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  1. It's the Baja King. The tl01b came in 2 flavours - the Baja Champ and the Baja King. Exactly the same except different body shell. I personally prefer the Baja Champ shell and will get one from TBG in Canada at some point. 👍
  2. I too have a tl01b chassis. Being derived from the touring car tl01, ground clearance isn't great, but stick some 2.2 wheels/tyres on and it is adequate. On the plus side, it is well balanced imo (weight distribution wise). Shock mounts can be a weak spot, especially a PITA due to them being moulded into the chassis halves. As others have said, strip down, good clean, check for cracks/splits etc, replace where necessary (spares still plentiful) relube where appropriate, bearings, steel pinion, HW 1060 esc and 2.4ghz radio (if you've got any cash left after that lot 😀) and then enjoy getting it dirty all over again! This is mine...
  3. It's not clear from the photo but I would check/replace your pinion gear too, especially if it's the soft tamiya alloy original. On a side note, when I did a light resto job on my madcap 5+ years ago, finding new spur gears was somewhat tricky.
  4. I'm near the coast so always enjoy a good blat on the beach- just a bit of a pain when cleaning down afterwards. Otherwise, local woodland and park areas are my favourite spots.
  5. This is going to end well..........ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢðŸ’Ĩ
  6. Nice looking 'shot. Is it airbrush or stickers? This was my first build when I got back into the hobby 10+ years ago. Still one of my favourite runners but its limitations are quite noticeable if and when you get a more modern chassis. If you do run it, be sure to upgrade your pinion too - the soft alloy pinion won't last long and will end up eating your spur gear. Enjoy 👍
  7. I ran my nova stock for about 6 months and decided I didn't like the stock front stabiliser- I didn't feel it quite did the job, plus it kept fouling on the body. So I did a bit of research and discovered that the crp vintage item was a direct swap. I don't recall having any issues fitting it and it is a replacement rather than addition This is my nova with the vintage piece added - you might need to zoom in a bit. 👍
  8. Yes my nova is the same. The front shock is very springy. I've messed around with different oil weights etc but not really noticed any difference. I guess the front end is really light, even for a 2wd. I also have the vintage sway bar fitted and much prefer it to the 'as fitted' bar on the nova. It still handles OK, although I tend not to drive so much these days. Going through a 4wd phase at the moment so not tending to use my 2wd very much. Just looking pretty on the shelf 😁ðŸĪŠ
  9. Yeah, that doesn't surprise me tbh- I guess it's like a lot of things that get made in the same factory and then get different stickers slapped on them (and accompanying price hike 🙄). I guess it's one of those things where you go with what you (and your wallet) are comfortable with. As long as the grease is plastic safe you shouldn't have any trouble. Plus, you don't need loads on the gears either 🙂
  10. I use this stuff - ptfe super lube. We used to use it on the nylon gears in cinema projection equipment so my reasoning is that if it was OK for that, it would be ok for the nylon gears in rc car gearboxes too. Never had any issues with it and a tube lasts for ever. I also use a smear around the edges/face of bearings once cleaned out with wd 40 to act as a barrier to water etc. Seems to do the job for me. Wouldn't like to say how effective it would be with metal geared diffs (I can't imagine it would do any harm) but then I tend to use tamiya diff putty in most of my diffs to slow down the action and help provide traction to both wheels.
  11. Have you looked at MCI racing decals? Quality is usually good and reasonably priced too. I've used them for some Madcap decals - about 20 quid and no complaints.
  12. Well I never knew that! I'll have a go a fitting my madcap shell to my df01 later but will need to look at those 2 rear body mounts. Cheers ðŸŧ I did manage to get a hotshot shell to fit on my madcap chassis once upon a time, including roll cage...and yes, that is a generous interpretation of the word 'fit' 😁.
  13. Bravo sir, bravo 👏 . Very well thought-out and brilliantly executed design enhancements. Another fabulous example of why I'll always love this hobby. I can only dream of this level of craftsmanship, but seeing this, as well as other peoples excellent work (such truck norris' excellent body sets) just boggles my mind.
  14. I'd be surprised if it were that tbh. I've used the diff putty in a number of different diffs (bearhawk, dt01, tl01b, df01 etc) without issue - although they are 'closed' as opposed to open so who knows; it could have got somewhere it shouldn't ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ. I guess the only other option is swap all your electronics from your blitzer with your HS and see if that makes any difference. Bit of a faff, but if it does the job...Good luck 👍 Edit - I meant to say swap your esc, not all the electronics 😁ðŸ˜ģðŸĪž
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