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  1. I have Airwolf, The A-Team, & The Dukes Of Hazzard all on DVD and they get regular rotation in my DVD player. However, right now I'm on an "Airwolf" binge. I love that black & white helicopter! Sadly, after the show ended, the original Bell 222 that was used as the actual flying Airwolf was stripped of her paint and armorment and it crashed during a mercy mission in June of 1992.
  2. I"m new here but will jump in on this one. Now, remember, I was between the ages of 3 and 9 when these aired originally): "BJ & The Bear" (would love to have an R/C model of that truck but...my health won't allow me to build one - please read my profile for info). "The Fall Guy" "The A-Team" "Airwolf" (Season 4 among us hardcore watchers and collectors does not exist in our minds because it was so horrible). "Knight Rider" Even at 38 y.o., I would love to have an actual working replica cockpit of AW - that would be a blast!! Also, there's an 800-scale R/C model of "Airwolf" (flyable) from Roban which is absolutely HUGE that would be amazing to fly!!
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