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  1. Yeah, didn't think they were but I'm no guru by any stretch! Cheers for confirming. As I say, I'm probably just used to brushless brakes so...either way, not really an issue, just a 'wouldn't it be nice if...'👍
  2. Are the brakes actually adjustable on these? I have a couple of them and, brakes aside, really like them. Quick and easy to set up and install - just wish the brakes were stronger. That said, I also run some cars with brushless set ups (with very sharp brakes) so maybe I'm just drawing unfair comparisons between them. Either way, that is my only gripe with these ESCs.
  3. I personally wouldn't advise gluing. Tjst area will take a lot of punishment but also needs to be free moving - i would just replace. That actually looks like the gearbox casing that has split. If you can, try unscrewing the screw that is within the red circle you've drawn and you should be able to tell. The good news is that the replacement parts are relatively cheap. If it is just the arm it is relatively straightforward to swap it over. If it's the gearbox casing that's...a little more involved. Rear arms Gearbox halves Good luck.
  4. Some very nice shots - especially @Ferruz and @Re-Bugged - although any rc car getting air is a win (without going overboard).
  5. It does indeed look awesome 👌. Lots of time and effort gone into that. Just hope it survives intact for more than 5 mins - if my experience of letting my then 5yr have a go on Dad's toys is anything to go by!
  6. Agree with this. When first getting back into the hobby it was brushless everything- predominantly re res. Whilst the lack of maintenance and extra speed etc were great, I found that I always limited the EPA of the throttle to slow things down. Ultimately, went back to brushed and lipo for other cars. Like you say, cheap enough to replace the motor.
  7. My understanding is that it will discharge slowly over time due to low levels of conductivity caused by the salt in the water. I've done this a number of times without issue. Initially, you can actually see bubbles coming from one of the terminals as it (presumably) discharges. It was a tip a read on here many moons ago...
  8. Might not be the best advice but what I do is fill a bucket full of water with plenty of salt in it, then put the battery in there for a week or 2 and then bin them. Obviously ensure the bucket is well away from inflammables, just in case.
  9. Just to say - that is an awesome video! Love the slow motion shots and the 'in cab' shots too. It's fantastic that the drivers head moves (with the steering?) and the little LCD display is fantastic! I actually felt like I was in the cab when it tumbled down the bank! Really great work. Cool bashing spot too. 👍👍😁 Sorry - derailed your thread a bit.
  10. Cable ties (or zip ties for our American friends). Multitude of uses and can hold things together temporarily until fixed correctly. 😁
  11. At the end of the day we're all driving toy cars so it seems a bit daft to me to get all upperty about what is the 'right' way to do it. That said - there are different facets to the hobby (as with most hobbies) and people will enjoy some more than others. I enjoy all aspects of RC and not just with cars as I have planes too. I enjoy pootling around at the beach or park or wherever with my tamiyas. They almost exclusively run brushless and lipo so aren't slow, but I choose to drive in a somewhat scale fashion, not trying to jump the grand canyon, clock 3 million mph or drive under the Atlantic because generally real cars, in real life, don't do that either. If I did, I probably wouldn't be overly surprised (or complain) if my RC car breaks.
  12. Not so much losing bits and pieces (although I do that regularly), more just never seeming to have the same number of bits and pieces at the end of a strip down, clean and rebuild, than I did at the start. Always, like always end up with either more bits than I started with, or fewer bits than I started with. Usually only the odd screw here or washer/shim there but I don't get it. And the interesting thing is that nothing ever seems to fall off or seize up as a result of my doziness. Long may it last!
  13. @moffman yes this is a familiar experience !! My lad and I are both learning - he is much better than I but have still had a number of 'oh dear, that looks expensive' moments 😁
  14. Welcome back. I had noticed your absence and missed your knowledge and contributions. I don't tend to post much but visit and read every day, usually multiple times a day and noticed you hadn't been active for a good long while. Whilst I do still enjoy my rc and tamiya, I also enjoy a number of other hobbies - learning to fly rc planes and other modelling avenues that I am learning and mastering. Anyway, glad to see you back 👍
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