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  1. Made a video of my Monster Blitzer playing in the snow. Hope some may enjoy this
  2. Orders placed. I went for the 17.5T motor, and also got this set to experiment with gearing: Tamiya (#54228) FC06 Module Pinion (26T & 27T) Thanks for all your input Just hope it arrives in time for christmas
  3. Thanks for all the answers Primarily, I will probably be running the car on asphalt or concrete, and then maybe take it out in the dirt when I've gotten used to it. I see that you all are using different setups, so my question about a "standard" was maybe not the right question to ask I think I will be going for the Novak Edge ESC, and I found this combo with a 17.5T motor. It says for Traxxas, but I guess thats just the batteryplug, so a little soldering should fix that. Raman mentions his 17.5T "geared to the moon". But I don't really know what that means. Should I go for another pinion instead of the stock one on this? Sorry if my questions are stupid :S
  4. I want to be able to go very fast, but still not so fast that it becomes uncontrollable. What engine and pinion would you say fit that description? I'm quite the greenhorn when it comes to gearing :S
  5. Hello! I've been looking at the Tamiya XV-01 pro rally chassis, and I think it might end up under the christmas tree for myself this year I've found that a Novak Edge 2s ESC would be nice, since it's about 35% smaller than many other ESC's, and I've read that this chassis has quite limited space for electronics. But I don't know what kind of motor would be ideal in this car. I found this article, but he modified both the gearing and the motor itself to make it fit. So my question is, what kind of motor is the "standard" one to put in this kind of car? Anyone with experience on the matter? Thanks in advance
  6. Indeed. While I wait, the build is slowly making progress: http://imgur.com/dArAGZA Just need to mount the front bumper, rear guard, floodlights, and so on. What do you guys think? Can you see the MB essence in this Blitzer yet?
  7. Lets say I can get a hold of those wheels/tires, and I want to run the car with Lipo batteries (2S) What motor/esc/piniongear combo should I go for? Do you guys also change the spurgears, or just the pinion? I'm somewhat of a noob when it comes to drivetrains, so any tips are appreciated
  8. Just found out that Tamiya will release a spiked tire for the WR-02 chassis soon (Part #54603). Think I will try to wait and get those for my little Monster Blitzer
  9. Have also found gold plated for WW2 wheels on ebay so that should be OK. Also found this beauty
  10. Nice! Looks like I have to order some WWII wheels/tires then Was hoping I could get some gold wheels to get the true MB feel, so glad I didn't order those at the same time as the tires.
  11. Thank you for your replies Sounds like this is going to be alot more work than I had planned As for the front bumper, I haven't received it yet, so I still don't know how I will fit it. Hopefully I will find a solution that doesn't mean compromising the chassis too much. As for the tires vs. pinions, I might reconsider and go for the Wild Willy ones instead. I actually thought they were the same dimension as the MB tires, just without the spikes, so thanks for that input Will try to post pictures and experiences along the way as I start building. Have a great day!
  12. Hello, and greetings from Norway! I've picked up a Blitzer Beetle kit (2011), and I want to build it with tribute to the classic "Monster Beetle" from 1986. I found the Monster Beetle in bad shape in my parents basement this summer, and although I want to restore it some day, I wanted to build my own buggy first. So: I want to build the Blitzer Beetle with several elements from the Monster Beetle. Front bumper, reard guard and lights are ordered from ebay, and wheels have arrived already. My question is: How will the stock setup in the Blitzer handle these wheels? (see attached photo). Should I get a different piniongear? Or will it hold up just fine? Also wondering about the steering... Will it be too much too handle? Any input is appreciated.
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