) reliability and d) longevity.
  7. From what I understand, there is significant lack of import control into the UK at present. That obviously covers a multitude of elements, however I suspect chargeable duty would be one of them. I believe official figures do show significant divergence between pre and post B word revenues. Since none of this vat malarkey was necessary pre B within the EU, I suspect the scale of the task to introduce and enforce it post B has been somewhat under estimated. Strikes and disruption also won't help.
  8. I see you've mentioned body shells a number of times. These are a fairly standard fit across most on road car chassis (certainly tamiya). Don't be confused with all the various designations like tt 02 d or tt 02 s etc. Pretty much any 190/200 mm body shell will fit a tt 02. I got my son a tt 02d for Xmas and got this after-market shell for it. The chassis needed different wheels with deeper off set to fill the wheel arches, but otherwise no issues at all.
  9. Absolutely agree 100%. One of, if not the number one pet peeve of mine. Doesn't matter how good it looks sitting still, if it rattles when it runs then I'm afraid its a big no from me. Got my eldest a tt02d for Xmas and ordered some stealth body mounts (I have exclusively off-road buggies so on-road is a new direction for me). Once I'd figured out how best to attach them to the actual shell they completely eliminated loose body rattle. Very impressed actually and worth the hassle in my opinion.
  10. This would also be my guess. I've had this in the past too. Could be a bit of debris, some imperfections in the brushes/com etc. I would say though, if it does continue to happen after cleaning, checking etc then the usable lifespan of the motor may be compromised. As we all know, once the magic smoke starts escaping, things tend to stop working...
  11. Got my lad a tt 02d supra as well as a killerbody skyline shell and LED kit. Gonna finally treat myself to one of those sonic cleaner thingy ma bobs for all the screws and nuts etc. Need to take stock of my fleet for repairs and spares.
  12. Wow, they're stunning - particularly like the red! I definitely think having light buckets and LEDs really brings these shells to life. Your examples are fantastic. Cheers for posting. I'll check out that link too. Cheers fellas - plenty to be having a look at there 👌
  13. Cheers mate, appreciate that. I'll drop them an email and see. At least then I'll have a spare set if I mess up! 👍
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